Ways to Flyer Distribution at Bukit Merah

It may seem effortless, but flyer distribution really requires a lot of work. You don’t just hand them out; you need the flyers to be appealing to receptive customers. First, when you create the flyers, keep them small, simple, and brief. Hand the flyers out where target clients can be found. Also, when doing flyer distribution at Bukit Merah or at any other location, it is crucial to keep professionalism and be polite at all times. Finding creative ways in distributing the flyers is involved, as well as making sure that you do it the right way.

Effective Flyer Distribution How To’s

Here are some of the useful tips on how to make your flyer distribution more effective.


1. Determine your target audience.

For a more effective flyer distribution in Singapore, one of the most important things to do is to pick a target audience. Different groups have different interests, hence they gather in different areas, too. It would be more appealing to your target audience if you refine the message you will send and change strategies depending on your target audience.

2. Keep flyers simple. Avoid adding unnecessary clutter to your flyers.

Keeping your flyers simple will not only cost less, they are less likely to get discarded, too. Giving the audience just the right information is the key, so you do not overwhelm or bore them with too much info. Just stick to words that stick and call to action phrases that work wonders.


3. Make it eye-catching.

The flyer design must catch the attention of the recipients. It could be done with the proper color combination, right image, and a clear headline. Bright colored paper can draw attention, but avoid colors that clash. Also, it is great to have a snappy phrase that would cause receivers to remember your leaflet even after reading it.

4. Include contact information.

Contact info is a must. Phone numbers, office or store addresses, event site, or website and email address are useful additions to your flyers.

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