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Would you like to know what a business envelope is? Alibaba Printing’s envelope printing Guide will help you understand what it is for you to use the right type for your business.


Envelopes can look elegant, but the first thing you need to know is where you can find one that is specially made for mailings.


What is a Business Envelope?

Envelopes made for businesses are lightweight, simple, and are made for daily mailings. It could be a billing statement, a catalog for another business, or a prospective client. It shows practical printing options, comes in different seals, and others have security options to ensure that whatever is inside is safe.


Can I Use Colored Envelopes?

If you order from a printing company, you will have a variety of choices. The perfect option for marketing mailings is a full-color business envelope, and you can also use this type if you need to promote your company or brand.


Is it for routine correspondence? There is a 1-color envelope (standard) that is an economical and popular option for many.


What about Sealing Options?

You have different seal options that you can choose from. You might be more familiar with the standard gum flaps wherein it requires moistened so that its adhesive will work or stick.


Another convenient way to seal your documents would be the peel and seal or flip and seal envelopes. This option does not need moisture for its sealing to work; you only to raise its lower flap and then press. Peel and seal, on the other hand, has covered adhesive strips that are easy to remove covering that will help the adhesive stick until it’s time to be used for mailing.


What Do You Need?

Do you need an envelope with more visibility? You can choose a business envelope with a poly window. It is useful for business mailings since the address of the receiver is visible, perfect for routine statements, accounts receivable, and billing.


If you want to make it more private and avoid others to see the contents, you can also choose security tints. It keeps the contents of an envelope from showing, and you can pair it with poly windows to make it more practical.


What Are You Sending?

Do you want to send a booklet or catalog? You can choose from a wide variety of envelopes. If you intend to make a mailing envelope, you can choose from various flap styles.


You can also choose a booklet envelope if your receiver likes to open their mail envelopes on the longer side of the envelope. Another option is the open-ended envelope or also knowns as a catalog envelope.


Custom Design

You can also make the design simpler and order them without too much hassle. Simply choose between emailing envelopes and full-color business envelopes. Just pick the style that you need and arrange it with the printing company. There are print packages that are affordable and perfect for your budget.


Work With Professionals

Your envelopes represent your business too, so choose wisely. Work with professional printing companies to know the best options, designs, colors, and print package rates.


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