Understanding The Different Flyer Distribution Methods

Understanding The Different Flyer Distribution Methods



Flyer distribution and flyer printing is definitely

not a thing of the past even with the constant

updates and upgrades on online marketing

strategies and techniques. Businesses that

have been around prior to the onset of web

presence have tried and tested the

effectiveness of flyer distribution, so they still

opt for this rather traditional methodology of

getting in touch with the consumer base.



There are actually more than one method of distributing flyers. The most common, and

probably thought by many to be the only one, is flyer distribution by hand. This involves

campaigns that are commonly done in public places such as parks, shopping malls and

the likes where mass consumer presence is expected. The biggest advantage of this

option is the access to a larger audience.



Another way to go is through direct mail. The unique characteristic of flyer distribution via

direct mail is the ability to target the customer base according to their specifics. Hence,

the printed material can be an update on new offers geared towards existing customers or

it can be an attractive invitation suited to entice new clients to the business. This option is

still aimed towards a large audience, though smaller than that of hand distribution.



Flyer distribution by inserting in newspapers and other publications is another preferred

way to go. The scope of promotion is depending on the circulation rate of the publication

itself, so the latter should be in a relevant industry to one’s product and service.



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