What Type of Printer for Vinyl Window Graphics? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips


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Are you looking for info on what type of printer you can use for Vinyl Window Graphics? Alibaba Printing’s sticker printing in Singapore tips will show you the details to help you answer your question.


There are different kinds of vinyl window graphics. There are parking permit stickers, small decals, and promotional wrappings, which can be awesome ways for you to promote your business.


Vinyl graphics were expensive to produce before because the decal printer machine was huge and expensive. In today’s technology, you have options that can work with your computer. It depends on what your intentions are when printing and how big you want to make it. You now have options when buying a printer for vinyl graphics or even possibly use the equipment you already have.


What You Need

The materials that you will buy should be compatible with your printing device, or you can buy a printer that is compatible with the materials that you prefer to use. Another thing is that you can choose the materials depending on the application method that you like to use for vinyl installation. A good example is a vinyl that you place inside of your windows must be resistant to fading from the heat of the sun, and the lightfast properties should be strong. If it’s a vinyl that will be used outdoors, it must be resistant to all types of weather.


Vinyl Types

The face film is one way for us to categorize the types of vinyl.

  • Calendared vinyl – it got its name from how it was made. Its outdoor durability can be 2 to 6 years.


  • Cast vinyl – you can use this on helmets, fender benders, etc. It is best for vehicle wraps. Printable cast vinyl also comes with great white point and egress release liners, making it perfect for high-resolution printing.


  • Specialty vinyl – it comes with useful applications and special features. It has different kinds including high tack vinyl, printable reflective vinyl, and perforated vinyl.


Types of Printers

There are many types of printers for vinyl, and the two most common are Large Format Inkjet and Desktop Inkjet.

  • Desktop Inkjet – this is perfect for small office projects or your business. Simply look for a printer that’s compatible with your computer. The cost will be minimal because it doesn’t need special ink for the printing job. You don’t need to wait long too for the print to dry since it’s just the same as the regular production from an inkjet. You need to let the printed vinyl set for one whole day for it to become fully water-resistant. You don’t need extra treatment or special fixatives for its substrates.


  • Large Format Inkjet Printer – this is perfect for professional sign making to produce a professional vinyl print. Most comes with LED lamps to cure the ink. Some large-format inkjet printers may come with white ink, which can help you build a foundational canvas to print graphics on a transparent stock. See to it that the substrate matches the type of ink that you have on your printer. Some links include UV, dye, and pigment.


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