To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve the Hot Paper Cups?


Whether you are a business owner or not, it is evident that the use of paper cups has become a necessity in the industries and different types of organizations today. Paper cups have become a need because of their affordability and convenience in disposing of them. Depending on the kind of business that you have, the usage and needs, you can choose various hot paper cups out there.

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Not all paper cups have cups sleeves like other cups that have or don’t have lids. The use of hot paper cups is perfect for businesses that serve hot beverages. Some drinks can be boiling hot, and your number one concern here is to protect the hands of your customers, and this is the main reason why cups sleeves exist.


However, when do you need the cups to wear the sleeves? Below are the details that can guide you through this question.


Defining Hot Paper Cup Sleeve

A cup sleeve placed around the paper cup is insulation, and the purpose of it is to protect the person holding it while taking a sip of the hot drink. It is designed in a way to fit the paper cup to give enough insulation.


The cups sleeves are made of textured paperboard, and it is perfect for businesses that offer hot drinks wherein they don’t need to use an extra cup as a shield or protection.


To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

The use of cup sleeves protects the customers and allows them to enjoy their hot drinks. The material used in the cup sleeve is a poor conductor of heat.


The sleeve’s purpose is not just that since it allows you to go beyond and include it in your marketing plans. The cup sleeve is a great way to advertise or promote your brand, products, or services. Branding is crucial in a business, and the use of cup sleeves provides a huge marketing opportunity by printing on it a design that’s relatable to the company or marketing goals such as the logo, announcements, and other forms of promotions that you can think. It’s perfect in building your brand no matter what industry you are.


You don’t need to worry about not having businesses providing hot beverages. You can use it still in advertising your business by partnering with other companies wherein you can sponsor them the cup sleeves with your printed logo or design on it. You can have the cup sleeves customized according to your business needs.


Some paper cups don’t have cup sleeves, but this depends on the condition of the contents that are in the paper cups. Aside from that, every sleeve costs higher compared to having an extra paper cup. However, if these are the only disadvantages you can get out of all the opportunities you can have for your brand, then you better not miss the chance of using cup sleeves.


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