Tips for Flyer Distribution at Outram

Our company has made a lot of flyer distribution assignments in many points in Singapore. We have done distribution in Orchard Road, Ang Mo Kio, and many others. We also had flyer distribution at Outram and it was a success. This article will discuss how a flyer distribution campaign becomes a success. These tips does not only apply to Outram, but with any area as well.

An example of our design for a flyer distribution at Outram project.

For a guaranteed success in flyer printing and distribution, it is ideal to make sure that you think about what approach to do first. Flyers are relatively cheap to produce, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just throw away money by letting the neighborhood kids to distribute them.

Flyer Distribution Tips

Think like your prospects. Have you ever heard of reverse engineering? It is thinking from your customer’s perspective or simply put, wearing your customer’s shoes. This will enable you to determine how your customers think. Who are they? Where do they hang out?

Develop your distribution plan. Use Google Maps or your local street map to plan your distribution in a systematic way. Work outward your retail storefront or your target area and follow a concentric circle. This allows you to work closely with your potential clients and retain your current customers, too.

Consider your customer profile. Do you target young professionals? If yes, think about what do they do during their free time – do they hang out for coffee or visit a local museum? You may try asking owners of various stalls to allow you to leave your flyers at the counter. This is usually allowable with a small fee.

Distribute again and again. Flyer distribution is not a one-time-big-time event. When you distribute flyers, make sure that you distribute again after a few days or weeks, since many potential clients usually take weeks and even months to decide and make a purchase. Keep your brand in front of your customers so when the time comes that they are ready to make that purchase, your brand will be the first one they will think of.

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