What are the Types of Digital Printing?

What are the Types of Digital Printing? A Simple Guide



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If you are a business, organization or someone who is looking for information on different printing services and other options for your printing needs, then you’re in luck. This article will show you a specific type of printing method called digital printing. This could be the method that fits the demands of your marketing schemes. Let’s dig a little deeper about digital printing through this simple guide.


Digital Printing Definition


Digital printing is the means of printing from an image that’s digitally based straight to an assorted type of media. It is usually known as professional printing using high volume and/or large-format inkjet, or laser printers are printed by small-run jobs from different digital sources and desktop publishing.


Compared to other traditional methods like offset printing, digital printing has a higher cost for each page. But the price can be offset if you avoid the cost of all the technical steps that are needed in printing plates. It does not require a printing plate. The digital files like PDFs and other desktop publishing files can be sent straight to the digital printing company to be printed on different types of paper, fabric canvas, cardstock, synthetics and other substrates.


What is a Digital Printer?


There are various digital printing machines, including printing presses production like the following:

  • Sheet-fed production printers – it is excellent for commercial and communication print providers’ high volume, high-speed applications of printing which includes transaction printing, publishing, packaging, direct mail and photo publishing.


  • Production inkjet printers – inkjet is seen to be more capable now than ever. The image quality is stunning that can overcome challenges in print manufacturing.


  • Cut-sheet digital presses – this type of printer is made to print on separate pieces of paper.


  • Continuous feed printers – CIS or continuous ink system is a way to deliver a large volume of ink to small inkjet printhead, and this can increase the capacity of printing.


Types of Digital Print Media


Digital printing machines are versatile and can print on almost everything such as heavyweight papers, thick cardstock, folding cartons, synthetic substrates, fabric and plastics.


Another common application of digital printing is t-shirt printing. There are also digital printers that don’t just print on fabrics but also on polyester and linen.


Its versatility on being able to print on different forms of media enables you to maximize your ways on marketing your business. You’ll have to be more creative on your ideas.


Digital Printing Applications


There are many advantages when it comes to digital printing compared to using traditional ways of printing. Some of the applications that you can take note are the following:


  • Commercial – great for business stationery like letterheads and business cards.
  • Desktop publishing – because of digital printing, you can achieve cheap office and home printing since its digital processes can bypass the need to print using plates.
  • Fine art – archival digital printing ways consist of real photo paper coverage prints and giclée prints on a watercolour paper that is using inks that are pigment-based.
  • Variable data printing – uses print files that are driven by database for the mass personalization of the printed materials.
  • Advertising – usually used for trade shows, in event signage and outdoor banner ads, in the retail industry during the point of purchase or point of sale, and direct mail campaigns that are personalized.
  • Print on Demand – digital printing is also great for customized printing like a personalized children’s book with the child’s name, wedding photo books and the like, or any other kinds of books.
  • Sleeking – achieving digital ink adhesion through the process of holographic effects, adding foil or even dull and glossy finishes. This can be done by printing a rich black space digitally where you want the sleeking to happen. The machine can register the process and only follows to that particular space.
  • Photos – digital printing is more revolutionized when it comes to photo printing because of its ability to colour correct and retouch a photo before printing.
  • Architectural design – new media that adapts to different surfaces has allowed the exterior and interior spaces to be transformed using floor graphics and wall murals through digital printing.


Different Types of Services


Digital printing is a popular choice for most because it is a cost-effective way to achieve a good quality of prints quickly. This method continues to grow over the years due to its flexibility. If you have a digital file like the JPEG format as wells as PDFs, you can send it directly to the printing company to have it printed on cardstock, canvas, fabric, photo paper, etc.


The different benefits of digital printing are as follows:

  • It’s affordable since it eliminates the process of making the plates and the setup process of the presses.
  • It’s efficient since it can offer short runs and consumes less time compared to other printing methods.
  • Its simplicity allows customization, flexibility and multiple variations.


Below are the different types of digital printing services that you can choose for your marketing needs.




It’s a method that can copy an image that came from a digital device such as your computer and will then be reproduced on a paper.




It is similar to inkjet that can also take an image from a particular digital device and will then be produced on a paper.


Digital Press


It is like a traditional press but only in a digital manner which is designed to provide high quantities of order on time while maintaining output that is still of high quality.


Other Types of Method


There are also other methods of digital printing that are being offered by printing companies as part of their services.


  • Dye sublimation involves a process that will allow you to print on plastic, fabric and other synthetic materials. It depends on heat transfer so that the images will be applied to the chosen media.
  • Thermal wax utilizes heat so that the impression will be transferred on paper.
  • Solid ink is another printing technology that is being used in multifunction devices and computer printers. The solid ink sticks are filled in the cartridges of the printer. Whenever the printing begins, the sticks will then be heated until its melting point. The melted ink will be transferred on the paper to create the desired print.


What is Best for Your Business?


Digital printing lets you enjoy excellent printing capabilities to print anything you like in almost all possible ways. The results are of high quality, it’s bright and professional-looking at the same time which you can use for your personal or business needs to impress your receiver or prospect customers.


You can quickly achieve your marketing and business goals because you can produce excellent quality prints rapidly. It saves you more time because of its fast turnaround time which will allow you to focus on other core tasks of your business.


As we have mentioned, it does not use printing plates or even too much amount of ink compared to conventional printing ways, and this is the reason why it is a cost-effective option for a business.


No need to spend money on the setup cost since digital printing does not need one, which means it’s affordable for short-run printing projects that your business may need.


If you want to save money and time for your business, you can choose to buy digital printers that are fit for offices and even in your home. But if you will need to print high volume flyers in bulk, you may need the services of a printing company since they have digital printing machines that can handle high demand.


Traditional Business Marketing


Flyer, brochures, leaflets and other related marketing materials is one of the many traditional marketing methods that helps a business advertise by way of distributing them in the busy streets of the city.


Flyer printing is a popular method, and you can do this for your business with the help of digital printing. This traditional marketing technique has been proven by many companies. It works by reaching out to your target market, increasing market presence and resulting in a boost in sales or income.


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