Why A Lanyard Is Called A Lanyard? A Meaningful History

Lanyards are indeed popular because of their purpose and how it can help a lot of people in its simple form. Have you ever thought about its origin and why it is called a lanyard? Let’s answer that curiosity and get to know more about this awesome product.


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The lanyard is more than just a usual cord holding your ID or small items. Although it is the most common use or purpose, you’d be amazed to know that it has existed for centuries! The history behind it is meaningful and colorful.

In the Beginning…
In the 15th century, the first use of Lanyard came from French soldiers as well as privateers. Using it helps them keep their weapons close at reach or hand during combat and/or climbing ships’ rigging.

Lanyard originated from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’ in English. Originally, the lanyards looked simple and were just made from a rope or cord that were found on a ship, simply tied around their weapons or whistles. In World War II, some soldiers still use lanyards that were attached to their uniforms but with more detailed attachments designed to carry objects for both civilian and military life.

Over time, the popularity of lanyards continues to flourish, specifically in the 20th century, their functional purpose was still retained while becoming more ornamental at the same time.

In the 1950s Lanyard weaving has become a famous craft to teach French and American kids during this time. Children were taught how to make complex knots such as the box knot, Chinese knot, butterfly, and triangle knots. Aside from that, it has seen to help develop manual dexterity. The UK also is seeing a resurgence of ‘scoubidou’, which is a French craft, basically has the same process of how lanyards were created during the mid-20th century.

When it comes to their decorative purpose, you can usually see military officers who have colored braid on their shoulder, which is actually a special kind of lanyard being used to denote their award or rank, a kind of braid and which side it is worn. Such lanyards can be intricate, it can be made with highly stylish knots.

Today, lanyards have become part of businesses too, a very important marketing tool in helping promote their brand, products, or services. This is a good development in lanyards, another purpose that many companies are taking advantage of. A great way to advertise in a more attractive yet cheaper way, helping a business become popular through people wearing their brand name wherever they go.

Now Part of a Cultural Icon
When you go to corporate events, festivals, or concerts, you’ll notice a lot of printed lanyards, and you could be wearing one too. Now you know that it has a rich tradition and history that stretches back many years.

It has become a functional piece of art that has already made an impact in shaping civilization.

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