Flyer Distribution – Getting Attention


Flyer Distribution – Getting Attention



Opening Spiels


As marketing would ensue,

opening spiels are important

as the flyer you are trying to

distribute. They give the basic idea essential to whatever you are marketing to the person

you are talking to and therefore sparks better interest. Understand your audience first and

construct spiels that may help them better relate to whatever you want them to be a part

of. Be careful, though. Being too powerful or too weak in your spiel can also produce

impressions that are negative. Be sweet and at the same time, be vigilant on what you are

marketing. As you give out a flyer to someone, hit the opening spiel of not more than 5

seconds and begin to answer questions as fast but as efficient as you can as this not only

gets your audience to retain the information, this also gives better impressions on your






If you are to make a stand where you will be placing the flyers, make sure to make the

stand in line with the theme you will present and provide ample “get one here” signs. It’ll be

easier than carrying all of them around and arouses interest as stands tend to attraction

attention from afar.  Learn where to set it up and get there early to counter any possible




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