What Are the Different Types of Tissues? Tissue Paper Printing Basics


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Are Facial Tissue and Tissue Paper the Same? Tissue Paper Printing Basics

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Are you a bit confused between the difference between Kleenex, paper towels, tissue paper, and the likes? Alibaba Printing will show you helpful details to help you choose the right item for your marketing schemes.


Tissues, napkin, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper; how are they different from each other, and what is their purpose? The different types of tissues are used depending on the location and culture. So the information below may vary from one place to another on how they use a tissue.


Toilet Paper


The toilet paper is commonly used and found in the bathroom. It is intended for wiping, and it is not used at the table to wipe our hands. It is also not used to clean spills, not unless you can’t find anything else near you.




Kleenex is a generic and popular brand name, and because it has become a common name, all of the brands are being recognized as Kleenex even if the brand is different. It is not called tissue paper because they are not the same.


Kleenex/Tissues are generally used to blow or wipe your nose, for coughing, sneezing, crying, or wiping watery eyes. It contains special lotions or oils to avoid the skin from becoming cracked or dry from rubbing or sneezing too much. It is not used a napkin at the kitchen table to wipe hands like what other Asian cultures do. Americans would usually ask for napkins to wipe their hands. This kind of tissue is not used to clean spills, not unless there is no other choice since it is not good at absorbing liquid.


Paper Towels

It is bigger than the usual similar paper products. This type has about 2 to 3 different sizes. It is a little bigger than the usual scrap paper (11×11 in.), but some brands sell haft sheet size and same in height (half the width).


It is absorbent and tougher when wet compared to other types of tissues. It is intended to wipe spills, and many would use it for cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen to wipe tables or clean mirrors.


It is also common for individuals to wipe their mouths, hands, or any spills at their kitchen tables. The smaller sizes for this particular tissue come in very handy for this kind of situation.



It has three kinds: cloth napkins, regular paper napkins, and specialty or party napkins.


Napkins are usually at the kitchen table every meal. It is mostly used to wipe mouth, hands, or spills around the plate.


The cloth napkins, also known as table linens are usually used in nice restaurants or homes for special events, special occasions, or dinner. It is also placed on a person’s lap while having a meal and placed on the table when done.


The specialty or party napkins are used for parties, and you can buy them in different varieties too. You can choose from different colors, characters, patterns, for a specific holiday or any occasion. However, this type of napkin is mostly made for its look, and it is not that effective in cleaning up a mess.


The generic napkins are liked by many since it is cheap and sold in bulks. It is soft, small, absorbent, and affordable.


Tissue Paper

It is not the same as Kleenex. It is used in gifts to hide the insides of a gift bag and in arts or crafts projects.




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