Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool


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Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?



Are you looking for a unique marketing tool that’s different yet effective to promote your business? Well, Alibaba Printing can show you why wet tissue printing can be the best option for your business if you want to step away from the traditional forms of promotion that are usually boring and plain.


Alibaba Printing is all about creativity and uniqueness for every brand. The services offered are in different forms of advertising than you expect, but everyone knows that any kind of advertising is good advertising. However, there is always a smarter, more unique way to do things. Copying the exact pattern, style, design, or colors is never an option.


Wet tissue printing maybe a new idea to you or some and might consider as no connection to your business. However, advertising your business when it comes to uniqueness doesn’t need to be “always in the box,” we go out of our comfort zones if you want to get ahead, beat your competitors, and get the market’s attention.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a car dealer, wedding supplier, real estate agency, and a lot more others; the pocket tissue pack is an excellent avenue in boosting brand recognition. Can you imagine the huge market you can attract if you use this kind of marketing tool? Adults, young adults, teens, and even kids! Most of them carry in their bags or purse, in their car, office table, comfort rooms a packet of wipes.


Think about giveaways for your wedding event. Add personalized tissue packs with printed pictures and other memorable details of the event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the packet. What about a fundraiser event wherein you are trying to promote an organization or business? Add tissue packets with custom details of the company logo, contact number, etc. taking promotion to a higher level!


Did you just open a restaurant or food truck? Offer your branded wet wipes for every purchased food. It’s a good way to help your customers clean their messy fingers and a perfect giveaway to remind them of your delicious food and awesome place, giving them a reason to come back!


The point here is that people nowadays, most especially in this pandemic time, keep tissue packets with them because they need it. Every time they take the packet out from their bags or purse, your brand or logo is exposed over and over again to the user or other people around, most especially if the design is noticeable and unique.


The packets have different sides where you can take advantage and apply your artistic touch. Not good in editing? Don’t worry about it, most printing companies have in-house expert graphics designer that can help you bring to life your imagination! Use the side wisely, and don’t put unnecessary details. Attract using the most obvious element of your brand that people will surely remember,



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