Top 3 Effective Flyer Distribution Methods

Top 3 Effective Flyer Distribution Methods



Flyer printing and flyer distribution are proven

and tested methods of promoting products

and services in the market. It is especially

most effective for small businesses largely

because of the less cost involved. Small and

start-up businesses usually do not have the

capacity to spend so much for advertising

and marketing, so handing out printed

materials in public places is a highly economical yet useful method of getting a product or

service known to consumers.



  • Work with related providers – Businesses should realize that when they work

together, they can achieve more. This is, however, most applicable to businesses

offering related products and services. Providers working in the same industry

should collaborate to give their consumers the best, and to do so, they can introduce to

their own consumers whatever relevant providers have to offer. This is done simply by

displaying the flyers of complimentary businesses.



  • Insert flyers or leaflets – Another really potent method of flyer distribution is inserting

the printed materials in newspapers and similar publications. To do this, one simply has to

determine which specific publication has a great access to the target market for one’s

business. It is ideal to go with publications that are relevant to one’s business such as

gardening magazine for a business offering gardening tools and supplies. General

publications such as newspapers also work though as the general population can have a

need for your products and services anytime of the day anyway.



  • Sponsoring – Participating in events is a great way to touch base with the market. It

gives one an opportunity to be present in an area where consumers are bound to come

around and have the chance to be exposed to what you are offering. Since most events

have specific target audience as well, one should be wary of such and make sure that the

event is relevant to the products and services your business has. In such event, flyer

distribution is one of the main activities, so one should be ready with more than enough of

the material to be given out. After all, it is better to have extra than fall short and loss a

possible customer in the process.




A very important aspect of flyer distribution that some businesses fail to realize is the

timing. It is essential to determine and decide right from the start on when to give out

flyers. Since most businesses are offering their services all year round, there is a

tendency to just decide randomly on when to invest in flyer distribution. However, all

factors should be duly considered when deciding on when to hand out flyers.




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