What are the Calendar Printing Singapore Selling Strategies?


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Are you looking for information on how you can effectively generate income by printing custom calendars in Singapore? If you are, then you will want to read on.


A lot of people like to have an attractive calendar placed on a desk or wall, and your fans or followers might appreciate the chance to buy your artwork. Read through the details below to learn effective selling strategies and achieve success.


Printing Your Calendar


One advantage here is the cost in production for every calendar is lower. You can hand-sell the calendars directly to family and friends, serve as samples or gifts to prospective clients.


The disadvantage, however, is you need to buy and invest money upfront, hoping that you will earn from it. We all know that calendars are time-sensitive. If you can’t sell them by Christmas, you most will likely not sell them at all.


What is Print on Demand Calendars?


Some services will let your design or customize your calendar wherein they will handle the printing as well as shipping on your behalf. You just need to upload the photos, customize your calendar’s design, and then set the markup price. They will handle everything, but in practice, you should be doing the marketing. One advantage of this method is that there is no money involved upfront. However, you need to push yourself in designing, marketing, with no risk involved.


BUT, the disadvantage here is the calendar’s price is somewhat costly.


What are the Effective Sales Strategies?


Without proper planning and strategy, your income might not be that high. You can boost your margins by offering premium calendars, giving you a larger margin. It can help your revenue even if you offer some discounts through the season.


You can offer different calendars in regular and premium forms. You can advertise some of the calendars through Facebook ads. Another option is setting up a sales-funnel kind of page when selling them, with A/B testing through the WordPress plugin Landing Pages.




Here are suggestions to help you produce and sell calendars effectively.

  • You can begin with print-on-demand calendars until such time you reach the desired volume, wherein you can print on your own.
  • Take advantage of social media. If you don’t have an account yet, better create your business account, it’s free. The feedback and likes can help you choose the best design or photos you can use for your calendar.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your calendars. Remember, they won’t advertise and sell themselves.
  • Make use of a sales landing/funnel page to help your potential buyers decide what they should purchase.
  • Lastly, do not expect a huge amount of income from selling your calendars. Remember that it is seasonal, and many people do not use paper calendars that much anymore.


Final Take


If you don’t know how to create a design, but you have the money to run a calendar printing Singapore business, you can always get the services of a professional printing company to help you. They can assist you design, customize sizes, and produce them in minimal or bulk quantity at affordable package price deals. Do more research, before giving the go signal in producing the calendars.




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