What is a Corporate Folder?

What is a Corporate Folder? The Advantages Using Presentation Folders for Your Company or Business



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Are you looking for ways to boost your professional image? Presentation folders are great for such need. Let’s get to know more what a corporate folder is all about.


What is it?


It is sometimes called as a pocket folder, a sturdy corporate presentation folder that is used to organize and store documents like the ones that are distributed in important meetings and other demonstration.


You can also print creatively and use the corporate folder to present and promote your business or corporation to new customers and boost your image at the same time with your existing clienteles.


One of its important uses is that it holds your documents safely and neatly in one place. Presentation folders are ideal whether your purpose is to deliver significant documents to clients or hand out marketing materials for exhibitions and trade shows.


There are certain key items that your presentation folder should have:


  • Booklets and brochures – you should have product info using booklets and brochures on what your products and/or services are all about since a client will be encouraged to know more of your business and will want to contact you later.
  • Business cards are a must – this is a crucial feature in your presentation folder so that your clients will have contact details on hand.
  • Pen and paper or notebook – you can work with it in different ways. You may be having your documents with you, but you’ll never know if you need to write down something important. With regards to handing the presentation folders out to clients, it’s also a great idea to provide them with pen and paper too.
  • CD or DVD presentation – if you have videos or digital marketing means about your business; your corporate folder could be designed to make an area where a DVD or CD can be held in place.


Uses and Types


Corporate or presentation folders can be made in different designs or styles to meet whatever purpose you have. It is mostly used to help the company in their marketing efforts for their products, services or both, but they also have other functions. One good example is when a business produces a new product and would like to show their customers the benefits of their product in an orderly manner. It can also be used to organize sheets and documents for distribution at a conference for the delegates.


Here are the different types that you will want to know:


  • Standard 9″ x 12″ two-pocket
  • Tri-fold or Tri-panel
  • Tabbed (in hanging files or filing cabinets)
  • Capacity (typically with a 1/4″+ spine to carry more)
  • Green or Eco-friendly
  • Mini or small


The Advantages for Your Business


Imagine your business being a machine that’s made up with different parts but are all working to achieve the same goal. The corporate folders represent the motor oil that is keeping the parts (divisions in your company) functioning smoothly and proficiently. Your presentation folders can be so much more than just something you use to keep your files together especially if you take time on how you can implement and use them in different divisions of your company.


Here are advantages of using corporate folders that should know:


1. You Stay Efficient and Organized Using the Folders      


From the lower to higher departments, corporate presentation folders will help your company keep running on the right track. You use these folders for inter-company communication to make sure your employees are constantly updated especially with the new practices and policies that you would like to implement.


Furthermore, you can keep your client’s info in one place so that you can easily find it when the need arises.


2. Create Memorable Impressions and Show off Your Products


The folder can help in cultivating a corporate and professional look which creates an impact when you present your business or yourself as an expert in the industry that you are in. When clients notice your presentation folder, you’d be surprised yourself that they will be impressed with your commitment to the details. And when you hand out the business folder after any meeting, you are assured that the info you’ve provided will be retained, still keeping the impression at the end.


Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, you can use the corporate presentation folders by putting excellent quality photos on its front and center part, including taglines and testimonials from your clients. Before your potential customers open the folder, they should have an idea on what you offer and the reasons why they need it.


3. Help You Build Your Brand and Market Your Company


You can have your corporate folder customized by adding your company logo and help you get the word out, but there’s actually more to branding than just that. It’s also about your product and/or service, your style, employees and a few more others that make up the identity of your brand. You can combine colors and other special features to portray the goal and values of your business accurately.


Many actually forget the powerful use of customized presentation folders. Instead of using postcards or flyers, you can utilize the folder to send out information or as part of your marketing tool. You can even add a CD or a flash drive holder in it so that your promotional videos may be included. Think about the possibilities.


4. Close and Sign Deals


Seal the deal using a legal-sized  folder when signing a contract with another company or client. A professional looking folder helps in making them sign the contract, and you are also sure that your signed documents will not be lost.


Constructions Basics


The most economical option is the 9”x12” size presentation folder since it can hold sales literature, brochures, contracts and other important documents, that’s measuring exactly or smaller than 8.5” x 11″.


The standard design that most would choose is a folder with two interior pockets that has horizontal flaps. You may also choose from other pocket configurations.


It is made from a heavy cardstock to ensure long lasting sturdiness. It has a clear protective finish like an aqueous or UV coating or even a plastic laminate in some cases.


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