Why the Delivery Address Won’t Print During Envelope Printing?


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Are you looking for helpful information and answers on why you can’t printing the delivery address during envelope printing? If you are, Alibaba Printing will help in giving you the best answer to this printing challenge you are currently facing.


You have a business letter, including both the delivery address and return address. When you show the Envelope & Labels dialog box to print on an envelope, Microsoft Word picks up the two addresses and puts them in the correct places of the dialog box. However, when you try to print, the delivery address is missing, and now you are wondering what’s wrong.


It’s not easy to track down problems in envelope printing, it’s challenging. The first step that you need to take note of is not to print directly on the envelopes to your printer. As a substitute, add the envelope to the document. The idea here is to see what Word will add to the file or document, for you to simply see if it looks correct. (Adding the envelope to the file or document is only a troubleshooting step. Once you solve the problem, you can print again to the printer directly.)


After you have added the envelope to the document, check if it still shows you the same problem. Is the delivery address still missing? It might be moved to a place that is not printable to the printer, maybe it could be there, and the font could be in white or different color wherein the printer cannot print it. Check the details in the document (in the added envelope), you might be able to figure out the problem.


Now, see to it that the printer matches the printer driver. When you print envelopes, Word should be concerned about where the envelope is placed in the feed tray and its orientation. If Word does not guess it correctly, then the envelope may not be able to print properly. Making sure that the printer driver on your computer’s system matches the model and make of the printer you are using, then you have a higher chance that Word will print properly.


Lastly, you have to check the styles that are being used by Word in making the envelope. Styles control how the envelope appears after printing. You can check the styles that Word is using by reviewing what Word adds to the file or document whenever you try to add the envelope. The problem here is the delivery address, check the style that is used for this particular address first. (It could be the Envelope Address style. See to it that the font color is black, and the frame of the style is printable.)


These are just simple tips that you can take, note especially if you are printing an envelope on your own. But if you need to print in bulk and you want to avoid this time-consuming problem, you can always call Alibaba Printing to help you print envelopes quickly at affordable prices.




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