What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead?

What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead? Helpful Info That You Can Use


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What Does A Letterhead Look Like?

What Needs to Be on A Letterhead?


Is your business or company still a fresh start in the industry? If yes, then you should know that every business should have their very own official company or business letterhead. Its purpose is more than just for your marketing needs. Let’s find out more and why.


It’s must-have printing collateral for a business. It’s more than just a way of communication, it physically represents your company too. It can tell a huge deal about the image of your brand. It is also an essential part of your business’ means of communication in the sales and marketing department. Letterheads that are well-designed also shows the credibility and professionalism of companies.


Importance of Business Letterhead in Singapore: 5 Vital Reasons 

Writing and sending letters is still a core part of business communication. As they say, first impressions last. Many are now designing and using letterheads for both personal and business use. A letterhead carries the name of your company, contact details, logo, and address.


So, what is the purpose of this printing collateral and why is it very important? Let’s find out the 5 vital reasons below:


  1. Encourages graphic curiosity – a letterhead’s main purpose is to send a message to your receiver. But the first thing you need to watch out is the elements that you put in your letterhead. You put something that encourages the recipient to read on and that stirs curiosity at the same time. Don’t put too many designs and unnecessary details that will only make the reader confused.
  2. It’s your company’s identification – your company has an identity and one way to let the people know who you are is through the use of a letterhead. With this, you make something that is recognizable. Once the people see your logo, they instantly know who you are. You create an identity that is easy to remember and avoid designs that are too complicated.
  3. To show your contact details – every letterhead indicates the contact details of a business. This includes the name of your business, address, contact numbers, email, website, and social media accounts if you have. The fonts should be just the right size that your readers can see them clearly – not too big or too small.
  4. A way of communication – letterhead was originally called a letter paper and has always been a way of written communication. The letterhead has become smaller and lighter as time passed. Corporate logos are a popular element included in the design that started in the mid-1900s.
  5. It proves that your company is real – it also shows your recipient that you are serious with your intention and that they can trust your business. It’s all about showing them your authentic identity and leaving a good impression to your target client.


Why Do You Need it For Your Company and Brand Identity?

Here are other reasons why you need a letterhead for your business and why it’s an absolute must-have:


  1. It helps in making a good first impression – the first thing that your receiver sees is the topmost part of your letter which is the letterhead. The elements that you combine and place in the document such as the text, font, and colors attract the receiver. It’s like a way of dressing up the company. If your company letterhead is dull and not interesting to the recipient, no matter how well-written it is, you’re surely going to lose your client’s curiosity. If you want a good impression, put effort into designing your letterhead that helps them focus their attention on your letter.
  2. It helps in making you look more professional – all types of written communication should be done using a good-quality paper with a letterhead that’s well-designed. The documents and information in a letterhead make them genuine and credible.
  3. It can reinforce the image of your business – letterheads can build up your business’ image by means of an effective message. Whether you’re using the letterhead in communicating your products or services or whatever purpose you have, a letterhead of good quality boosts your company’s image.
  4. An excellent part of your marketing strategy – it helps your readers remember you if your letterhead has a good design. In marketing strategy, a good graphic design has a huge impact. You can effectively communicate with your audience using the letterhead. To achieve the perfect design for your business, let a professional or expert graphics designer help you, especially in the color combination, and the use of the right elements. Your ideas plus the designer’s creativity will produce the right type of letterhead.


Design Rules in Printing to Achieve Marketing Success     

A letterhead is a crucial piece of marketing for your business, whether you send it via snail mail or electronically. There are simple and basic rules that you just have to remember to create a successful letterhead layout.


  1. Make sure that it looks professional – you don’t want a business that looks like a “joke” to others. The design of your letterhead should reflect a serious business to give it more integrity and clout. It should create an effect on the reader, they should take it seriously and they feel that the business cares.
  2. Don’t overdo it! Simplicity is key – the main point is for you to communicate to your prospect or customers effectively. With this, make sure the design is simple and not overpowering the written message that will distract them from reading your letter.
  3. Background’s opacity should not be too strong – if you want to put a background image on the whole page of your letterhead, make sure that’s it’s faded enough that any word you put on top of it can be read by your audience. Too dark background images can be very distracting.
  4. Basic Info of your business is a must – aside from the name of your business and logo, never forget to include the contact numbers, mailing address, fax number, email, website, social media accounts. You can add the company slogan or the board members’ names but the previous vital info should be your top priority and should be easy to find in your letterhead.
  5. Keep the balance – ¼ inch margin should be set aside around the outer edges of your letterhead not unless you’ll be using a bleed as part of your design. It will look unprofessional and unbalanced if you type too close to the edges. Your written message should be at the center of your letterhead with even and proper margins.
  6. Legible fonts should be used – use clear and simple fonts that are easy to read. Cursive fonts can be difficult to read.


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