Where to Give out Flyers?


Where to Give out Flyers?


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Giving flyers is a great way to inform people about your business. This is especially

beneficial for small and medium companies that need more customers.  But then, where

would be a good place to give out flyers? Here are a few ideal places one can use to give

out flyers.



First up is in malls or places where people gather. The idea here is, the more people, the

better. More people mean more flyers can be given and that translates to more probable

customers in the long run. So get busy in busy areas.



Places like empty chairs and tables and even subway seats. As crazy as it sounds, when

you leave flyers in these vacant locations, the tendency is when someone does occupy

the seat, the first thing they see is advertising. Even if they just take a glance, then you

have them. They get to know that your company exists. That in itself is a huge boost to

the business.



Another ideal location is a payphone.  A well placed flyer can attract as many people as

possible, Each one spends a few minutes on the phone and gets to notice the flyer, that

person can become a potential customer. And as an added bonus, people walking by can

also see the flyer.






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