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Affordable Wedding Card Printing: A Simple and Informative Guide


Weddings are one of the most important and carefully planned events. One crucial part of it is the printing of wedding cards. With this, you should have an idea of the types of wedding invitation printing techniques, the types of wedding cards, and other related details that could be helpful in your planning.

Hopefully, this article can help you identify what you can use or create for the wedding invitation that is affordable or cheaper for you.


The Importance of Wedding Invitation Card Printing and Types of Wedding Paper That You Can Use

The first thing that most soon-to-be-wed couples prioritize in their budget is the wedding invitation. A professionally designed, beautiful, and printed wedding invitation is very important. As much as you want to do it by yourselves like online wedding card printing to minimize your spending budget, doing so could be a bad idea and here are the reasons why:

1. The invitations you make will set the tone of your entire wedding event. A simple invitation sets a simple wedding tone and the more extravagant your wedding invitation is, the tone usually sets an extravagant celebration as well. It sets the expectation of people you are inviting.

2. It creates excitement and it provides important details of book travel, and what activities they can expect during the entire event.

3. It reflects who you are as a couple.

4. Your invitation can become a keepsake for you and your guests especially to your loved ones and close friends.

5. It carries your family history which is a very important part of the invitation. It includes the list of your parents’ names, relatives, venue or church, etc.


Hiring a professional to help you with your marriage invitation card printing doesn’t mean it’s an expensive option! Printing companies providing this type of service can help you achieve your dream wedding invitation cards within your budget.


You can also discuss to them the different kinds of wedding invitation paper and see which one is perfect for you and your partner. Below is a list that you should know:

· Recycled – great for those who want a rustic look for their invitation. You can choose from kraft cardstock, handmade, to pulpy papers.

· Cotton Fiber – this is made from cotton usually from used cloth or linters. If you want strength and durability, then this type of paper is an excellent choice. It has a soft feel and better ink absorption wherein colors may look richer.

· Linen Finish – this is a high-quality paper that has a cotton blend, it’s textured and a somewhat crosshatched surface.

· Vellum – today, velums are made from wood pulp and cotton blend but they were once made from animal skin. It looks like a tracing paper that you use during your elementary school years. It is frosted and sheer that is layered on top on an opaque paper sheet.

· Glassine – it is a waxy and light kind of paper that can be used as envelope liners or envelopes, pouches and overlays and other kinds of suite accents. It is see-through but still can hold the ink well.

· Board – this is a heavy kind of cardstock, it’s thick, and sturdy that’s usually made up of three layers of paper. It has a cotton-like texture and won’t bend in the mail.

· Pearlescent – it has a bit of sparkle or shimmer to add elegance.



Types Printing Techniques for Your Wedding Invitation Cards    

You will want to discuss the kinds of printing techniques that you can apply for your wedding invitation with your partner too. Below are the details.



It’s one of the finest, oldest and most formal types of printing techniques. It involves indentation or also known as “bruising” on the back of the paper invite and this is known to be the most expensive method.


Thermography Wedding Card Invitation

This technique is more cost-effective. It will show you a slightly raised, clean and shiny result just like (but not as sophisticated as) engraving.


Letterpress Wedding Card Printing

It uses heavyweight and high-quality paper. It can create a three-dimensional print that looks exquisite.

Offset Wedding Invitation Card Printing

It is also called as flat printing or lithography. This is a good budget option for those who are looking for a higher quality than digital printing. The image produced is flat but has better printing quality than digital printing.

Digital Invitation Card Printing

The most common printing technique today. The outcome is flat and one dimensional but the true color match and crisp look are incomparable to other printing methods!


Foil Stamping Design 

If you want to add glitz to your invites, you can apply foil stamping and choose from different colors and finishes such as matte, silver, and holographic style.


Embossing Printing Technique

The method is similar to engraving but embossing does not use any ink. This is utilized for monograms, small decorative images for a wedding invite, family coast of arms, and high-end business letterheads or cards.

Gloss-Press Invitation Design

This is a new technique and it’s the inversion of embossing. The result is a gloss-pressing, elegant and luxurious looking invitation.

Laser Cut

This is more of a style than a technique. It can create intricate and amazing invitations.


This is a handmade form of art which can be rarely seen these days due to the digital option. You can have an elegant way to present your invitation through calligraphy and you can hire a professional to do this for you.

What are Table Name Cards?

Another element that needs a portion of your budget is the wedding reception stationery such as table name cards and place cards. Let’s dig a little deeper to know their difference.

Escort Cards  

The main purpose of escort cards or dinner table name cards is to direct the invitees to the table where they are assigned to. It is placed near the reception venue entrance, alphabetically by last name. They can pick these cards up while they are on their way to the dining room.

What are Wedding Name Cards?

If you won’t use escort cards and place cards, your guests will be left to fend for themselves, resulting in a disorganized event! Let’s understand what a wedding name card’s purpose is.

Place Cards 

Wedding guest name cards or place cards’ purpose is to inform the guests of their designated seat at a certain table. It can be placed on the folded napkin that rests on the dinner plate or even on the table just on top of the dinner plate’s placement.

To simply put, place cards represent your assigned seating and are usually color-coded, while escort cards are assigned to tables and not seats and may also be color-coded for plated meals. Although their function is similar, there is a notable difference between the two.


Steps in Making Your Own Invitation

Thinking about online wedding invitation card printing on your own? Below are some simple steps that you can follow:


Determine the Type of Invitation You Prefer 

Do you want to do traditional invitations that include several enclosures or casual invitations for the less formal kind of wedding event? Your decision here matters to know your next step.

Buy Invitation Paper and Envelopes

You can buy invitation suites that are available in different colors, themes, and designs. Buy at least 20 to 25% more invitation suites than you plan to send out. The extra pieces will help if you make a mistake in printing. Purchase cardstocks with matching envelopes as well. You also need to buy layering papers but don’t add them in your pre-cut invitation suites because they might not fit. Match and mix your colors, make sure they complement each other.

Create Your Design 

Choose an editing software to help you design your wedding invitation. Use appropriate and readable fonts when putting the wedding details. Make sure the words are not too small, they are aligned and the spacing is not too far apart. You can also add visual graphic elements that carry your wedding theme. Add the right and not overpowering colors.


You can print your design using your home printer. Run a test print first to ensure that everything looks right, especially the details of your names, date, venue and time. 



This is a great time to ask for help from your family and friends to help you assemble all the elements of your invitation. Assembly may need placing of your printed work in envelopes, mounting your printed work on cardstock, adding of embellishments and enclosures, or placing the invitation suites in envelopes.



We Offer Affordable and High-Quality Wedding Card Printing Services

No time to D-I-Y? Alibaba Printing offers affordable custom wedding card printing that you can trust and surely afford. We only use premium and high-quality printing materials and offer a wide range of techniques that you can choose from. No matter how intricate your design requirements are, our professional team can give you the result that you want to see.



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