What Goes on a Lanyard?


Customized lanyards are so handy and flexible. You can see them in schools, different organizations, sporting events, concerts, seminars or conferences, youth events, workplaces, churches, hospitals, and many more!¬¬


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How to Make Customized Lanyards?

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Lanyards are not just used for ID cards since it’s a very flexible item that can serve depending on the purpose, industry, or setting. Different things go on a lanyard, let’s find out what they are:

1. Keys – to help free the pockets and make sure to keep an eye on your keys, just add a keychain to the lanyard. It is helpful to those who tend to forget a lot of things! A pro lanyard tip for you here: Make sure to only add the keys that you need, just in case you lose it, you don’t have to worry about losing all the keys. A good example is that if your lanyard is attached to a work ID card, attach the work keys on it too. Do not mix your stuff like your car keys and work stuff together to avoid losing them all at once in case something happens.


2. Charging cable – it can be a lanyard and charging cable at the same time. There is a 2-in-1 charging cable lanyard, which is great for everyone without having to carry extra cords everywhere.

3. USB flash drive – it’s always best to be prepared. With our technology today, USB flash drives are handy for busy people like event organizers, students, etc.

4. Flashlight – lanyards are very helpful for people who are working late at night. You can attach a flashlight along with a whistle, a security feature that helps if you’re working or going home late at night.

5. Photo – start your day inspired by adding a photo of your favorite person or pet on the lanyard. It helps in bringing your good mood back after a very rough day or even start an interesting conversation with your coworkers, students, etc.

6. Personal moments – everyone can be creative with their lanyards. You can add or decorate the lanyards with beads, stickers, other memorable stuff for fun, or even for a lanyard decorating contest in school or at work!

7. Pen – all you need to do is to slide the pen on the lanyard, and you are ready as ever to sign any documents, take notes, and many more! You can even combine attaching your stylus and pen to your lanyard to easily hand them out to your event attendees to make things easier.

8. Phone holder – we all don’t have a big pocket all the time if we go to a concert or an important event. You can use a 2-1 charger cable lanyard plus a wallet and phone holder at the same time to ensure your phone is always with you.

9. Ribbons – badge ribbons for speakers or hosts in events can stand out with the help of lanyards. You can also be creative by giving your badge ribbons to your event attendees too.

10. Hand Sanitizer – a mini hand sanitizer spray can keep your hands germ-free without having to look for this item in your bag all the time!

11. ID cards – this is the most common use in places or buildings that have security.


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