Who is Responsible in the Flyer Distribution Campaign?


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Do you want to know who is responsible for the success of every flyer distribution campaign? Alibaba Printing will help you understand who a flyer distributor is, so read on to know the full details.


Flyer Distributor

A flyer distributor is someone who we see that gives out flyers to promote establishments, venues, or events. The job is known as “flyering” in the profession.


It is also someone who is employed by a marketing agency or event promotion company to market an establishment or event by distributing flyers to people in public places. They can also be assigned to post flyers in front doors, hand them out to stations, outside a building or institution, and to places with ‘hotspot’ clients. It also depends on the location of a country since rules and regulations may vary from one place to another.


How do they work?

Flyer distributors usually work on almost all types of weather, and they place themselves strategically for maximum exposure. They mostly work in teams, and they cover areas for effective and efficient promotion. They may have to walk a lot, especially if it’s a door-to-door method of flyering. They usually do it daytime while others at night since it would depend on the type of market that they want to target.


The flyer distributors are the face of events and companies, which is why they need to be enthusiastic and polite all the time and must know the details of what they are trying to market. As the public face of the company/event, they need to answer the questions from individuals about what they are handing out.


What are their responsibilities?

They are considered as the main marketing people for promotions, establishments, and occasions. They are facing the public directly and are responsible for giving the community the information or details about the brand or event. The typical responsibility during the hours of flyering is as follows:


  • Giving of flyers to the public in strategic places with the necessary permits.
  • Distributing the flyers door-to-door.
  • They are knowledgeable of the details that they are handing out, and they can answer any queries from people.
  • They should be enthusiastic about the establishment or event that they are promoting.
  • They should cover as many houses and possible and achieve the number of flyers released per day to reach and penetrate the market.


What are their qualifications?

  • There are no formal qualifications in terms of academics to become a flyer distributor.


What are their skills?

This kind of word is more in the public relations domain and needs people and interpersonal skills to survive the shift. They must be the following:

  • Polite and enthusiastic.
  • Can handle confrontation and diffuse possible challenging situations calmly.
  • Can speak fluently in their respective dialect or language.
  • Can remember crucial details about what they are promoting and can answer any questions articulately.
  • Ready to work in all kinds of weather.
  • Has the perseverance even in rejections and setbacks.
  • Assertive and confident.
  • Physically fit to do long walks for door-to-door distribution.




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