Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution


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One true claim about flyer distribution is that everyone knows IT WORKS, which is why Alibaba Printing receives non-stop printing and distribution package requests from their regular and even new clients. What made this method so effective that even in high-tech times, businesses would still choose the traditional way of marketing their brand?


However, mind you that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Getting the flyers out there is a bit trickier, placing them on windscreens, door-to-door distribution, or simple flyering is still all in all effective methods of marketing.


But others still fail in this simple method and were not able to utilize its full potential. Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Before designing, printing, and distributing to thousands of potential leads to your company, take note of the following tips below that WORK to help you increase your sales.


  • The message in your flyer should be EXTRA clear – the message should be clear, conveyed quickly, clearly, and creatively. It should be memorable, imaginative, and has a sharp copy. The distribution should be more unique, sharper, shorter, and more memorable. Attempt to stir the reaction of your audience.


  • It’s flyer distribution and NOT leaflet distribution – leaflets are cheaper, true, but you are trying to MAKE money and NOT saving money by choosing leaflet distribution. You want to spread your message, and if saving money affects spreading your message, then doing the whole thing is POINTLESS. Make sure that the message and design are presentable and neat. You are choosing flyers over leaflets because you want to distribute a short and snappy message. You don’t need the extra space for that.


  • Shaped flyers can create an extra impact – add a simple shape to make sure you get the attention of your receiver. Every trick you have should be used to make sure that every receiver will read the message. You get maximum impact and a boost on ROI.


  • Focus on your CUSTOMERS, not about your company – many people would not care even if your company existed for 50 years! What they care about is what you can do for them. It’s not just about placing the elements everywhere on the flyer like the logo, contact details, etc. Customers want a company that sees through their wants and needs. They want to be pleased, they want the BEST. Show them that your company loves them, make them feel your passion.


  • Giving discounts – it is a good idea to add this to the flyer. The hard part of any business is getting the customers. Attract the customers first, and profits will follow. Doing so helps in building loyal clients. If you give your customer good services, they will most likely return. The more they come back, the steadier things will be for the business. Once your business has become steady, you will now see opportunities and rely on your steady stream of loyal clients that you built up.



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