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Urgent Customised Corporate Folder Printing Service Singapore


Get High Quality Folder Printing Singapore Only Here at Alibaba Printing

Corporate folder with folder printing Singapore Company Alibaba Printing are widely used in the world of business, allowing the companies to organize documents and even offer presentations and at the same time give a strong, professional impression to the clients. Corporate presentation folders can help keep the business organized and presentable, regardless if it is for the human resource department, sales department, or any business department.

We provide flyer distribution service too.

The Many Uses of Corporate Folder Printing

Customised file Corporate Folder Singapore can be used to hold and organise contracts, documents, policies, or the business’ standard operation procedure documents. Corporate Folder is also used to organise sales agreement, brochures, sales invoice, and other presentation for future and present clients alike. Customised folder Singapore are also used to keep marketing collaterals like presentation CDs, flyers and business cards, as well as organise other documentations. Moreover, customize file folder Singapore are utilised mainly because they create the image of your business, creating the impression that you are an “industry expert”. Most clients often feel that the business they are dealing with is more trustworthy, more professional and better than the others when you use marketing collaterals like the paper folder Singapore.

Did you know that there are ways to make your business look bigger than it actually is? Whatever the type of business you have, there will always be the struggle with gaining reputation and creating your own name. You may have all the knowledge, skills, and the most dedicated workers, but still, there will be people that’ll question the capabilities of your business.

Convincing potential clients that your business is equally good or even better than any established competitor needs a time-tested business strategy. Even if it is a small, home-based business, the key to success is to project a professional image. So how can you do that?

One of the best ways to project a “big time” image is to have a business address. Even if you have to pay for a business address, having one that can receive your mails other than your home address is much better and more professional-looking. Experts also suggest to always dress and look the part. When meeting clients, make sure that you come in business attire or smart casuals. You may be working at a small home office or a small corner shop and wearing jeans and shirts, but it is ideal that you create a good first impression to potential clients. Another tip is to have business cards and marketing materials printed by a good printing company. You may also want to consider presentation folder printing to make sure you present your proposals in an impressive manner. So, it is best to know where to get high-quality urgent paper folder printing Singapore.


What is are Corporate Presentation Folders?

A presentation folder is a type of folder that holds, organises and protects documents. It is usually made with a thin, stiff, but heavy paper stock or material that is folded in half. Presentation folders have pockets that secure the documents in place. These Corporate Folder can either be plain or printed. Printed customised folder Singapore are typically used as a marketing aid or business presentation tool.

Folders used for presentation folder printing may come in various styles. Most presentation customized file folders Singapore are produced by a company or business as a tool for marketing a service or product, but of course, these folders can also be used to serve other functions. For example, the company is introducing a new product to clients. They can show potential customers the benefits of the said product by giving them the supporting documents compiled in a presentation folder. There are several types of folders used for paper folder printing service Singapore:


  • 9” x 12” standard two-pocket folder
  • Tri-panel or tri-fold folder
  • Capacity folder (with expandable 1/4” spine)
  • Tabbed folder (ideal for use in filing cabinets or hanging files)
  • Mini folders



We Offer Custom Made Folders and Paper Folder Printing Singapore

Are you looking for a company that can offer you high quality custom made folders and paper folder printing Singapore? Alibaba Printing can supply you with what you need. We offer a wide array of printing services – from flyers printing, booklet printing, t-shirt printing, company folder printing to customised paper folder printing service Singapore. Name it and chances are, we’ve got it! We promise high quality urgent paper folder Singapore printing service for all your printing needs.

We offer a large selection of business presentation folders that you can use for your customised paper folder printing Singapore. Are you a large or small company? It really doesn’t matter because we will all serve you equally. With Alibaba Printing, you can expect high-quality, low-priced, urgent company folder printing and paper folder printing service Singapore.


In-house Layout Design and Corporate File Folder Printing

Alibaba Printing has an in-house layout design team that guarantees outstanding design for your custom company folders. If urgent paper folder printing Singapore is what you need, we can help you meet your deadline. You will have your folder corporate in no time, but we make sure the rush does not compromise the quality of our prints. If you have your own layout design, we can still print your corporate file folder. Just send us your desire layout and we’ll have them materialized using our high-quality folders and inks. You may also order urgent paper folder Singapore.


We Offer Custom Company Folders Printing with the Best Price

Even though we maintain a hardworking team to create your prints, it doesn’t mean that we will charge you more. We offer folder printing Singapore with surprisingly competitive rates. We use minimal outsourcing to ensure customers get the most attractive prices for paper folder printing Singapore. You may always message us via our Facebook page or call us to know about our low rates for customised paper folder printing service Singapore.


Urgent Paper Folder Printing Service Singapore

Need your company folders printed in a rush? Don’t worry. Tell us when you’ll need them and we can help you with rushed printing. Still, you can expect high quality prints regardless of how fast you want to receive the folders. Urgent printing is one of our most popular offers. We will make sure to give you the most urgent customised paper folder printing Singapore.


Low Minimum Order Printing Information

While we may ask for a minimum number of orders, we maintain the requirements low. We want to help even small business who cannot meet large “minimum” orders required by other printing companies. With Alibaba Printing, you will never have to worry that you need to order thousands just to avail of our folder printing Singapore services. We offer low minimum orders even for urgent customised paper folder printing Singapore.


Alibaba Printing for Your Corporate Folders, Folder Design and Other Printing Needs of Your Business

Visit Alibaba Printing now and ask us about our urgent customised paper folder printing Singapore. We have attractive packages that will surely help start your professional business marketing that will help make your brand look more professional. We also offer other printing services and printed products such as flyers, business cards, booklets, pamphlets, and more. Alibaba Printing is located at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 Singapore. You may call us through our telephone number 9146 1431 or fax us at 6250 5122. For a quick quote, you may also email us at

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