What is the Process of Foil Sticker Printing Singapore?


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The Process Explained


Foil stamping or hot foil printing can be processed in various ways. For small order sizes or individual applications, foil stamping is done manually through a hot foil stamping machine. For bulk orders, it will be done through pneumatic pressing machines. Commercial foil stamping is used to customize items such as journals and notebooks.


How it Works


The small quantity and huge orders will be handled through a similar process. The design will be etched on the metal die, heated, and will then be pressed on a layer of foil in the middle of the die and item or product through a foiling machine. The foil will bond due to the heated metal die onto the surface of the item or product.


Step by Step Process of Foil Sticker Printing Singapore


Step1: Design creation – use graphic design editing software to customize your corporate logo or design. It will be rendered before it will be sent and created into a die.


Step2: Stamp creation – next, it will be engraved into the metal die through a die-cutting machine.


Step3: Positioning of foil – the sheet of foil will be placed over the surface of the item or product, covering the area where you want the decoration to appear.


Step4: Heat the die – the die along with the etched custom design will be heated before it is pressed.


Step5: Pressing of the stamp – through the use of a foiling machine, the custom dies will be pressed on the foil that is placed on top of the item. The heat, as well as the pressure, will bond the foil on the surface of your item.


Step6: Completion – once the design has been applied, it will then be checked for quality before it is packaged and shipped.


Equipment and Supplies Needed


  • PC – a computer with editing software like Adobe InDesign.


  • Die-cutting machine – this will etch out the logo or design on the metal die. Hot foil stamping and die-cutting machines are usually combined in one huge machine.


  • Dies – it bonds the foil and on the surface of your customized item. It is called the “stamp” in the process of foil stamping. The more affordable dies are made from magnesium, which is not very durable if used continuously. The expensive and sturdier dies are made from brass and copper.


  • Foiling Machine – in customizing products, there are three kinds of foiling machines. The clamshell presses are manually operated and intended for smaller operations. The roll press and straight stamp press are automated and intended for commercial foil applications.


  • Foils – in custom foil stamping, various types of foils can create different looks. Here’s a list of them to give you an idea:


  • Pigment foils – the effect is matte or non-metallic glossy.


  • Metallic foils – it can achieve a gold, silver, and copper appearance.


  • Holographic foils – the effect is rainbow or holographic in the presence of light.


  • Pearl foils – the look is subtler and gives an almost transparent shine with no additional color.



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