Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


Are you trying to find the best envelope there is for your personal, business, or other purposes? If yes, then you need to learn at least the very basics about envelope printing and buying.

The selection process can be daunting and confusing, and you always thought that you just easily select one and get it done. There are many styles, varieties, planning for design, combination, and a lot of ideas to talk about when it comes to choosing the right one.

The first dilemma is you don’t know where to begin. Most decision making is being caught up on the paperweight, color, size, windows, adhesive, designing it, and more! This guide plus help from a professional printing company can clear some confusion.


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The Guide


Here are some key points that you need to take note:
1. Business Envelopes
It comes in many styles depending on the function or purpose. You can choose to have a small window on the envelope to show the receiver’s details, such as the name and address. There’s also the full-face type, which shows the full i-vital info. Another is the security kind, concealing account numbers, and other crucial data. The shape may come in square or rounded flaps, and each one has a different look. #10 is the most common business envelope, and the design can hold a sheet of paper that’s folded to three panes. Although it’s the most common, there are also many other sizes, styles as well as designs.


2. Different Yet Unique Shapes


A lot of brands are choosing square-shaped envelopes lately. It is common in galas, invitations, and other special events in the industries. Now, you can choose from a wide array of colors, with added features, and flap styles. It conveys a feeling of personal invitation for the receivers, which businesses use now for special or limited offers.


3. Specialty


Since it’s so unique, it can be hard to buy them in retail stores. People may receive a financial document, a historical document, or a packing slip placed in an oddly shaped envelope. It includes super-strong materials such as cardboard, Tyvek, etc. Professional printing companies can help you out; you only need to describe the kind of document and envelope style that you want to achieve.


4. Small


You can see tiny envelopes, and it’s a type of specialty envelope. It is commonly known as the #17 mini envelope, ideal for gift cards or paired with gifts. There is also the #1 tiny envelope or “coin envelope,” which is a popular choice for keys, business cards, and other small items.


5. Special Event Invitations


The A7 is the most common kind of envelope, with hundreds of styles and colors. It is common in anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc.


6. Printed Images and Messages


Professionally made or custom made envelopes have images, words visible outside of it. It is common for brands who want to use it as a method for advertising. It needs planning to get the right placement of details and color combinations, which is very crucial in marketing.

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