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Urgent Custom Wallet Tissue Printing Singapore | Tissue Print


Regardless of your business type, you always want to bring out your name and push your products or services into the market. Since the marketing world is such an over-competitive place, the choices seem to fit in two categories – a TV ad costing huge amounts of money  or just be creative in making effective yet cheap alternative to it.


Tissue Printing are always in demand. One will always need a sheet or two every now and then. Hence, many companies are eyeing wallet tissue printing as a great way to promote their brand. How? Alibaba Printing provide customizing urgent tissue printing packs and distributing them to your target market, you will be able to advertise your product or service in more areas and the easiest way possible.


While flyers are effective in promoting businesses, products and services, printed tissue packs are as effective as well, not to mention useful and unique. Tissue packs make great promotional items for hospitals, clients, churches, funeral homes and any other places where emotions are as runny as the noses.


What is Tissue Pack Marketing?


Printing Tissue pack marketing started in Japan and is considered as a type of guerilla marketing. Companies move copies of their advertising materials through these tiny and portable packs of tissue. Almost 4 billion packs of tissues are distributed annually in Japan alone and it has since grew and became popular in other Asian countries as well. Japan has remain the main market when it comes to wallet tissue printing or wallet tissue marketing, but this practice has continuously spread all over the world. In year 2000, pocket tissue marketing was introduced in Canada, while the same is introduced in New York way back 2005. Now that print tissue packs have become popular, we are also offering it as urgent custom wallet tissue paper printing Singapore here at Alibaba Printing. Try it now and see how it affects your business in a more positive way.


Custom Tissue Paper Singapore


The urgent wallet tissue printing service Singapore offer an ideal material for advertising. You can choose from a wide variety of tissue packs available. There are 2-pocket packs that have up to 8 pulls of 3 ply high-quality facial tissues with the packaging printed with your logo or company name. On the other hand, there are 4-panel advertising space where both the interior and exterior sections of the tissue packs are printed. This method is used to fully utilize the entire pack of printed tissue and maximize marketing space.


Here at Alibaba Printing, we offer all-in urgent tissue printing service Singapore service for layout and design, branding, printing and even distribution of tissue packs. Apart from that, we also offer urgent production. We have years of experience in printing  services, offering various printing jobs such as ticket printing, brochure printing, and flyers printing. Now, we are entering urgent tissue printing Singapore as well and rest assured the quality of service that we put in our other printing offers is also found in our Wet tissue printing.





Benefits Of Tissue Paper Advertisement


One of the benefits of having urgent tissue wallet printing Singapore as promotional material is the functionality. Tissue packs are said to have a higher audience engagement compared to flyers, as most people who accepted tissue packs look at the display advertisement. Moreover, having your custom tissue paper Singapore helps consumers to keep the ad and the message itself is retained because the consumer are being exposed to it consistently.
Why Choose Tissue Packs as Promotional Material?


While flyers and business cards are effective, urgent tissue wallet printing service Singapore seem to be a more personal approach in terms of promotion. By sending away tissue packs with your name or brand on it, you don’t only inform them about you. The tissue packs also make your company look more caring and approachable. Why? Because tissues simply mean that you care so much that you want something to wipe dirt out from them, wipe their tears with it, or care when you are sick and have runny nose. Moreover, printer of tissue packs seem to be a more welcome promotional item that people will receive because they are simply useful.


How To Order Customized Tissue Packs?


It is easy to order urgent tissue wallet Singapore from Alibaba Printing. First is the Quotation and Sampling Process. You may contact us through phone, email, Facebook page, or by visiting our office. We will show you samples of our past projects and also provide you a quotation of your possible orders.


Next, we will work on the design. There are clients who already have their own ideas and design to incorporate on the print tissue packs. Aside from a wide variety of tissue pack colors and an array of sizes, you can also have almost anything printed on it. If you will be doing your own layout or design, ask for our template that you can work on and then send us the finished design in our agreed format. On the other hand, if you have  decided to let us design your tissue packs, please provide us your ideas, artwork direction, as well as the images and text that you want to include in the design. if you do not have images to provide, do not worry, we can use stock photos that will be carefully chosen to fit your brand well. Take note that stock photos may sometimes come with an additional fee. We have talented visual artists that will have your   own, unique tissue pack layout in no time. We will send a number of layout choices that you may use for your urgent custom tissue wallet printing service Singapore.


If you have extra time and not all in a rush, you may ask us for a mock up production. This process is ideal for clients who want to be extra careful with the final products. Mock production is done before the actual mass production and may take 1 week to 10 days. Once the design or mock-up is confirmed, Alibaba Printing will have the urgent tissue paper printing service Singapore mass production. Ideally, we will require you a down payment or deposit for the production to push through. Asking for a down payment is a normal practice among printers. Moreover, we have corresponding print packages depending on the client’s lead time requirements. We have a standard package, which means the production will take 3-4 weeks upon order confirmation and down payment. And we also have urgent custom tissue paper printing Singapore
, which has generally shorter lead time.


Delivery of goods follows. Once the wallet tissue printing Singapore production is complete, pick-up or delivery will be arranged. Additional delivery charge might be incurred. Our sales person will contact you as soon as the tissues are ready for pick up or delivery.


For More Information Tissue Packet Design And Printing

For more information about our custom wallet tissue printing Singapore,  please visit our website, Alibaba Printing, or our physical office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or call telephone numbers 9146 1431. We offer other printing jobs such as flyer printing, business cards, brochure, ticket printing, paper bag printing, non woven bag printing and many more. Visit us now for a quick quotation!