Tips for a Better and More Effective Flyers – Flyer Distribution at Katong

Flyer marketing is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to promote a business, product, or service. However, marketing costs can build up, especially if you do the flyer campaign over and over. Therefore, to make sure you only spend a minimal amount, you must have an effective strategy in flyer distribution. Here are some tips, which we used for our flyer distribution at Katong project:

    • Keep the contents short. Flyers have very limited content space and squeezing in a lot of info will make it look cluttered. Leave only the essential information. Long paragraphs can be a turn off so it is ideal to divide your content into several sections that are laid out carefully.
    • Bullet points and graphics are a big help. Summarizing the data with bullet points, charts, or infographics is a good idea. Not only that they can make the flyers look more organized, you also provide as much information as needed without cluttering the page. Notice that these flyers use bullet points and floor plans.

  • A catchy headline is a must. The headline can make or break your flyer layout. Try to create a catchy one that will make the recipient reading all through the flyer’s content.
  • Call to action phrase. Call to action phrase might seem obvious, but they are useful. They can actually help the reader decide what to do after reading the texts. “Call us”, “Order Now”, or “Reserve Your Slot” are common examples. The flyers we used for flyers printing and distribution at Tampines also have this.
  • Add contact information. The receiver will never know where or how to find you if you don’t add this valuable information on the flyer, right? So, don’t forget to add these in, along with easy to follow directions or maps.
  • Find high-traffic areas. Distribute the flyers in areas with high pedestrian traffic – parks, malls, and other places where people usually stand idle or wait in line are good choices.

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