Where Can I Post Flyers Legally?

There are many methods of advertising and you, as a marketer, have unlimited means in showcasing a brand or product or just spreading the word about your event or just about anything. While marketing typically base on the level of creativity of the marketing people, most of the time, it depends on the budget per se. That is why flyer posting is considered as one of the most inexpensive and efficient methods of advertisement, with the goal of turning a lot of heads and gaining attention. 

Moreover, while flyer advertisement is cheap, it is easier to execute as well, at least when compared with other methods of advertisement. It is not rocket science and won’t require a lot for you in terms of labor. The only question most of us ask is, “Where can I post flyers legally?”

In Singapore, there aren’t many hindrances when it comes to flyer distribution and posting. You can distribute at places like parks, malls, colleges, and even send them door to door through SingPost. Flyer distribution is very popular here and some housing developments even provide a box where you can drop flyers to collect. 

Flyer distribution is generally LEGAL in Singapore. Nevertheless, it depends on where you are distributing them as well as what the content of the flyers are. Generally, you are allowed to distribute flyers legal as long as the flyers do not break any law or are not about anything illegal, are not political in nature, or are not used for solicitation.  Moreover, if you distribute flyers in a public place without causing any damage or obstruction, you are doing it legally and therefore may continue with your marketing.

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