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Sticker and Paper Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore: Custom Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves and Other Helpful Info


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Alibaba Printing Coffee sleeves or coffee cup sleeve printing Singapore are one of the best business addition to a café and other related businesses that need it. Why? Because it provides exposure in the long term an even gives the café a unique style and identity that everyone will remember.

Coffee sleeves have different terms including coffee clutches, hot cup jackets, coffee cozies, coffee collars, paper zarfs, and cup holders. The sleeves are roughly cylindrical that fit over a handle-less paper cup to protect the hands of the holder from hot chocolate or coffee.
It is usually made of a textured paperboard and is commonly used by fast-food restaurants, coffee houses, and other vendors for advertisement purposes and to avoid double-cupping.

Paper or Plastic Full Color Custom Coffee Sleeves


Coffee sleeves are not just made of paperboard, you can also have a plastic coffee sleeve customized since it can be made from kraft, foam, or plastic. This is a great solution for customers to enjoy their hot chocolate or cup of coffee while keeping their fingers protected at the same time. It keeps the hands cool while a person is holding a hot beverage.

Choosing between paper and plastic depends on the budget and needs of the business. You can have the coffee sleeves printed customized in full color and according to the design of what the company needs. You can even print the message on it in full blast colors or a minimalist approach. You can also choose metallic or neon colors.

Full Color Coffee Sleeves

Using full-color coffee sleeves is a great marketing opportunity since you can consider this as your tiny billboards and your customers can take them while walking or wherever they go while holding the cup with sleeves.

Once you create a superior full-color design, it gives your business more exposure and visible branding opportunity.

Branded Coffee Cup Sleeves

Printing coffee cup sleeves for your brand is one of the best ways to be competitive in the industry because smart branding strategies are very important in the success of every business.


Custom Hot Cup Sleeves

There are different types of custom hot cup sleeves that you need to know.
1. Kraft Corrugated Coffee Sleeves – Kraft is usually used in packaging because it’s flexible and durable at the same time. It is also coated with other materials for more water vapor resistance and better

printing quality, making it a good option in cup sleeve printing Singapore.

2. Kraft and White Embossed Coffee Sleeves – embossing can also be done and achieved in Kraft paper. It alters the paper surface by giving a three dimensional raised effect.

3. White Corrugated Coffee Sleeves – it is made from white Kraft paper about 85% of post-consumer paperboard. It is a double-wall, corrugated interior with an even exterior finish. It is recyclable, economical, and biodegradable with a cleaner appearance than the normal Kraft paper.

4. Kraft & White Dimpled Coffee Sleeves – it is highly embossed and originally made as a substitute to bubble packaging. It is recyclable, lightweight, biodegradable, and cost-effective.

Awesome Marketing Advantages

• Payless for more brand exposure.
• Perfect for businesses related to cafes, restaurants, etc.
• Good marketing tool during trade shows and other marketing events.
• Good for product launchings or introducing of services and gift cards.
• Scratch and win game promotions.
• Not just for restaurants and cafes but you can partner with other organizations or institutions in promoting your brand through sponsoring paper cups and cup sleeves in hospitals, schools, private companies, etc.

Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves for Paper Cup

The use of disposable cups has become a necessity today in different industries and organizations including hotels, cafes, schools, catering, and manufacturing services.
The use of printed cup coffee cup sleeves for paper cups is affordable and easy to dispose of. It makes it more convenient compared to using other kinds of cups. Paper cups can come in different colors, styles, materials, and sizes. It all depends on what the business is all about and their respective needs. As long as if fits the marketing agenda, the printed cup sleeves can greatly help in the business’ success especially if it’s done right.

To Put On or Not?

Not all are a fan of using cup sleeves. This is perfect for businesses providing hot drinks to customers without burning their hands. Plus, having the sleeves prevent you from wasting an extra cup as a cushion from protecting one’s hand from a hot drink.

Things to Consider

• Is it right for your business? If you don’t provide a hot drink in your business, you can partner with other businesses to have your brand imprinted on cup sleeves.
• Is it aligned with your marketing agenda?
• Do you have the budget? What is your promotion about?
• Design
• Color – go full color or not?
• Use the right message. Check for typo errors.

Custom Printed Coffee Cup Sleeves in Singapore Made in Paper or Sticker Quotation

The price quotation will depend on several factors such as the following:
• Size
• Kind of material
• The number of pieces to be printed or produced.
• Full color or not.

Custom Cup Sleeve Printing

When choosing a company for your custom cup sleeve printing, make sure to inquire first about the different materials offered and options that you can choose for your marketing and promotion plans. Excellent and well-experienced companies like Alibaba Printing can be able to guide you step by step to ensure that you meet your marketing goals.