Tissue Paper Printing 101: What is Tissue Paper?


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Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?

How Many Tissues are in a Wallet Tissue Pack? Origin and Use


Do you want to know what tissue paper is and how it is made? Alibaba Printing is an established printing company that caters to those who are looking for printing services in tissue packs. Read on if you want to know more about this amazing material.


Tissues are part of everyone’s needs. It is also an awesome material used in different ways, like gift wrapping. It offers protection to sensitive or fragile items too.


Tissue paper is super light in weight, and it is mostly made from recycled paper pulp. Tissue paper has different forms, including facial tissues, toilet tissue, paper towels, wrapping tissue, etc. The evolution of this material has come a long way.


Tissue paper is made of wood fiber paper pulp or recycled materials such as newspapers, cardboard, some juice cartons, etc. The wet pulp is rolled on the machine until the thickness is achieved. It is then dried in a steam-heated part of the machine and rolled into logs or huge cylinders to be cut in a certain size.


Crepe Paper and Tissue Paper


The tissue paper is not the same as crepe paper even if both have similar raw materials, but the main difference is the beginning of their manufacturing processes. Crepe paper begins as a tissue paper wherein a thin layer of adhesive is placed over it and then scraped with a blade, creating a crinkled and gathered effect. It is mostly used in crafts and backing of some kinds of tape like electrical tape and masking tape.


Ream of Tissue Paper

The ream is one unit of paper wherein the sheets have the same quality and size. The international standard quantity for tissue paper ream is 480 sheets. Sounds a lot, right? Each ream only weighs about 3×1 liter water bottles.


All types of paper may come in different thicknesses, measured in GSM or grams per square meter.


This is just the basics of tissue paper. Today, you will find pocket tissues with awesome designs on its pack, mostly used for businesses nowadays as part of their marketing tool.


Pocket Tissue Paper Printing

The use of tissue has become a need for many, and people bring it with them all the time. Marketers have seen a market opportunity, and brands can take advantage of this fact if you want long-lasting advertisements at a low cost.


Businesses can enjoy several benefits of this marketing tool.

  • When pocket tissues are given, they are not usually thrown away. People keep it and reuse it over and over again until the tissues in the pack are used up.
  • It is cheaper than any other form of traditional advertisements.
  • It allows you to become more creative and design a message to ensure the target audience understands it.
  • It allows you to boost your market presence, and people will remember your brand too.


Now you know how the tissue is made and the opportunity it comes with it for your business. It’s something you can take advantage of, especially if you have the budget to promote your brand effectively.







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