What is the Best Paper Size for Your Flyers

What is the Best Paper Size for Your Flyers

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Deciding what size the paper you want for

your flyers will not only affect its impact to

people but this can also influence the amount

of money that you have to spend. Flyers

should not be that too small or too big instead

you just have to make sure that people can

read the contents and see the images clear

so that they can fully understand the

message that you wanted to tell them.


Different paper sizes can be used for various purposes such as the following:


A7 – This paper size is used for added promotions such as discounts on your products. It

is considered to be the smallest size so you have to make sure that the message is short

and direct to the point.
A6 – This size looks like a postcard. You can use it for handouts if ever that you wanted to

inform people about an event of your company.



A5 – If there are lots of messages that you wanted to include to your flyers then A5 can be

the right size. Though it is larger compared to other paper sizes, it can still fit in the




A4 – If you will use creative images for your flyers and you need enough space then you

have to use A4. Besides, you can reduce the size by folding it into two.


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