Why Flyer Distribution at Kallang is an Effective Marketing Solution for This Company

Alibaba Printing has come up with an effective marketing solution for Insider Deals, a company that offers corporate health pack that introduces “greater health in long term”. Through our flyer distribution at Kallang, they were able to promote their “Try Before You Buy” packs. But why is flyer distribution still considered as an effective marketing approach?

One of the flyers we distributed at Kallang

One of the flyers we distributed at Kallang

Top Reasons Why Flyer Distribution is Effective

Low Advertising Expense. Compared with other advertising means, promoting with flyers does not require a big budget.

Fast Lead Generation. When done in the right place and at the right time, flyer distribution can be the most efficient way to generate leads.

Immediate Turnaround or Reply. When a flyer distribution is successful, you may get almost instant reply. You do not need to “wait and see” for a long time. The important thing is you have to reach your target audience.
It Allows You To Be Creative. Flyer advertising has very few limitations. You can freely create any idea through your flyer layout.

It is Old-School, Therefore It Is Cool. Old school ways are never boring, and they are in fact quite appealing. Flyers have more tendency to be read compared to emails.

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