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Custom Drawstring Bags: One Size Fits Many!


custom drawstring bags


custom printed drawstring bag

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custom logo drawstring bags


custom drawstring shoe bags

The use of drawstring bags has become popular these days. These “cinch sacks,” as what others would call them, are easy to access, lightweight, and a preferable option to carry personal belongings. And not just that, it’s great for giveaways in events, especially in trade shows and corporate occasions.

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The most commonly used material in making custom drawstring bags is nylon since it is very durable, which makes it perfect for heavy loads. It is also quick-drying and mildew-resistant, making it great for outdoor use. However, the nylon material can deteriorate due to too much exposure to sunlight.

You can also choose polyester, but it’s not as durable as the nylon, but it is sturdy. It can hold up well with sunlight, and it’s mildew-resistant too.

Polypropylene is a preferable choice since it is inexpensive but not as durable as the other options previously mentioned. If the purpose is for promotional giveaways, it can do a good job.

Cotton Canvas is a popular option for environmentally-conscious people, and it’s also durable. The downside of this material is that it’s more expensive than the others.

The usual size is 14″x18″ (width and height). A bigger backpack would typically be around 17″x20″, which makes it perfect for carrying larger books and other stuff. There are mini drawstrings that you can buy, but make sure that it’s the right size for your promotional needs.

Personalized Drawstring Bags & Custom Backpack: Choose Your Favorite Custom Ink Printing for Your Customized Drawstring Bag for Promotional and Corporate Events

A drawstring bag is a kind of backpack. A standard drawstring backpack is rectangular that has an opening on its top. It can have other features included custom drawstring bags such as the following:
• Zippered pockets
• Internal compartments
• Mesh pockets
• Waterproofing
• Sequin decorative elements
• Earbud port

Why are the drawstring bags considered as perfect giveaways?
We all want that “coolness” factor, the usefulness, or both. Giveaways during special events is an opportunity to make a memorable impression, gives you marketing opportunities that you don’t want to miss.
1. You can have it personalized according to your liking, helping you create a powerful statement for your brand. It has enough space to put whatever details you want in it. You can make it simple or super cool!
2. It is the most wearable marketing since it is known as a valuable item by your receiver that will make them remember your brand and talk about it all the time. You just need to print the logo, hashtag, motto, or message.
3. It is unisex since you can customize the bag using vivid colors to please many. This kind of bag has become favorites as giveaways in contests, corporate events, as well as in conferences.
4. It is age-independent. It is a fact that a lot of event organizers fear that their participants might not appreciate the giveaways they prepared. The young and adult market has different tastes, but with a rugged and stylish drawstring backpack using a heavy vinyl backing can solve this problem. Since the bags are helpful, it won’t matter whether you give the item to an adult or younger generation, to seasoned medical experts, or even to a young creative advertisement conference. The bags are durable, useful, fun to wear, and practical.
5. The bag is appealing to environment-conscious people too. Many individuals today are mindful and highly aware of the issues in the environment.
6. The drawstring bags are multifunctional, and it’s handy to the receiver or event participant too.
7. Compared to tote bags, a drawstring bag gives you more brand visibility, making marketing easy and fun.
8. It can also carry other giveaways. In big conferences, other participating companies will also prepare their giveaways. You can take advantage of the situation by giving the spacious bag to the event participant, helping them carry other stuff.
9. The more you order in bulk, the more affordable it becomes. Budgeting plays an important role, which is why you need to make sure you order in bulk volume!

Reasons Why You Should Order One Size Custom or Personalized Drawstring Bags

It is best to order custom made drawstring bags than buying generic ones sold in the store due to the following reasons:
• Custom made drawstring bags are made 100% unique for your brand.
• You can have the company’s logo, slogan, or message added unto it.
• You can choose the exact colors that you want to match your marketing goals.
• For more convenience, you can add zips and pockets features.
• You can customize it according to the style that you prefer.
• It can become a treasured possession to the receiver.

How Much is a Customized Drawstring Bag? Minimum Quantity, Printing Prices, and Other Custom Details

The price range would depend on some factors:
• Branding
• Are you going to order in small or large volumes? Wholesale can usually get a discount.
• What kind of material do you want
• to use for the bag?
• Any additional features you want to include.
• The number of places where you want your custom message or logo placed.
• Budget – there’s always a perfect option for you that would depend on your budget.

Why are Custom or Personalized Drawstring Bags Special? A Backpack Perfect for Promotional Gifts or Purposes

What’s the fuss about having this type of bag? One fact is that it’s a kind that never goes out of fashion, and below are the things that are making it worth buying.

• It’s CHEAP – it’s generally a low-cost kind of bag. Whether it is personalized or not, the price is affordable most of the time if compared to having the traditional backpack.
• It’s PORTABLE – drawstrings are very portable. When it’s empty, you can easily fold it and hide it away. It is helpful for those who want to travel light without having to think about excessive luggage.
• CUSTOMIZATION – it is the most customizable bag you can ever find out there. You might have noticed a lot of brand names and logos that provide this kind of backpack for sale or giveaways. For a small fee, you can have your name crested on it too.
• It’s ACCESSIBLE – you can drop the things you want in it conveniently because of its single compartment. You just need to pull on the strings, open it up, and you can easily find the things you have.

Using the Drawstring Bag
It is one of the convenient bags to use, but the main thing is to identify the reason or purpose of having one. It’s the same but not for the customization.

It comes with strings so that you can adjust the opening and closing of the main part of the bag. The strings are also used as a handle to hang around the back. Three steps to take note:

Step 1: Adjust the string by loosening it when you’re trying to open the bag so that you can put your items.

Step 2: Once all of the stuff is in, just pull the string to close the main opening compartment.

Step 3: Wear the bag in backpack mode and step out there in style.

Things to Consider When Buying a Customized Drawstring Bag

You don’t just buy a drawstring bag just because you want to or like it. Remember, it comes in different thicknesses, colors, and sizes. The diverse options for you are giving you the luxury of choice. Another thing you need to remember is the purpose if you are using it as part of your promotional strategy for the business. Here are the factors that you need to keep in mind:
• Size – this is a crucial thing that needs consideration. One size fits all does not exist, but there is what we say one size can fit many. What you need to think about is the actual size of the thing you want to carry with you. The height of the bag itself is another thing to consider.
• Material – drawstring backpacks are made of different types of fabrics, each having various beneficial features. But the most common material was mentioned earlier, which is the nylon. So, whatever kind of material you want to use for your custom bag, make sure it can serve its purpose.
• Brand – it’s always good to buy the ones that come from a reputable company with many years of producing quality drawstring bags. You will be sure that you will get what you ordered without doubts and fears.

Uses of Custom or Personalized Drawstring Bags

The use of this kind of bag is relevant in various occasions. Many people se it in the following instances:
• Travel – you don’t need to travel with an oversized bag. With the use of drawstring bags, you can go simply and lightly. It can help you get through the day with no reluctance.
• Gym – due to its light and comfortable characteristics, gym-goers love using this type of bag where they can easily place and carry their essentials like phone, dry shoes, bottled water, wallet, etc.
• Souvenirs – we have previously mentioned a lot of times here that it is commonly used nowadays in the promotion and marketing world as part of their giveaways during conferences and other corporate events. Plus, it can be customized for birthdays too! How cool is that? All you need to do is to order it in wholesale, have your message or logo printed on it and voila! You and your receiver will be excited with the perfect souvenir for the occasion.
• Military – men in the military are already using them since this kind of bag is handy and light when they move out. The common materials here are the canvas and burlap.
• Kids’ clothes – moms are now fond of the bag to keep clean or used clothes in.
• Campus events – school clubs that need publicity or having any special kind of events are now using custom drawstring bags wherein all members are carrying along with, looking cool, and stylish at the same time.
• Toy bag – too many lego and puzzles around the kids’ room? Organize toys by putting them in separate drawstring bags to keep the place clean and the toys accessible.
• Lunch bags – due to its easiness to carry around and in keeping things, many are using it to put their lunch boxes and other essentials when heading out for school or work.

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