What is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

What is a Kiss Cut Sticker? Customized Design for Your Printing Needs


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There are different ways to cut your designed and printed stickers and one of which is the kiss cut. There has been a slight confusion between a kiss cut and die cut, but we are going to clear that up this time.


Kiss cut method, the printed sticker is created with kiss cut and it can be peeled off from the backing material. You’ll notice light cuts within the sticker’s border. The backing will not be cut, only the sticker. It’s also called as “easy peel stickers.”




Below are the main advantages of applying the kiss cut method if you use it for your business:

  • The border around the sticker allows you to hand write a special message before giving the sticker to someone else.
  • The sticker is easier to pull out.
  • The edge of the sticker is more protected.
  • It is easier for customers to use.


Die Cut and Kiss Cut Difference


There are only minor differences between these two methods. However, they still have different purpose, and this is why you need to be informed before making any decision.


Die Cut sticker is known to be the most popular. Each design of your sticker is cut around its edge through both the backing and vinyl paper. The whole sticker is cut and becomes a custom shape that you designed. It can be any size or shape that you want. Here, the sticker’s backing aligns precisely with the size and shape of the sticker itself.


With Kiss Cut sticker, it has another backing paper. It is primarily trimmed through the vinyl around the design’s edge and then cut through all the way around the surrounding sheet’s edge. The sticker itself has light surface cuts wherein the backing material is not cut, and you can peel off the kiss cut sticker from the sheet. This method allows you to peel off the sticker easily. You will see a tiny amount of the backing that’s actually framing the sticker.


Both kiss cut and die cut stickers still look the same when they are applied on the surface.


What is Their Similarities?


Here are their similarities:

  • Digitally printed on a white polypropylene, making the sticker durable.
  • Custom shapes are available for both.
  • Full-color
  • Both are finished with UV lamination for fading resistance and outdoor durability.


Should You Choose Kiss Cut Sticker?


Both die cut and kiss cut are made from the same material. However, the difference in its cutting method can have an impact on the application.


Kiss cut can be a great option for you, especially if you need to order in large amounts and keep all the designs safe within their backing papers.


It can also be great for any marketing purposes for your business.


Do You Want More Info on Your Sticker?


Some people would want more space on their stickers where they can put their coupons, social tags, contact details and website. Doing so would need back printing. However, you can also do this with your kiss cut sticker,


Kiss cut stickers usually have a rectangular backing around its design that’s larger than the sticker which can also be printed on. This is a great alternative for back printing because:

  • Better visibility on your extra info which can be placed just right next to the sticker itself.
  • Back printing is limited to black and white while you can do full color with kiss cut and it’s not dependent on the sticker’s shape.
  • Still for a low cost.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Kiss Cut Cheap? – Yes
  • How long will I receive my order? – it will depend on the ordered number of stickers.
  • Does printing companies require a minimum order for sticker printing? – some may need you to order at least 1,000 pieces but there are also other printing companies that accept minimal orders.


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