Which is Better for T-Shirt Printing Singapore? Heat Transfer or Screen Printing?


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The use of promotional apparel with custom designs is a popular category of marketing tools. There are two ways to print your artwork or business logo on the shirts: Screen printing and Heat Transfer printing. Although both can print an image on shirts, they are different, and one method might work for you over the other.


Customer preference is the key since both T-shirt printing Singapore methods have advantages and disadvantages.


Heat Transfer Printing

In the last 20 years, heat transfer has become a popular innovation when it comes to transferring images on fabrics. It utilizes combined heat and pressure when printing images on shirts as well as other items. The types of heat transfer techniques are (1) digital and (2) vinyl print. The two need a heat press machine.


How Vinyl Heat Printing Works


This process utilizes a machine to cut each letter and design from color vinyl pieces. The full image will then be patched together on the item and then heat pressed. It is good for printing slogans, sportswear jerseys, multi-colored or small graphics.


How Digital Heat Printing Works


This process works like a home printer. The design of a full image is created using a PC and then digitally printed on paper through a special kind of ink solvent. As soon as the paper is pressed on the item or shirt, the ink will stick to it. Then, the graphics are transferred to it. Printing on garments through this technique results in high-resolution images. It is the best option for complicated and full-color designs.


Heat Transfer PROS and CONS




  • Images with multiple colors and complicated designs are easier to print.
  • It is cost-efficient for small or minimal orders.
  • The images produced are of high-quality.
  • Costs are minimal because of the affordable setup.
  • Clean and ecologically friendly.
  • You can easily customize your shirt.




  • Not recommended for dark garments or shirts.
  • The printed results feel stiffer on the fabric.
  • The designs do not last longer compared to screen-printed tees.
  • The colors are not as bright as shirts using the screen printing method.


Screen Printing


In creating the stencil for the design, the screen is cut. The ink is spread over the screen using a squeegee, which will pass through the stencil onto the shirt or item. For every screen, one color is used. Designs with various colors need multiple screens, which would take a lot of time to finish compared to heat press printing.




  • It is cost-efficient for bulk orders.
  • The printed design has a softer feel.
  • Its print lasts longer, and it is more durable too.
  • You can choose vibrant colors even if you use dark fabrics.




  • Messy process and time-consuming.
  • Limited to creating simple designs and few colors.
  • Not good for photoduplication.
  • Set up is expensive, needs bulk orders. Not good for minimum orders.
  • Uses more equipment and chemicals than heat transfer methods.


Which Is Printing Method is Best?


Consider the following questions:


  • Is your design simple or complicated?

Answer: YES – Choose heat transfer.


  • Does it contain 3 or more colors?

Answer: YES – Choose heat transfer.


  • What is the color of the fabric you will use?

Answer: Light – Choose heat transfer.

Answer: Dark – Choose screen printing.


  • How many shirts will you order?

Answer: Less than 500 – Choose heat transfer.

Answer: More than 500 – Choose Screen Printing


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