Ways on How to Reuse Promotional Paper Bags


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Do you have a lot of promotional paper bags, but you don’t know what else to do with them? Alibaba Printing will show you how you can reuse them at home or even for your business.


If you now find yourself with a lot of paper bags from the store, takeout, grocery, etc., you can recycle, but there are also other ways on how you can reuse them. Paper bags have become popular because of the different environmental benefits it offers compared to using plastic. Below is a list that you can take note of and do if ever you find yourself a huge stash of paper bags with no use to you as of the moment. Read on to know the full details.


  • Insert them in your trash cans – this is practical, and you can cut down plastic usage. Remember to not throw any liquid into it to prevent problems when you are on your way to the dumpster.


  • As a recycling bin – you can place your booze, cans, etc.


  • As storage bin – if you have a paper bag that is still in excellent shape, you can use it to store and organize linens and pantries.


  • Send your guests with leftovers – take paper bags or takeout bags to help your guests bring the foods without having to carry a plastic food storage awkwardly.


  • As placemats – you can cut them out, forming in rectangles, and use it as disposable placemats. You can also let the kids use it as placemats on their tables along with crayons to keep them busy.


  • As plant pot cover – you can use the smaller brown paper bags and customize it to using paint pens or paint.


  • Weave a hanging pot for your plant – cut it into strips, weave them together, and you’d be surprised how you can hardly recognize it as a paper bag.


  • Wrap a bouquet – customize it and give you flowers a unique presentation. Cut it and tie a string a ribbon, and voila!


  • Pendant lamp – of course, you can make a lamp from a paper bag. You can also apply metallic paint to achieve a less crafty look.


  • As book covers – cut the paper bag to its right size and use it as covers. A perfect way to add protection to your precious books.


  • Journals – you can cut the paper bags and make hand-sewn journals wherein you and your kids can use it to write down anything.


  • Decoupage your walls and floors – this is an epic way to reuse your paper bags, especially if you have kept a lot of them. It is not for everyone, but it is a project worth trying.


  • Save it for your next event! – If you have a lot of extra paper bags from your previous event, you can keep it and reuse for the next upcoming event as giveaways and other promotional schemes. Plan it, maximize usage, and don’t put any marketing tool to waste.


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