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Facial tissue paper is common and considered a need by many people. It is also known as wat face wipe or handkerchief that is fragrant and soft mostly used to clean the face. The main use of facial tissue paper is wiping off the pollutant and dirt of the skin.


A wet tissue paper mostly contains an anti-bacterial lotion that can help remove pollutants and keep the skin moist, and this kind of wet tissue wipes was used first in Japan. It is a portable and affordable facial tissue that is a perfect cosmetic accessory for everyone, and this is one of the main reasons why many companies are supplying facial wipes.


What are the benefits?

Washing the face using a gel or facial wash can be time-consuming. Many times, water might not always be available, so the facial tissues can help big time. Using facial wipes is beneficial to both men and women.


It helps in cleaning your skin and keep it moist at the same time. Repeated use of facial wash, soap, or gel can make your skin rough. It can be avoided if you use facial tissues as an alternative. They are coated with lotion and are fragrant too, making your skin properly cleaned.


Women can also benefit from it, especially for those who use makeup, which can now be removed easily. If women are wearing nude makeup, it can be cleaned easily without causing any damage to the skin.


Individuals who sweat a lot should use fragrant wet wipes. The bacteria causing the odor can be wiped off, keeping the face clean.


A minor wound cut can also be cleansed using facial wipes. It can prevent bacteria invasion because it is coated with anti-bacterial liquid.


How is it made?


Face wipes are tissue papers, which means the process of manufacturing them is similar to bathroom tissue. It also uses wood pulp, fibers, cleaning procedures, anti-bacterial lotion, and drying. But, there is a difference in its production. During the process of making the face wipes, they are coated with multiple layers of the anti-bacterial lotion, and this makes it wet and moist all the time.


Supplying Facial Tissue Paper


This industry is profitable. It only needs minimum manual labor since most of its work is done through machines. Wet wipes are in demand all over the world, and this is one of the main reasons why its production is always high.


Facial tissues are used by many every day. Everyone around the world uses tissues to clean their faces because of its anti-bacterial properties.


Aside from that, the packaging is considered by marketers as an opportunity to promote brands and distribute the customized facial tissue packets during an event or other marketing activities as giveaways.



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