Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

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The spread of coronavirus has indeed affected the way of life all around the world, and one main reason why this happened is cross-contamination. This pandemic is not going to disappear that soon yet, and the use of face masks will need to stick around for a long time too.


Since we cannot stay at home all the time, face to face coverings can help in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and even the experts recommend the use of face masks, especially when social distancing in some cases is hard to maintain. There are even other places in the world wherein wearing of face masks are mandatory, and it’s a fact that it has become part of our new normal ways wherein people are trying to find creative options to ensure that they won’t forget to bring their masks along with them. Even other health-mind products such as face shields, keychain touch tools, safety goggles, and many others are being introduced in the market today. The standards or sanitation have peaked, all thanks to this pandemic.


You might be hearing different kinds of innovations to be safe, but you might be relieved to know this simple accessory. Meet the mask keepers, which can keep your face coverings from germs, moisture, and dirt. It is a great idea to avoid cross-contamination between your used face mask and other things that you have in your bag, such as your wallet, keys, eyeglasses, etc.


But, would the medical experts recommend or believe that doing so is worth it? Some experts think that keeping the used face masks in a case or keeper inside a bag is a good idea since it can prevent it from getting dirty, and better yet, cross-contamination from other things that you have.


If you look up online, you can find a lot of options, from silicone to fabric. The only thing that you always need to keep in mind is to properly clean the case or keeper between uses with disinfectant wipes or alcohol.


Although a case keeper might be an additional thing that you need to carry around with you, you can choose the thin and light mask keeper that is foldable, or the mask bag that’s also lightweight and thin, or the mask case made of hard material. But don’t fret since most are from materials that would fit in your pocket, bags, or purse.


There are certain instances wherein you need to remove your face mask, especially if you will be dining, visiting a dentist, etc. With this, you don’t just put your face mask everywhere, you must keep it in a place wherein it can’t spread germs or become polluted from open air.


The use of a mask keeper Singapore is one effective way that you can try. But never forget to sanitize or clean the mask keeper or case all the time, don’t forget to wash your hands too before and after removing the face mask and putting it in the keeper. And another thing, do not store a face mask with too much moisture to avoid a fast buildup of germs.


It’s worth a try.


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