Where Can I Distribute Flyers In Year 2022?

Where Can I Distribute Flyers In Year 2020?


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Flyer distribution is one of the best offline marketing strategies. It’s cheaper than other methods plus it gives you the positive results that you need for your business, helping you achieve your goal quickly.


Small and even big companies are still including this method as part of their marketing strategy for different reasons such as:


  • Product launching – flyers are used to inform the public about new products or services that a business has.
  • Events – it could be an opening of a new branch, a party event with special guests, an event for a cause, etc. This is a great way to inform the people to come and witness the event.
  • Promos – some companies provide discounts, coupons and other similar gimmicks to entice their target market to make a purchase decision, and this type of flyer is a big help. They are more likely to keep their flyers and use them immediately or later. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned flyer with attractive offers for the clients.
  • More effective than TV ads – according to an international news released, it mentioned that print advertising is twice as effective as TV ads for big retailers since it is very good in targeting specific audience.
  • Integration – this traditional method also works well with digital advertising.


In Singapore, flyer distribution can be done through the following services:

  • HBD door to door
  • Landed distribution
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Streets
  • Walkway
  • Car park cardrop
  • HBD letterbox
  • Condos


In Singapore, flyer distribution is legal but there are rules and laws that you need to know. There are certain areas that should be off-limits. You are allowed to pass out flyers in public places. If it’s a private property, you need permission to do so to avoid getting yourself in trouble. It might take some time to get the approval which is why you need to plan your flyer distribution first before making any move.


In your flyer, you also need to be careful with your content. Having political content in your flyer is not allowed, be mindful of what you advertise. You are not allowed near the top up stations as well. You can always check with the city hall or the upper management in malls and other establishments and institutions to know the Dos and Don’ts before you even begin your campaign.


Choosing a printing company


When choosing a firm to handle your flyer printing and distribution, remember the following:


  • The firm should be a well-established and experienced printing company providing this kind of service.
  • Has extensive networks of distribution.
  • Has a wide reach in flyer distribution.
  • Sends you the report each day before and after the campaign.
  • Professional and reliable service provider.
  • Experienced and well-trained distributors.
  • Budget-friendly packages but still maintains high-quality service.
  • They are quick and accurate in terms of delivery.


Flyer distribution works, and it’s one of the most direct outreaches in traditional marketing where your distributors can directly interact with your audience for any questions and other inquiries regarding your product and service offerings.



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