What Colors to Use for Your Flyers

What Colors to Use for Your Flyers

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Colors can play an important role to how your

flyers can influence people. In this case, it is

just right for you to be very careful when

deciding what colors you will include to your

flyers. Each color has their own meaning that

will help your flyers work effectively in

attracting your customers. Listed below are

some of the common colors perfect for your

flyers with their meanings.



  • Red – This color can make you feel excited. It can make your heart beats faster and

improves the responses from the readers.


  • Blue – It can provide calmness and widely used for flyers.


  • Purple – This color signifies richness, royalty, and wealth. This is also associated to

revenue and leadership.


  • Yellow – It provides hope and positivity. It can make you feel better.


  • Green – It represents nature, growth, and wellness. So if ever that your company is

related to such topics, then using green color for your flyers is advisable.


There is no need for you to use lots of colors for your flyers because this will affect the

readability of the contents. Besides, using few colors can save you money. What is

important is that it can provide a professional look and the contents are also easy to read.


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