Types of Print Ads

Types of Print Ads

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Marketing the product is essential in one’s

business. As per say, marketing is the

bloodline of the business. Marketing comes in

different forms or strategy. Marketing could be

through a TV commercial, a game show,

sponsoring an event or printing advertisement

such as posters, flyers etc.



There are a lot of ways how to promote one’s product and the common way most

companies does is to print ads. There are different types of print ads. Below are the lists:



Magazine Advertising. This kind of print ad is included in a magazine. Most

companies bought one page of the magazine to advertise their product.



Directory Advertising. Directory advertising is a kind of marketing strategy where the

information of the company (address and telephone number) is included in a list of

directories so it can be located right away.



Brochures, Flyers and Posters. These kind of print ads are the most common marketing

strategy. It is less costly compared to others but is also effective.



Newspaper Advertising. Newspaper advertising is just like the magazine advertising

however this is less costly than the magazine advertising.




Postcards. Companies are also using postcards to distribute it in every house and so that

it can reach other places just by knowing one’s address.



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