What Font is Right for Your Flyers?

What Font is Right for Your Flyers?

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It would be easier for people to read your

flyers if you have chosen the right font. There

are plenty of fonts that you can choose from

and not all of these are suitable for flyers.

This is a powerful element that can attract

your readers and can also help you relay

your message to them. If you have used the

wrong font, then the results can be very




Fonts are divided into two categories, the Serif and the Sans Serif fonts. Serif have details

while Sans Serifs are squared off. For longer texts, the best font that you can use is Serif.

On the other hand, for headlines, captions, and shorter text, using Sans Serif is advisable

because it makes the words powerful.



You also have to consider the personality of your brand when choosing a font. Even your

readers can also affect your decision. If your target audience is women, then you can

make use of fonts that look feminine. If you will distribute your flyers to the elders, then it is

better that you use simple fonts that they can easily read. New fonts are being presented

from time to time so it is essential that you keep yourself updated especially if you use

flyers for your business.


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