Tips on Effective Flyer Printing

Tips on Effective Flyer Printing

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Flyer printing and flyer distribution can be an

effective marketing tool if designed well and

distributed properly. Consider these few tips

on flyer printing for the growth of your




Be Creative


Creativity is a must if you are designing an attractive flyer for your business. It should

stand out in the eyes of your potential customers for them to notice your flyers and read

your content. A good and eye-catching flyer design will increase the chances that more

potential customers will read them and make your campaign successful.



Avoid Errors in Design


Fonts – Use bold and clear font style and size for the header to emphasize the message.

Use another style and size for the content. As much as possible, do not use different font

styles and sizes to prevent distraction.



Edge – Never put images and texts at the edge of the flyers. Customers may find them

difficult to read. Another reason is because they may be hacked off when the flyers are

cut into a certain size.



Graphics – Never over design your flyers with wild and colorful graphics or images. This

will overdo the flyers and will make them unattractive and confusing to customers.



Keep It Simple


Keep your flyers simple but attractive, easy to read, and of precise information for your

promotion and offer. Make sure that you give correct contact details where customers can

reach you.



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