What is a Flyer and its Purpose

What is a Flyer and its Purpose

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A flyer, or sometimes called pamphlet, is an

advertisement in the form of paper which is

usually given in public places. It is used to

promote a product, service, or even a

person who is running in the elections.

There are many purposes the flyer is being

printed and distributed. This is one way of

approaching your audiences to support what

you have and what you are advertising.



With the proper material and way of distributing, all of the money, time, and effort spent

on preparing for it will not go to waste. There are many flyer printing companies that

offer different packages and deals which will make you save up from the printing. You

can also ask for volunteers whom you can pay a minimum amount to distribute those

flyers to places where there are more people. With this, you will have more time to do

other things than spending your time giving out those printed flyers.



You need to make sure that the flyers you are distributing are appealing to the eyes of

your target audiences. These flyers are bringing your brand so make sure it is done

properly and was planned accordingly for you to see the result you want to have.




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