Which Method is Better for Cotton T Shirt Printing? Vinyl or Screen Printing?


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Are you confused about whether to go vinyl shirt printing or screen printing? Which one is perfect for your custom design? These are basic questions that a lot of people would ask when creating an outfit for a team, employees, business, or organization. Both have various benefits, but screen printing has been favored by many designers and printing companies.


How Vinyl Shirt Printing Works


It is a method known as vinyl heat transfer, wherein it uses a machine to cut out letters and designs. These letters and designs are made of colored vinyl pieces. The heat press is then used to transfer every piece of vinyl to a material.


What about Screen Printing?


It is also known as silk screening, and it utilizes stencils (screens) in recreating your design on the material. Every color of the design must have its stencil for accuracy. The ink passes through the stencil in parts that you like, making it easier to reconstruct the design.


Which is best for Cotton T Shirt Printing?


There are four factors that you need to look at when comparing vinyl shirt printing and screen printing: Color, details, quantity, and fading.


  1. Color – If you want a vibrant color, screen printing is preferable because it will let your choose from a wider range of colors wherein every single one can be blended to achieve gradient designs to make sure that they won’t appear messy.
  2. Details – you cannot go wrong with screen printing for this one. The minute details can even be seen on a screen-printed material or item. It is also the same for complicated design features since the method includes making distinct screens for every color. Vinyl shirt printing, on the other hand, will let you do some detailing but most of them will be lost.
  3. Quantity – vinyl printing method is more on a small run, about 1 to 12 items since it will take lesser time in setting it up. Screen printing, on the other hand, is great for bulk orders, about 12 or more, since you do not need to make alterations on the setup from one shirt to another. The truth is, the time it will take in running bulk orders for screen printing is the same as running small vinyl prints.
  4. Fading – both methods are effective, but screen printing has proven to last longer. Vinyl printed designs will last for a few years before it starts to fade. Screen printed shirts will last the entire lifetime of a t-shirt, and it is more proficient against wear, tear, and washing.


It can be hard for you to choose between vinyl and screen printing for shirts. You can always ask the help of professional printing companies to guide you and make an informed decision. You can also ask for awesome package printing deals, and other options that you can choose from that will surely fit your budget.




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