What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2022?

What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2020?


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what is flyer distribution In Year 2022?

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The use of flyers is an awesome way to grab your potential customers’ attention in a very busy location effectively for a minimal cost.  But the question is, how can you make your flyer stand out and catch someone’s attention? Here are some tips from professional designers that you can take note:


Techniques to Make Your Flyer Standout


  1. Headline or Title – make sure that this part right here in your flyer should be snappy! Create something that’s memorable, provocative and unusual by using little powerful words and including some of these in your title: The secrets to, easy, finally, unlock, how to, free, discover, proven, etc.


  1. Product or service benefits – focus on sending the information about what your business can offer, and it should be precise, short and straight to the point. Avoid writing a long article in your flyer. You should be able to answer your potential client’s question: “What’s in it for me?” When you create this part, right from their perspective by using the “your” and “you” words and avoid I, our, we and us. You can add these enticing words: save, free, love, guarantee, new, results, etc. Don’t use long paragraphs, make use of bullet points by putting them in a text box.


  1. Graphics – use striking colors but not too overpowering. One large image is already good rather than using many small graphics all stuffed in your flyer. Put a stunning photo or illustration and it should show the focal point of your business offers; it should grab attention, supports the story that you created and sets the overall mood. There are cheap images online that you can buy. However, if you think you don’t have an eye for graphics, a professional designer can always help you out.


  1. Organize your elements – this includes the boxes, contrasting colors, borders and font size. You don’t actually have to fill your flyer with lots of text and graphics. Leave some white space so that some elements can stand out to make it readable.


  1. Testimonials – put a compelling and striking testimonial from a happy customer, demonstrating their emotions after experiencing the results of using your products or availing your services. Don’t forget to put the first and last name, company name and place of the individual giving the testimony or endorsement.


  1. Highlighting – titles and subtitles are in bold format and are highlighted at the same time. Refrain from using ALL CAPS letters since they are actually harder to read.


  1. Avoid complication – align terms to a grid and make it simple using two typefaces.


  1. Proofread! – ask someone else to proofread your output. Double check important info such as contact details, URLs, email address, etc., and check for typo errors.


  1. Limited-time offers – you can design a coupon at the bottom quarter part of the flyer. Don’t forget to state the deadline or the limited-time offer date.


  1. Tight budget? – you can try to use cheaper paper if you are doing it by yourself. It is still recommended to ask for help from printing companies to ensure a great and professional-looking


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