Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging




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Are you in need of custom paper bags packaging for your food business, but you don’t have any idea what kind to buy? If you are, then Alibaba Printing can help you out with the details.


Restrictions have been imposed by the government due to the increasing fame of health and environment protection. And now, green paper packaging is has become more popular again. Today, food packaging bags are now mostly used by people, from paper bags that are oil-proof and snack bags that you see in the stalls to take-out bags like the ones from the food chains. Their paper bags are used well-designed and printed. Let’s get to know the types of paper that are mostly used in the food market when customizing paper packaging.


There are various types of paper that you can choose from, but the ones that are widely used are coated paper, kraft paper, offset paper, and white cardboard. Their difference is mainly based on the smoothness, toughness, and aesthetics of the paper. When you want a customized bag, the manufacturers would depend on the purpose of your paper bags and the paper’s characteristics to satisfy the needs of the customers. Let’s dig in a little more to know the papers’ characteristics.


  1. Coated paper – main materials to make it are copper base paper as well as paint. Its thickness is 70 to 250 grams, usually used for Labels, cigarette cases, cartons, etc.
  2. Kraft paper – it is from softwood sulphate, usually yellowish brown (in addition to cream, light brown, or white) and thicker. The thickness is 80g to 120g. It has a high tensile force: stripes, single light, no grain, and double light. It is usually utilized to make envelope bags, paper bags, medical records bags, portfolios, eco-friendly portable paper bags, takeaway paper bags for food, for dried fruits in the supermarkets.
  3. Offset paper – it has a white and smooth paper surface. Its whiteness, smoothness, and tightness are lower compared to coated paper. It is appropriate for use in printing multi-color or monochromatic book covers, inserts, texts, posters, maps, pictorials, and color trademarks. In recent years, different packaging products are also utilized for dry fruit packaging like chestnuts.
  4. White cardboard – it is made from bleached chemical pulp. The white cardboard surface is smooth, and it has a firm texture. Today, in the domestic market, white cardboard has a huge market share. It is mainly utilized to create exquisite high-end bags, handbags, business cards, gift boxes, and many others.


There are still other kinds of papers, but the four ones mentioned above are the most common types utilized in food packaging on the market. If you belong in the food industry, make sure you understand the needs of your customers and the purpose of using a custom paper bag for your business.







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