Unique Envelope Printing Ideas for Direct Mail


Digital marketing is an important method today due to the technological advancements we are all in, but the old fashioned way of direct mail is still unbeatable! Direct mail marketing can have a huge impact on whatever type of business you run. It’s a strategy that gives a personal touch and establishes your brand’s identity at the same time.

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The design of your envelope and getting that first impression is just as important as the content of your direct mail campaign. Using basic white envelopes is not going to help. However, envelope printing companies can surely help in making customized envelopes in getting that needed impact for the direct mail marketing campaign. Below are details of ideas that you can take note of for your direct mail efforts.


1. Shape and Size
Most people commonly see the standard type of business envelopes. But doing so won’t guarantee you a good result with your marketing efforts. Choose a unique shape and size to help you stand out and attract your receiver to open the envelope.


The use of square-shaped envelopes for direct mail marketing has become popular today. It gives that sophistication to letters since it’s an envelope usually used invitations and special events. It serves a practical purpose as well since it is efficient for placing unusually-shaped contents.


2. Brand Identity is Key!

Branding is important, and it’s one of the best ways to inform your customers about what your business is all about. Standard envelopes can turn in to a unique and eye-catching work of art, making your brand stand out. But, take note of the following:

• Distinct fonts or typography
• Logo
• Brand colors and combination
• Slogan
• Customized artwork
The aforementioned details are important since they represent your brand. You can take advantage of using them in your direct mail marketing campaign.
3. Eye-catching Color

A plain envelope can stand out using the right splash of color, making the receiver excited to open the mail.

Eye-catching colors include pink, blue, green, etc.! Use one solid hue or a combination of colors with different patterns to grab attention. The insides of the envelope can be tinted with color too.
4. Work with Texture

In marketing, “the next big thing” is texture. It has changed consumer behaviors, making a positive impact on marketing efforts.

You can try embossing the envelopes, creating a raised and recessed design to give more curiosity to the receiver after noticing it. A good example is to make the logo stand out using this method, or you can also highlight the slogan to create a three-dimensional feel and effect.
5. Teaser Window


Envelopes don’t just come in a plain paper you can have clear plastic on it to make a teaser window. Don’t just limit the window in using it for making addresses visible, have fun with the details too.
Discuss with the printing company what you want to make a successful strategic design wherein you can tease the customers first before they open the mail right away. It can draw that needed attention while keeping your receivers curious and excited to see the content inside.

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