What Does Offset Printing Mean?

What Does Offset Printing Mean? Learning More on Offset Lithography


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Printing in bulks has been done for many years, all thanks to the technological developments that we have in this industry.


Offset printing is also called as offset lithography. This type of service can give you bulk of mass printing, a production that’s perfect for businesses and other kinds of organizations.


Printing companies today have various methods in bulk mass printing since they will also depend on the needs of the customers. Offset printing is not a new concept and the advanced technology that we have today enabled them to acquire equipment that can provide reliable, cheap and fast printing.


Offset Printing Definition


Offset Printing or offset lithography is operating based on a simple principle: water and ink do not mix. It is called offset since the ink will not be transferred straight on to a paper. It is so efficient once it has been set up. This is an excellent choice if you need to print larger quantities with color accuracy, clean, crisp and professional-looking  production.


4-Color Printing


Both offset printing presses and inkjet printers use four ink colors (basic): the CMYK. In offset printing, every ink color will be applied separately (one plate for each color wherein a little dot of each ink color namely cyan, magenta, yellow and K is black, which will be deposited in certain patterns to make our eyes see a wide array of colors. This is the reason why it’s called 4-color printing or 4-color lithography process. While in inkjet printing, all the ink colors are placed on the paper just in one pass, done through a printer.


You can also use premixed inks in offset printing such as fluorescent and metallic colors that are known as spot colors, for you to achieve hues that are not within the color range of the printing process.


Why is it Great for Business?


Most businesses would need promotional and advertising supplies to aid their marketing efforts and offset printing can answer to their demands with high-end quality output at affordable price package.


This type of printing also allows small businesses to compete even with bigger companies in their industry because they can achieve professional-looking  marketing campaign materials at a price that they will surely afford.


The Services It Can Provide


Offset printing can produce in bulk the following materials for your marketing needs:

  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Glossy brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers


How Does Offset Printing Machine Work?


Here are the steps involved to run offset printing process:


  • Image plates will be clamped on to plate cylinders.
  • Ink settings will be adjusted according to the ink density that’s needed in that specific run.
  • A batch of initial sheets will be run by the press operator through the press at minimal speed and checks the alignment or registration of colors, including the ink/water balance at the same time to make sure that there is a steady and full ink flow for precise reproduction in color.
  • The ink density and plate positions can be adjusted by the operator while the press continues to run at a minimal speed.


The whole process is called “make ready” wherein operators who are trained and highly skilled will prepare to produce offset printing output.


The Advantages of Printing Offset


Here are the awesome advantages of offset printing that you will want to know:


  • Good for companies who would like to print large volume of materials at efficient cost.
  • The more print order you have, the cheaper the price will be for each piece.
  • You can use a wide array of paper with a custom finish that is according to your specific needs.
  • You can use custom inks like Pantone and metallic colors.
  • The printing quality has more color fidelity, great detail and of highest possible quality.


How Does Digital Printing Machine Work?


Digital printing is another choice for businesses. It’s a bit different from offset printing, let me tell you the details below on how its machine works:


  • It does not use plates like the offset. It utilizes toner just like the one in laser printers or a bigger printer that uses liquid ink. This is usually best for those who want to print fewer than the required volume in offset printing.
  • It’s capable of variable data which is one of its awesome benefits. If you need a piece that should have a unique code, address or name, digital printing can do this for you.
  • Great for short runs.


Is Digital Printing Better for Your Business?


These offset and digital printing are both printing methods that can be useful for businesses. Each has great benefits, and it would depend on what your project requirements are.


If you need a larger run of a project, specifically about hundreds or thousands using a certain pantone color that’s brand-centric, then offset printing is your best choice. Here, you can choose in wider types of custom papers as well as specialty inks like fluorescent or metallic inks for offset printing.


With digital printing, if you need a smaller run like 100 or less with information and addresses for each piece, this is the right choice for you.  Your needs can be delivered for your business in either of these two options: offset or digital printing. You’ll still get high-quality printed materials to help you in your marketing efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here some of the most common questions that are being asked by businesses about offset printing:


Which is better for my company?

ANSWER: It depends on your requirements. If you need a larger run, choose offset printing. If it’s minimal, choose digital printing.


What are the different types?

ANSWER: (1) Sheet-fed offset printing is commonly used in printing for business marketing. (2) Web-offset is cost-effective for printing catalogs, magazines and newspaper inserts that around 50,000 or more that will still depend on the type and size of the piece.


Which has better color presentation?

ANSWER: Offset printing has color fidelity and greater detail.


Choosing a Printing Company                            

Choose only an established, experienced and fully equipped printing company in Singapore.

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