Why Consider AIDA When Creating Flyers

Why Consider AIDA When Creating Flyers

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AIDA is a sales strategy that stands

for attention, interest, desire, and

action. This strategy might be easy to

understand however, mastering it will

take time. If you can successfully

become good in AIDA, then you can

have a greater chance of acquiring the best results from your flyers. So how can you

apply AIDA to your flyers?



The first A in AIDA which is Attention represents the headline of your flyers. You have to

make the headline catchy so you can easily get the attention of the readers. Make sure

that you will provide them a kind of offer that is hard to resist.



The next letter which is “I” stands for interest. In order to acquire the interest of people with

your flyers, you have to use photos and added details about your offer. For the next part

which is “Desire”, you have to make the readers feel that they should have the products

that you are offering them. Once you have established a truly emotional desire to your

readers, it would be easy for you to convince them buying your products. For the last part

which is “Action”, you have to provide information on how the readers can reach you. You

have to include your address, contact numbers, or email.


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