Are Flyers the Same with Brochures? Flyer Distribution FAQ


Flyer Distribution

Is Flyer Distribution a Good Way to Advertise my Events?


Should You Print Flyers or Brochures?


Did you know that, until now, many are still not aware that flyers and brochures are not the same? If you are one of them, then you should gather your facts straight about flyer distribution to help you make the right decision before heading out to a printing firm and ordering bulk printing for advertising purposes.


Many marketers don’t care about the difference between printing flyers and brochures for their campaign. And you’d be surprised to know that many are not sensitive about their formats, which makes them unique from each other. Both shine in different marketing strategies, and there should be a consideration in designs too.


Here are the specific details of the difference that you will want to know. It will be beneficial for you, your business, and whatever purpose you might have for your future marketing plans.


Understanding Flyers


  • Usually, a flyer does not have folds, and it’s a single sheet.
  • You can choose to print on the front and back parts.
  • The standard printing size is usually A4 or 8.5?x 11?, but a client can ask for another size that they prefer since flyers are easy to carry and handle.
  • They are effective for short and brief messages while you can use them for different purposes.
  • Usually distributed by mail or by hand strategically.
  • Compared to other formats, flyers have a shorter lifespan when it comes to how they are used.
  • Are freely distributed, most especially if intended for short-lived promotions.
  • Are made as reference materials and printed on cardstock or thicker paper.
  • Other names: handbills, leaflets, and circulars.


Purpose of Flyers:

  • To announce events.
  • To advertise new business openings such as bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.
  • Fact sheets that are distributed during conferences or trade shows.
  • Serves as informational sheets, which is part of a company’s promotional campaign.
  • Serves as inserts for newspaper/magazine and handouts.
  • Other common advertisements are localized.



Getting to Know Brochures


  • Brochures constantly have folds, flyers don’t.
  • Advertisers tend to print on both sides of the paper.
  • They come in different types of folds and may be single or multiple sheets.
  • Brochures and booklets are not the same. Booklets also have multiple sheets, but they are constantly bound.
  • Brochures that have few sheets are at times called “pamphlets.” However, the two terms are similar. Pamphlets are also known as a bunch of flyers, which makes things a little more confusing.
  • The brochures are not just used once. They are made to be repeatedly handled and referred. The printing paper is cardstocks and more durable, which have a coating to resist fading and moisture.
  • Brochure distribution is usually more distinguished due to the printing costs.


Brochures are also popular because…


  • Many use them as reference materials for employees and customers.
  • To supplement other advertising resources that can help in closing a sale.



These flyers and brochures have their advantages. Before you set your order for bulk printing, you need to understand how they can influence your promotional campaign. You can get the most value for your money by choosing the one that perfectly matches your goals and advertising needs.


How Can I Make Stickers? Sticker Printing in Singapore Cheat Sheet



More Sticker Printing Info

Can I Make Money from Bumper Sticker Printing in Singapore?



Are you trying to find the best info on how you can make your stickers easily? This is your ultimate sticker printing in Singapore cheat sheet that you will want to read.


Today, you can find many types of sticker papers, and you can even print your favorite photos too straight on a resin-coated paper with adhesive on its back. There are many uses of stickers that you might not be familiar with yet, such as phone covers, wall decals, gift bags, and many more! Most of the businesses usually use stickers for custom labels and posters. So don’t worry too much. You can make your sticker in easy-to-remember steps, no matter what purpose you have.


Designing Your Sticker

The first and foremost crucial step is designing the sticker. Let’s assume you do not have a lot of ideas about it. You can look through your computer and choose the best photo or design you want to use for the sticker. Some software programs like Adobe Photoshop can help you make changes to the color, size, filter, text font, etc. Too technical, yes? Well, you can always hire a graphics designer to help you out.


Choosing the Right Kind of Sticker Paper

Now, as was mentioned earlier, there a several types of sticker paper. It would depend on your purpose and the type of printer that you have. It is best if you choose the water-resistant kind of sticker paper so that it will last long. The glossy sticker paper can give you excellent print results. Matte, on the other hand, can be more water-resistant. Do you have an inkjet or laser printer? Look at the model of your printer before buying a sticker paper. Tip: inkjet printers are best with the glossy paper if you want to achieve a vibrant-looking sticker.


Printing the Sticker

As exciting as it may be to print your work of art, check if the printer has enough ink and if your design uses many different colors. See to it that you also print on the right side of the paper. To avoid messing up and wasting resources, you can do a test printing first using the usual bond paper to check if the margins, space, or size are correctly set.


Finish! Let’s Start Sticking

Once you are done printing, you can cut it according to your desired size and shape. You can now start sticking your stickers and use them according to your purpose.


Wait, Need Bulk Printing?

If you need A LOT and you don’t have enough time to design, print, and cut them one by one, you might want to hire the services of professional printing companies. It’s not as expensive as you think. You might be saving money, especially if you need them in bulk. You can find many printing companies in Singapore that can help you create the coolest design, choose the right kind of paper, and print them at an affordable price.


Can I Do Cheap Calendar Printing at Home?


In-depth details here: Calendar Printing

Can I Make Money With Customised Calendar Printing?



Would you like to do cheap calendar printing at home? If you are planning to do so, Alibaba Printing can show you some insights to see for yourself if doing it is the right thing to do.


Customizing your calendars sounds exciting, but not everyone is happy with the outcome, especially if they have wasted paper, ink, and money on test prints. In this article, you will learn some basic info on how you can create your calendar with and without images (blank). Read on to know the full details.


You can organize and keep track of your year by creating your calendar. Working from home might be the new normal way for now, and using a calendar is a great help to keep track of everything that you need to do. You can make one for your desk and include your favorite pictures or make a decorative and compact poster that you can easily pin on a bulletin board. You can upload the images, put a mark on anniversaries, birthdays, or other events to create an awesome gift.


How do I make a cheap calendar?

You can begin by choosing a calendar you can customize that perfectly fits your space. Look over some themed templates online. Change the photos every month or create a collage using a layout that you can also find online. Once you are done, you can start printing using the right paper size. Take note of the printing setting, make sure it matches the settings you have for your calendar.


What kind of photo calendar should I choose?

Use the one that perfectly fits your desk, office, or home space. Wall calendars are perfect for families, while desk calendars are awesome for those who work remotely, and magnetic ones are placed on the fridge. Custom wall calendars can be great as giveaways.


What photos should I use?

Show your creativity. Use fun-filled photos with your family or loved ones. Or you can match the design with your theme.


Can I make the design and pay the printing company to print them for me?

Absolutely, yes. It is the best option to save yourself from spending more on wasting your resources due to failed prints.


Print a Blank Calendar Steps in Microsoft Outlook New Version


Step 1: Click Open Calendar, choose to Create New Blank Calendar.


Step 2: Once you see the Create New Folder box, enter your preferred name for your calendar in the Name box. You can also choose where you can place it. Outlook will automatically create it as a subfolder by default of your main calendar folder. Tick on OK.


Step 3: Under the My Calendars located on the left Navigation Pane, tick on the box beside the blank calendar that you just created. Do not uncheck your main calendar.


Step 4: You can now see a blank calendar along with your main calendar. You just tick anywhere on the blank calendar to make it active.


Step 5: Choose File, then Print.


Step 6: In the Settings of the Print pane, choose the calendar style that you like.

Remember: If the print preview is showing you the main calendar along with your events and other appointments, choose Print Options. Click the calendar you have chosen in step number 3 under the Print this calendar tab.


Step 7: For the date range, choose Print Options Print Range, choose the Start and End date. Then click Print.


Can I Do Mask Keeper Advertising For My Brand?


More details here: Mask Keeper

Why Is Using A Face Mask Keeper Popular Today?



Are you thinking about implementing mask keeper advertising to expand the market presence of your brand while showing concern and compassion to the community at the same time? Alibaba Printing will show you the reasons why many companies today are incorporating the mask keeper accessory into their marketing schemes. You will want to read on.


The mask keeper is now getting more attention from the market, especially during this pandemic, wherein people need to wear masks all the time when going out of their houses. Why so? Many have become conscious and are trying to find ways to avoid cross-contamination of germs and viruses, causing sickness among us all.


Wearing a mask is now a need, but some studies have revealed that improper storage and placing of a used mask with the plan of reusing it again causes cross-contamination, it’s one way of spreading the virus to everyone who touches the contaminated surface! It is one of the main reasons why accessories like mask storage are out in the market today to help people be more mindful of this situation.


Many companies can see the potential in mask keepers. Alibaba Printing has been receiving custom printing of this accessory for various reasons:


  • It has a good space to advertise a brand’s message, logo, and other details.


  • It offers a good amount of repeated exposure for people who are taking it out to place their used masks and reuse them again later on. It’s not just the user, it can also attract other people who can see the accessory too.


  • It can be designed according to the needs of the company or brand.


  • It’s affordable and offers good quality. Plus, you can also have other features like antibacterial properties, dust-proof, etc.


  • It can be used as giveaways, for sale, or in events, promos, marketing campaigns, etc.


  • It’s very handy and easy to clean.


  • And lastly, it shows that your brand is also concern with the customers or clients when it comes to being safe from the virus and health.



Some are even running a promotional campaign distributing flyers and mask keepers at the same time, or even the accessory alone can do create the impact that you are looking for! You just need to remember the following:


  • Create a unique design based on the market that you want to target. Is it for the kids? Or is it for women alone, men, or both?


  • Use attractive design and colors but DO NOT put too much.


  • Put the necessary details like your brand logo, brand name, contact details, address, social media, etc. Not TOO much, just right and enough.


  • Know what your marketing goals are if you want to use the accessory as a tool so that you can put the right combination of details, especially the message that you want your customers to see.


  • Be clear, short, and direct to the point.


Discuss with the printing company today to know your options.


Can I Make Money from Bumper Sticker Printing in Singapore?



Read more about this service here: Sticker Printing

What Type of Printer for Vinyl Window Graphics? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips

How Can I Make Stickers Sticker Printing in Singapore Cheat Sheet



Are you interested to know if you can make money from bumper sticker printing in Singapore? If you are, Alibaba Printing will show you some tips to help you get started.


Making money on the side these days will surely help, and bumper stickers could be one way, along with other types of stickers. Everyone likes or loves stickers, and the use of bumper stickers is one way to express one’s personality because anyone can create a funny slogan, eye-catching art, business advertisements, etc.


One thing that comes into our mind is the profit we’ll make if we start selling them. Just like any other business, the profit you’ll make depends on several factors such as the quality of your stickers, how many stickers you can print per batch and the amount you charge for each. The typical printing cost for each bumper sticker would be around $0.15 to $0.75. You can sell them for $2 to $10, depending on the size, area, quality, and type of paper. If you think about it, the profit could be good.


Designing and Making a Bumper Sticker That Sells

The first crucial step is creating a design or piece that will surely fit the dimension of the usual bumper sticker. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, you first consider your target market. Who do you want your customers to be? Find your ideal clients and think of a design that they can be proud to display or stick on their cards. You can always talk to a graphic designer or a friend who’s got the art skill.


Making the bumper sticker can be easy. You can contact a printing company like Alibaba Printing to give your design, and you will be guided as to what customizations can be done, quantity, and all the other details.


Where Can I Sell the Bumper Stickers?

You have a huge market in the Internet realm, and you have a lot of ways to sell your stickers without leaving the house. You can start making your website if you do not have one yet, which is another awesome way to build your brand.


Getting Started On Your Business

Just like how the other businesses started, it may be hard and challenging to build the foundation for your company at first, but your sticker business can be a good way to earn some cash on the side, especially during this time. You might earn some cash for the fact that people do love stickers.


If you want to do things on your own, as long as you have the equipment and other printing materials, you have the skill to design, you can always start small and see how it goes. Don’t pressure yourself with the competitors around you. Create a design that can capture the heart of your potential market.


But, if you need help with creating the design and in producing quality stickers, you can always call printing companies like Alibaba Printing and avail of their affordable services for you to earn more profit for your business.


What is a Business Envelope? Envelope Printing Guide


More details here: Envelope Printing

How to Do Envelope Printing for 5×7 Size?



Would you like to know what a business envelope is? Alibaba Printing’s envelope printing Guide will help you understand what it is for you to use the right type for your business.


Envelopes can look elegant, but the first thing you need to know is where you can find one that is specially made for mailings.


What is a Business Envelope?

Envelopes made for businesses are lightweight, simple, and are made for daily mailings. It could be a billing statement, a catalog for another business, or a prospective client. It shows practical printing options, comes in different seals, and others have security options to ensure that whatever is inside is safe.


Can I Use Colored Envelopes?

If you order from a printing company, you will have a variety of choices. The perfect option for marketing mailings is a full-color business envelope, and you can also use this type if you need to promote your company or brand.


Is it for routine correspondence? There is a 1-color envelope (standard) that is an economical and popular option for many.


What about Sealing Options?

You have different seal options that you can choose from. You might be more familiar with the standard gum flaps wherein it requires moistened so that its adhesive will work or stick.


Another convenient way to seal your documents would be the peel and seal or flip and seal envelopes. This option does not need moisture for its sealing to work; you only to raise its lower flap and then press. Peel and seal, on the other hand, has covered adhesive strips that are easy to remove covering that will help the adhesive stick until it’s time to be used for mailing.


What Do You Need?

Do you need an envelope with more visibility? You can choose a business envelope with a poly window. It is useful for business mailings since the address of the receiver is visible, perfect for routine statements, accounts receivable, and billing.


If you want to make it more private and avoid others to see the contents, you can also choose security tints. It keeps the contents of an envelope from showing, and you can pair it with poly windows to make it more practical.


What Are You Sending?

Do you want to send a booklet or catalog? You can choose from a wide variety of envelopes. If you intend to make a mailing envelope, you can choose from various flap styles.


You can also choose a booklet envelope if your receiver likes to open their mail envelopes on the longer side of the envelope. Another option is the open-ended envelope or also knowns as a catalog envelope.


Custom Design

You can also make the design simpler and order them without too much hassle. Simply choose between emailing envelopes and full-color business envelopes. Just pick the style that you need and arrange it with the printing company. There are print packages that are affordable and perfect for your budget.


Work With Professionals

Your envelopes represent your business too, so choose wisely. Work with professional printing companies to know the best options, designs, colors, and print package rates.


Can I Make Money With Customised Calendar Printing?


More info here: Calendar Printing

Calendar Printing Are Great for Advertising; Studies Show

Can I Do Cheap Calendar Printing at Home?



Are you wondering if you can make money with customised calendar printing? If yes, Alibaba Printing will tell you what you can do to make this possible.


Calendars are just about everywhere. People use it all the time to keep track of the date, time, transactions, schedule, and many others. A lot of businesses also print them as giveaways for their friends and clients. Others make a little extra money from producing and selling them.


If you have followers or fan-base, some might love to get their hands on your well-designed calendar hung on their wall. If you want to sell it to them, you need to remember that it should have an attractive design and a professional look at the same time for you to win the interest of your potential buyers. And, you also need to know how you can promote the calendars. Below are some tips that can help you create and promote your custom calendar.


Don’t Be Late

Start designing your calendar as early as you can. Why? Because they need to be designed and printed during a certain time for next year. Doing so will give you a good amount of time to promote your calendar. Around summer or during the last months of the year, you might be able to sell your calendars.


But in January, sales will begin to slow down and possibly dry up by February. So, if you are not successful in selling them by December, then you won’t probably be selling them at all. Don’t order too much, just a few first, and reorder once you sell them all. Creating the calendar can be time-consuming, and you need patience and enough time to accomplish it.


Use the Best Images

Choose the most popular pictures that you have. Think about the images that people want to see, and choose the ones that best fit the months. Do not decrease the resolution of the image, and work with full resolution to ensure optimum quality. Professional printers also do not print if the image is less than 300dpi. Fewer dots per inch will make the image pixelated, fuzzy, and blurry when printed. To know the DPI of your image, right-click on it, check details. Use Adobe Photoshop or other editing programs to change an image’s DPI.


Look for the Right Printing Company

Once you are done making the calendar, you can print it on your own using your materials and equipment or let a professional printing company help you. Make sure that you work with a company like Alibaba printing that offers good printing quality and affordable price packages that won’t hurt your budget.


If you print in bulk, the calendar price will usually be cheaper. You can compare the prices, services, and reviews from their previous customers of different printing companies. Don’t forget to ask about the delivery fee, the type of paper that will be used, and what other options you have. Research, compare and choose wisely.




Why Is Using A Face Mask Keeper Popular Today?


More info here: Mask Keeper

Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why

Can I Do Mask Keeper Advertising For My Brand?



Are you trying to look for more answers to why a face mask keeper has now become part of the new normal ways in society today? If you are, then Alibaba Printing will show you the reasons why many companies are inquiring and booking for customized keepers, so read on.


In this pandemic, almost no one gets out of the house or goes anywhere without a face mask on. The CDDP or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still recommending everyone to wear their face masks; with this, mask accessories have now started to appear and are becoming popular like mask extenders, mask chains, etc. Lately, face mask keepers have become more and more popular in the market, most especially intended to keep masks clean when the person is not wearing it.


You can find different brands made out of various materials with special features too. The cost may vary on the type of material, the size, etc. Celebrities are even spotted wearing masks and using mask containers. This kind of mask accessory is considered to be a better option rather than pulling the mask down or taking it off and placing it in bags, which is the main cause of the spreading of germs.


It’s a pocket-sized carrier, very simple to use, and keeps your mind at ease from worrying about cross-contamination. Some may think it’s tedious and time-consuming to keep the masks its storage, but many understand the risks involved when going out and exposing themselves to this contagious virus. The mask storage is not just for the coronavirus, it can be used for many other reasons too, as long as you help yourself and the community from cross-contaminating any bacteria, which is the main cause of getting sick.


It’s easy to use the accessory. You can lay the mask flat on top of the keeper, simply follow the instructions on how to fold it, twist the ear loops around it, and voila! It is now secure! Not hard at all and very handy too.


Another great thing about it is that you can have it customized to avoid getting switched with everyone else using the same color and type of keeper. Printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help in designing your preferred design and style according to your preference at affordable package rates. It’s good to think about our family members be safe all the time, and one way to do it so to give a customized accessory that they will surely love to use.


Many businesses today are requesting this accessory with their brand name imprinted on it. They are giving it to their staff and even to their clients. It is a cool way to think of business through mask case distribution and expanding their ways of marketing. They are finding other ways to boost their market presence at the same time.


Mask keepers today can be more than just an accessory; it can become part of your marketing tools. People are continuously finding ways to keep themselves safe all the time, and you want to take advantage of this reason.



What are the Uses of Facial Tissue Paper? Tissue Paper Printing Info


More info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Is Tissue Paper Printing Environment- Friendly?



Are you trying to look for information about the different uses of facial tissue paper? If you are, Alibaba Printing will show you helpful tissue paper printing info that will answer your question.


Facial tissue paper is common and considered a need by many people. It is also known as wat face wipe or handkerchief that is fragrant and soft mostly used to clean the face. The main use of facial tissue paper is wiping off the pollutant and dirt of the skin.


A wet tissue paper mostly contains an anti-bacterial lotion that can help remove pollutants and keep the skin moist, and this kind of wet tissue wipes was used first in Japan. It is a portable and affordable facial tissue that is a perfect cosmetic accessory for everyone, and this is one of the main reasons why many companies are supplying facial wipes.


What are the benefits?

Washing the face using a gel or facial wash can be time-consuming. Many times, water might not always be available, so the facial tissues can help big time. Using facial wipes is beneficial to both men and women.


It helps in cleaning your skin and keep it moist at the same time. Repeated use of facial wash, soap, or gel can make your skin rough. It can be avoided if you use facial tissues as an alternative. They are coated with lotion and are fragrant too, making your skin properly cleaned.


Women can also benefit from it, especially for those who use makeup, which can now be removed easily. If women are wearing nude makeup, it can be cleaned easily without causing any damage to the skin.


Individuals who sweat a lot should use fragrant wet wipes. The bacteria causing the odor can be wiped off, keeping the face clean.


A minor wound cut can also be cleansed using facial wipes. It can prevent bacteria invasion because it is coated with anti-bacterial liquid.


How is it made?


Face wipes are tissue papers, which means the process of manufacturing them is similar to bathroom tissue. It also uses wood pulp, fibers, cleaning procedures, anti-bacterial lotion, and drying. But, there is a difference in its production. During the process of making the face wipes, they are coated with multiple layers of the anti-bacterial lotion, and this makes it wet and moist all the time.


Supplying Facial Tissue Paper


This industry is profitable. It only needs minimum manual labor since most of its work is done through machines. Wet wipes are in demand all over the world, and this is one of the main reasons why its production is always high.


Facial tissues are used by many every day. Everyone around the world uses tissues to clean their faces because of its anti-bacterial properties.


Aside from that, the packaging is considered by marketers as an opportunity to promote brands and distribute the customized facial tissue packets during an event or other marketing activities as giveaways.



Can I Use Heat Press? Paper Bag Printing Tutorial


More helpful details here: Paper Bag Printing

How to Make Printed Gift Bags for Giveaways?



Are you wondering if you can use a heat press for your paper bag printing project? Alibaba Printing will show you the details if this is possible or not. So, read on for the full details.


We all have that one day wherein you are pressured with time, and you need to do something extra for your event that’s currently going on right now, and going to the printing shop is not possible at the moment for you, so you decide to DIY.


Printing bags can be customized in different ways, but most people don’t have extra time to DIY because they don’t have the materials, equipment, can’t create a design, and print in bulk. However, if you have all the things that you need with you and you only need to do minimal printing, then this article is perfect for you.


But first, let’s answer the question if you can heat press on a paper bag or iron vinyl to paper: definitely, YES.


Iron-on Cricut Paper Bags


What you need:

  • Gift bags, white would be awesome, but you can use whatever color you have as long as it matches vinyl color.
  • Download a design that you like to print on the bag. Or if you already have one, let’s use that.
  • Iron-on Vinyl, choose a color that you want to use.
  • Silver Iron-on Foil Vinyl
  • Black Iron-on Vinyl
  • Cricut EasyPress Towel or Mat
  • Handheld iron or Cricut EasyPress 2


Step-by-Step Process



The iron-on vinyl design should be cut out and weeded. You can use your Cricut to cut it out if you have this equipment.


Remember: See to it that you know the size of the gift bag. The design you cut must perfectly fit within the dimensions of your bag.



Put the iron-on design on your paper bag. Prepare your EasyPress and set it to 305°F. This is warm enough to make sure that your HTV vinyl sticks to the bag. The heat should not be too high because it can leave a scorch mark or singe the paper.



Put the heat press over the vinyl. You can use a drop cloth or parchment paper between the bag and the press if you want. Heat for about 25 to 30 seconds. Remove heat and let it cool a bit before removing its protective sheet.


And you’re all done!


Now, these steps are easy enough as long as you have the materials and equipment with you. This project is good for a quick-fix type of situation or for a simple gathering that you have and you to want to give something to your friends or family.


But, if you lack the things that you need, you don’t have extra time for a DIY project, and you need to print in bulk for your event, professional printing companies can help you print an amazing design.


What if you don’t need to print in bulk and only want minimal order? You still can order in minimum quantity.


What about the cost? You’d probably be saving more money since you don’t need to buy the equipment if you don’t have them yet. And, you won’t be wasting more paper bags because of the mistakes you might commit.

Is Flyer Distribution a Good Way to Advertise my Events?


More details here: Flyer Distribution

Is it Allowed to do Flyer Distribution Door to Door?

Are Flyers the Same with Brochures? Flyer Distribution FAQ



Are you having doubts about whether or not flyer distribution is a good way to advertise your events? Alibaba Printing will show you interesting reasons why flyering can be one of the best ways to promote your upcoming special events.


Do you have an upcoming event like a sports event, concert, brand launch, store opening, exposition, etc., and you want people to know about it? There are several ways on how you can spread the word like direct mail campaigns, word-of-mouth, TV, radio, online campaigns, and print campaigns.


But, it could be challenging for small businesses to set a budget for some other ways because of the cost. With this, many companies are reorienting their efforts in advertising through online environments such as popular social networks like Twitter or Facebook.


Social networks may have benefits when it comes to promoting your event. It is also crucial to use other proven ways like direct mailing. It is a form of promotion that usually shows positive results.


Flyers are important in promoting an upcoming event for the following reasons:


Reason #1: You can target your audience.

It is a great way to advertise your event and distribute it to your audience geographically.


Reason #2: You can make a creative and unique flyer.

You want to be competitive, and one of the ways to show your competitors that you’ve got what it takes is by creating a unique design that stands out above all others. You have the opportunity to highlight your message and attract your audience. You can finish it off with a silky, glossy, or matte lamination with a UV varnish and many others to achieve that more intriguing look.


Reason #3: It is tangible.

Once you witness your audience to take and hold the flyer, you have now reached half of your goal. The other half wherein the receiver makes the action will depend on the design of your flyer and its overall quality. Many flyers are ruined by print quality, so be careful who you work with in creating and producing your flyer.


Reason #4: It is measurable.

One interesting way to measure the impact of your flyer distribution campaign is to include a code or voucher to add some buzz during your event. It is another good way to measure the results of the campaign.


Reason #5: It is cost-effective.

If you compare it to other forms of promoting your business, flyers are one of the most effective methods that can give you a good ROI.


Reason #6: It is versatile.

Flyers can transform in different ways such as the following:

  • Folded can be mailed.
  • Leave it flat, and they become leaflets.
  • They turn to posters when you post them.
  • They become postcards when you design and print them on a thicker kind of paper.
  • Can turn to digital flyers if you want them in electronic form. You can get it from your graphics designer.


Reason #7: It’s easier.

Flyers can hold all the crucial info that your audience needs to see to attend your event. It’s easier for the receivers to understand the details. You can even put a QR code or your web address so that they can access your website for more details about your event.




What Type of Printer for Vinyl Window Graphics? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips


Read other details here: Sticker Printing

How to Make Glue Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips

Can I Make Money from Bumper Sticker Printing in Singapore?


Are you looking for info on what type of printer you can use for Vinyl Window Graphics? Alibaba Printing’s sticker printing in Singapore tips will show you the details to help you answer your question.


There are different kinds of vinyl window graphics. There are parking permit stickers, small decals, and promotional wrappings, which can be awesome ways for you to promote your business.


Vinyl graphics were expensive to produce before because the decal printer machine was huge and expensive. In today’s technology, you have options that can work with your computer. It depends on what your intentions are when printing and how big you want to make it. You now have options when buying a printer for vinyl graphics or even possibly use the equipment you already have.


What You Need

The materials that you will buy should be compatible with your printing device, or you can buy a printer that is compatible with the materials that you prefer to use. Another thing is that you can choose the materials depending on the application method that you like to use for vinyl installation. A good example is a vinyl that you place inside of your windows must be resistant to fading from the heat of the sun, and the lightfast properties should be strong. If it’s a vinyl that will be used outdoors, it must be resistant to all types of weather.


Vinyl Types

The face film is one way for us to categorize the types of vinyl.

  • Calendared vinyl – it got its name from how it was made. Its outdoor durability can be 2 to 6 years.


  • Cast vinyl – you can use this on helmets, fender benders, etc. It is best for vehicle wraps. Printable cast vinyl also comes with great white point and egress release liners, making it perfect for high-resolution printing.


  • Specialty vinyl – it comes with useful applications and special features. It has different kinds including high tack vinyl, printable reflective vinyl, and perforated vinyl.


Types of Printers

There are many types of printers for vinyl, and the two most common are Large Format Inkjet and Desktop Inkjet.

  • Desktop Inkjet – this is perfect for small office projects or your business. Simply look for a printer that’s compatible with your computer. The cost will be minimal because it doesn’t need special ink for the printing job. You don’t need to wait long too for the print to dry since it’s just the same as the regular production from an inkjet. You need to let the printed vinyl set for one whole day for it to become fully water-resistant. You don’t need extra treatment or special fixatives for its substrates.


  • Large Format Inkjet Printer – this is perfect for professional sign making to produce a professional vinyl print. Most comes with LED lamps to cure the ink. Some large-format inkjet printers may come with white ink, which can help you build a foundational canvas to print graphics on a transparent stock. See to it that the substrate matches the type of ink that you have on your printer. Some links include UV, dye, and pigment.


How to Do Envelope Printing for 5×7 Size?


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What is a Business Envelope? Envelope Printing Guide



Do you want to do envelope printing for a 5×7 size, but you are not familiar with what it is and how to do it? Alibaba Printing will help you out with the details to help you finish your project.


We all know the dealing with envelope printing can be tricky, and things could get a little complicated, especially if you don’t do this all the time. Envelopes are used for different reasons, including invitations (mostly), business letters, etc. With this, most businesses understand the need to print them in bulk and getting the services of professional printing companies to save money. Why save money? Because printing it on your own and can result to waste if you don’t know what you are doing.


Anyways, let’s head-on. Before answering the question on how you can printing a 5×7 size envelope, you should know first the different sizes of “A” envelopes since this is usually used for communication, such as invites. These envelopes are made from a paper stock that’s thicker, and could be bought in different colors. Most “A” type envelopes have side seams to give it a finished look.


A-Envelope Insert Sizes (inches):

  • A1 Envelopes fit 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 inserts
  • A2 Envelopes fit 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inserts
  • A6 Envelopes fit 4 1/2 x 6 1/4 inserts
  • A7 Envelopes fit 5 1/8 x 7 inserts
  • A8 Envelopes fit 5 3/8 x 7 7/8 inserts
  • A9 Envelopes fit 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inserts


A-Envelope Sizes (inches):

  • A1 Envelopes – 3 5/8 x 5 1/8
  • A2 Envelopes – 4 3/8 x 5 3/4
  • A6 Envelopes – 4 3/4 x 6 1/2
  • A7 Envelopes – 5 1/4 x 7 1/4
  • A8 Envelopes – 5 1/2 x 8 1/8
  • A9 Envelopes – 5 3/4 x 8 3/4
  • A10 Envelopes – 6 x 9 1/2


  • A10 Envelopes fits 5 3/4 x 9 1/4 inserts


The 5×7 size is an A7 envelope that can hold invitations, photos, and more. It is the best envelope for a 5×7 card. Now, if you want to print on it using the word document, the usual greeting card sizes are as follows:


  • 5 x 7 inches with an A7 (5.25 x 7.25-inch)
  • 4.5 x 6.125 inches (or 4 x 6 inches) with an A6 (4.75 x 6.5 inches)
  • 4.25 x 5.5 inches with an A2 (4.375 x 5.75 inches)


For the 5×7, it is known as A7 – (5 1/4 x 7 1/4) or 5×7 envelope. It is usually used for invitations and standard cards.


Printing in Word


First, you must verify the printing options.


Step 1. Mailings tab, look for Create group and then click on Envelopes.

Step 2. Tick on Options, then tick on the Envelope Options tab.

Step 3. Choose the size of your envelope in the Envelope size box.

Step 4: Tick on the Printing Options tab.

Step 5. Load the envelope as what was shown in the dialog box.

Step 5. Tick on OK.


Writing 2 5×7 in Word


Step 1. Open your document in Microsoft Word, click File, and select PRINT.

Step 2. Go to the Settings panel, click “1 Page per Sheet” in the dropdown box, and then choose “2 Pages per Sheet”.

Step 3. You can start printing by choosing the PRINT button located at the top of the Print Dialog box.



Is Tissue Paper Printing Environment- Friendly?


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What Are the Different Types of Tissues? Tissue Paper Printing Basics

What are the Uses of Facial Tissue Paper? Tissue Paper Printing Info



Are you thinking about incorporating tissue paper printing for your next marketing plans but a little hesitant if this is environment-friendly or not? Alibaba Printing will explain the details to help you make up your mind.


We all know that the image of a company is important, and for it to strive in the market, we need to ensure that we don’t get a lot of disagreements along the way. Many people are concerned with the environment, and businesses do their best to follow rules and regulations behind it and please customers at the same time.


Tissue paper is a need in most households or individuals, and it has a lot of uses in different industries too. And today, brands are using pocket tissues as a way to market their brand by creating attractive packaging, distributing them in the market, resulting in a boost of a company’s market presence.


They can customize the packets and choose different colors, print their logos and patterns, making it more interesting for most consumers. It is not a surprise anymore why brands are doing their best to make the packaging look good, but the main question here is tissue paper environment-friendly?


Tissue Paper 101


Did you know that tissue paper is made from recycled materials or wood fibers? Makers of tissue paper also use sustainable and recyclable sources to make it biodegradable. The dye for the colored paper can be water-based products, which are environment friendly.


Is it Environment-Friendly?


Correct, tissue paper is environment-friendly since it comes from recycled materials that are sustainably sourced. Once you have used the tissue paper for arts and crafts, for example, you can also reuse it for your future projects, so it is 100% recyclable.


Is it compostable?


True, it is compostable as long as it does not have any glitter or plastic tapes attached to it. If you have a compost pile, it can be good for it since it can soak up water, keeping it from becoming smelly.


If you want to purchase paper products, choosing recycled materials would be awesome for the environment, and if you continue to compost or recycle tissue paper, you are contributing positively to the environment.


Some manufacturers support sustainable packaging and offer different recyclable tissue paper in different colors, depending on what your needs are. They could also offer tissue paper that is bleed resistant and acid-free, wherein if you use tissue paper for arts and crafts, it won’t damage any products when it is utilized as a wrapper.


If you want to use tissue packets, it is best to inform the printing company about what you need when it comes to the design and other elements in its packaging. It will depend on your marketing goal. Are you distributing the packets as part of your giveaways campaign? Is it part of your special event? There is an exciting place for pocket tissues in marketing since it can create a positive impact on a brand supporting the environment and good hygiene at the same time.


How to Make Printed Gift Bags for Giveaways?


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Ways on How to Reuse Promotional Paper Bags

Can I Use Heat Press? Paper Bag Printing Tutorial



Ever thought about using printed gift bags as giveaways, but you want to make it by yourself? Alibaba Printing will show some tips in this article to help you finish your project.


Paper bags have many purposes, and they are used in different industries and businesses, mainly for packaging goods or products. Aside from such, on the marketing side of the business, it’s an awesome tool for promotion. The huge space it provides allows you to print your business logo, message, etc. It is has been used as a giveaway packaging for many types of events with cool and eye-catching designs.


Now, if you want to make print the paper bags on your own, it may not be that easy, which is why others prefer to let professional printing companies do this to ensure quality and professional-looking gift bags. So, let’s begin with the general steps below.



  • You can download a design online for the specific size of the paper bag that you want to use or start from scratch in creating one using editing software like Adobe Photoshop, etc.


  • There is a trick that you need to remember: in your printer settings, create a custom printing size. Look at the size of the paper bag that you want to use, and put the exact dimensions of every bag, and label them properly. You can input the “gift bag” or “giveaway bag” in your printer settings.


  • Second, make sure that when you feed the bag in the printer, the bottom of the bag is facing up.


  • Lastly, look at your printer settings and see to it that it is set to print horizontally. Doing this will make sure that when it prints, the design and words will be correct when someone reads it once you fill your paper bag.



Other tips for you: print in the middle part of the bag and not on the thicker bottom part because the extra paper on that area could create smudges, and you don’t want that to happen. And, buy the uncoated and non-glossy paper bags so that the ink will dry and won’t rub off.


DIY is good if you have the time, equipment, materials, and technical knowledge in editing and setting up your printer. If you are doing this to produce only minimal bags for certain or simple occasions, doing so will also unleash your creative side. But, if this is all too time-consuming and you don’t have the materials, you don’t know how to edit, you don’t have the printer, and you think you are not creative enough, then let the printing companies help you.


One of the main concerns of doing DIY is to save money, but you could spend up more and wasting paper bags if you don’t know what you are doing. Printing companies like Alibaba Printing have various print packages that are budget-friendly for minimal and bulk printing. You don’t need to worry about the cost because it’s an investment worth every cent, especially if you see the receiver pleased with the gift bag. If it’s for business purposes, then you need that positive impact.


Is it Allowed to do Flyer Distribution Door to Door?


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How to Increase Profit with Door to Door Flyer Distribution?

Is Flyer Distribution a Good Way to Advertise my Events?



Are you planning on flyer distribution door to door? If you are but unsure of some information, Alibaba Printing will show you important details below that can help in answering the questions you have in mind.


Flyering is one way to promote a brand, nonprofit organization, or event. The key to every flyer’s marketing success is the proper distribution. The more places you hand out or post the flyers, the more people can be reached. However, you don’t just do this anytime and anywhere because you have to abide by the law or rules and regulations in your location. It is best to research first before starting the campaign.


Usually, flyers are allowed on community bulletin boards, public parks, and public properties. Handing them out to passers-by on sidewalks is another way. But again, you can’t do this on any sidewalks where many people are walking. Some laws prohibit littering, political content, or inflammatory content, which will make it illegal in public places.


There are anti-littering laws that make the posting of flyers in utility poles wherein you are using staples to hang them; you could receive damaging of public property citation.


You should do your best to follow local ordinances. You don’t want your company to be publicly shamed on social media and newspapers for violation of the law. To avoid such circumstances, you can ask your local government, owner of the property, or housing development if you can distribute flyers door to door or drop them in their mailboxes, hand them out directly to individuals, or post them, etc.


Generally, laws won’t allow you to distribute flyers on private property if you don’t get permission from the owner. With this, it’s always best to ask and get your approval first before starting the campaign. You can ask if you can post your flyers on the bulletin boards of groceries, business lobbies, doors or windows, and other private locations. Some businesses will be happy to do an ex-deal with you. Legally speaking, you can’t just put your flyers inside mailboxes that are attached to every private property. But, you can slip them into door mail slot or post the flyers on the doors of the homeowners, door hangers, as well as direct mailers, could be your better options.


Once again, do your research first and ASK PERMISSION and get the needed permits. If they approve, get it in writing to avoid any potential legal issues like trespassing and miscommunication between the homeowners of the private property.


If you want to put flyers on cars, this is case to case basis.


If you are the owner of the parking lot, you may put flyers under the windshield wipers of the cars not unless there is an ordinance that won’t allow you to do it. It is also the same for those that are parked in public parking lots and along the streets.


Remember, anywhere that’s private property with cars, get permission from the property owner. If you see “no handbill” and “no solicitation” signs posted around parking lots, you should know that these are directed to those who are flyering.

How to Make Glue Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips


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What Type of Printer for Vinyl Window Graphics? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips



Do you want to try making your glue stickers for a project? Alibaba Printing is an experienced company and will gladly share some sticker printing in Singapore tips that you can do to help you complete your project.


Stickers are not that hard to make, and you probably have the materials now at home. There are several ways on how you can make stickers, but for this article, we will focus on how to make glue stickers using homemade glue. Read on to know all the steps.



In terms of designing, there is no limitation to this. You can use whatever materials you have for drawing like markets, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, etc. Also, see to it that your drawing utensils are not washable. On a thin piece of paper like from a notepad or loose-leaf paper, draw your design.


You can draw portraits of yourself, pets, or friends. You can also cut words and pictures from newspapers and magazines. Print some pictures online or from your computer, then print them using thin paper and not photo paper if you want excellent results. There are also sticker sheets online that has premade stickers you can easily print. Use rubber stamps to take pictures, and you can also decorate them using glitters.



Next is to cut the stickers. Use the scissors to cut the designs you printed or drew. You can make it small or large. And to add touch, utilize scrapbook scissors that can cut decorative designs in their edges.


You can also try the puncher to make a start, heart, and other forms from a patterned paper.



Now we will make the glue, which is safe for the kids to use since it is comparable to an envelope flap’s adhesive. It can bind the stickers to almost all types of surfaces but without the harsh chemicals. When making the glue, you need to mix the following ingredients using a bowl until everything is combined thoroughly:

  • 1 envelope of plain gelatin.
  • Add boiling water, about 4 tablespoons.
  • 1 tsp. corn syrup or sugar.
  • Add a couple of drops of vanilla or peppermint extract for flavoring.
  • You can also use other kinds of extract for more fun flavors. Apply other flavors to other types of stickers, make it for your friends with surprising flavors. You can try holiday-themed flavors for Easter, Christmas, etc.
  • Once you are done with the glue, keep it in an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. Overnight, the glue will gel. And to liquefy it, you need to put the container inside a bowl of hot water.
  • You can also utilize this glue when sealing envelopes.



You are now going to paint the stickers. Turn your stickers upside down on an aluminum foil or a sheet of waxed paper. Use a pastry or paintbrush when painting the backside of the stickers using the glue mixture you made. When done, let it dry completely.

  • Do not put too much adhesive, just brush and make a light coating.
  • Before using them, see to it that it’s completely dry.
  • Keep the stickers in a box or plastic bag until you need to use them.



Licking the stickers is what you need to do if you want to stick them on to different surfaces. Lick the back part just like licking a stamp. Press it down against the surface until it sticks. Homemade glue can stick well, so be careful.

Modern Printing from Envelope Printing Companies or Traditional Calligraphy?


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Why the Delivery Address Won’t Print During Envelope Printing?

How to Do Envelope Printing for 5×7 Size?



Do you need wedding envelopes for your upcoming event but confused about whether to choose modern printing from envelope printing companies or traditional calligraphy? Alibaba Printing can help with some details to help you make an informed decision.


Wedding envelopes either stick to modern printing or handwritten calligraphy, so which one would you choose? To help you decide on this matter, below are pros and cons that you can take note of; you can next check your budget, then make a decision.


Traditional Calligraphy for Wedding Envelopes

It is a tradition, it is elegant, and pretty to look at. But you should know that this kind of method is not for everyone. According to the School of Thought, they feel that hand-addressed wedding envelopes follow proper etiquette and tradition, making it more appropriate compared to envelopes that are addressed digitally.


Three Ways

How can you have your wedding envelopes handwritten? Below are three ways that you should know:

  • Professional Calligraphers have impeccable handwriting skills, and you’ll be fascinated with their steady hands.
  • DIY Calligraphy (Faux) is another way if you can’t find a professional calligrapher. You can print a calligraphy font and then trace it using a nice pen. No one will ever know, not unless you tell them.
  • Lastly, you can write it if you have nice penmanship.



  • It follows the wedding etiquette and tradition.
  • It is timeless.
  • It offers a more personal touch.
  • The envelopes will look unique.
  • DIY handwritten calligraphy is an economical choice.



  • Professional calligrapher’s fee may not be as cheap as you think. It is expensive.
  • It is time-consuming.
  • It can be hard to read at times.


Modern Printing Method

Using a machine can print envelopes faster than the traditional method. It is convenient, and you can use any style that you prefer. You can even print a font that can mimic calligraphy.


According to the School of Thought, those who are OKAY with using a machine to print on envelopes can enjoy the benefit of being economical and super fast production.


Two Ways

There two ways for you to print on your wedding envelopes quickly:

  • Print envelopes using your home printer. If you have the equipment and you know how to set up the document, it can be quick, easy, and convenient on your end. You just need a computer, printer, and a program that has a data merge feature like Microsoft Word.
  • You can order from envelope printing companies, and you will receive professionally addressed and printed wedding envelopes after a few days.



  • Economical.
  • Fast.
  • It is uniform.
  • Convenient.
  • The addresses are readable.
  • You can print the address text into any type of invitation style that complements the theme of your envelope.



  • It is less personal.
  • It does not follow the wedding tradition of sending invitations.
  • It is not as unique as calligraphy.
  • It can be costly and stressful if the person does not have the equipment and knowledge on how to print an envelope. You could end up wasting paper than saving.


What’s Your Choice?

The factors that you need to consider when choosing between the two methods include budget, preference, wedding style, and personal style.




Ways on How to Reuse Promotional Paper Bags


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What You Need to Know About Brown Paper Bag Printing

How to Make Printed Gift Bags for Giveaways?



Do you have a lot of promotional paper bags, but you don’t know what else to do with them? Alibaba Printing will show you how you can reuse them at home or even for your business.


If you now find yourself with a lot of paper bags from the store, takeout, grocery, etc., you can recycle, but there are also other ways on how you can reuse them. Paper bags have become popular because of the different environmental benefits it offers compared to using plastic. Below is a list that you can take note of and do if ever you find yourself a huge stash of paper bags with no use to you as of the moment. Read on to know the full details.


  • Insert them in your trash cans – this is practical, and you can cut down plastic usage. Remember to not throw any liquid into it to prevent problems when you are on your way to the dumpster.


  • As a recycling bin – you can place your booze, cans, etc.


  • As storage bin – if you have a paper bag that is still in excellent shape, you can use it to store and organize linens and pantries.


  • Send your guests with leftovers – take paper bags or takeout bags to help your guests bring the foods without having to carry a plastic food storage awkwardly.


  • As placemats – you can cut them out, forming in rectangles, and use it as disposable placemats. You can also let the kids use it as placemats on their tables along with crayons to keep them busy.


  • As plant pot cover – you can use the smaller brown paper bags and customize it to using paint pens or paint.


  • Weave a hanging pot for your plant – cut it into strips, weave them together, and you’d be surprised how you can hardly recognize it as a paper bag.


  • Wrap a bouquet – customize it and give you flowers a unique presentation. Cut it and tie a string a ribbon, and voila!


  • Pendant lamp – of course, you can make a lamp from a paper bag. You can also apply metallic paint to achieve a less crafty look.


  • As book covers – cut the paper bag to its right size and use it as covers. A perfect way to add protection to your precious books.


  • Journals – you can cut the paper bags and make hand-sewn journals wherein you and your kids can use it to write down anything.


  • Decoupage your walls and floors – this is an epic way to reuse your paper bags, especially if you have kept a lot of them. It is not for everyone, but it is a project worth trying.


  • Save it for your next event! – If you have a lot of extra paper bags from your previous event, you can keep it and reuse for the next upcoming event as giveaways and other promotional schemes. Plan it, maximize usage, and don’t put any marketing tool to waste.


How to Increase Profit with Door to Door Flyer Distribution?


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Who is Responsible in the Flyer Distribution Campaign?

Is it Allowed to do Flyer Distribution Door to Door?



Do you want to increase your sales with the help of door to door flyer distribution? If you do, Alibaba Printing will show you effective ways on how you can achieve this goal.


Distributing flyers is one of the most popular traditional marketing method known to many. Why is it still used by many today? The answer is simple: It works. It is one of the best ways to reach out to your target market directly, you also get the needed interaction, and you can close a sale directly.


Even so, with that fact, many still don’t know how to increase their profit. A simple flyering may be an easy task, but it all comes down to what your flyer is all about, the elements, the contents, and other crucial details that can help in making a person read the whole flyer and grab that opportunity on whatever it is you are offering them.


In this article, you will learn three effective ways to help you boost your sales through flyering door to door.

  • What are you trying to say?

As mentioned earlier, it boils down to the content of a flyer. You don’t just put anything that you want in there. You have to make sure that your message is CLEAR. The flyer itself is appealing, bold, has strong headings and subheadings, and it’s not overcrowded with graphics, images, and other unnecessary words. Are you flyering for promos like discounts, buy-1-take-1, limited stocks, store opening, etc.? If you are trying to do this, then make it short and straight to the point. No one likes to read long sentences of promos. People want to see what it is all about in an instant. Ask a graphic designer to help you out if you don’t know how to edit or use and editing software.


  • Use the right kind of paper!

You want to do door-to-door, right? And you want the person to read the flyer and not thrown into the garbage instantly, then invest in the right kind of paper. Don’t use cheap and dull paper because people will see it as garbage. Use the glossy ones, it’s more professional, and people like to see colorful details and read them, most especially if you use the right combination of colors. Not all colors combine beautifully, so make sure to choose the right combination that will make the receiver keep the flyer and post it on their fridge.


  • Focus more on your customer and not just on your brand.

This is a common mistake that many commits. Many are printing more about their brand but not focusing on what the customer wants to see. Remember, make them curious about who the brand is after they see what you are offering, you don’t need to put the whole history of your company in the flyer. The right position and size of the logo, company name, address, contact number, and other elements will do the trick!


What is the Best Printer for Personalised Stickers Singapore


Interesting details here: Sticker Printing

How Can I Print Vinyl Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Easy Guide

How to Make Glue Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Tips



Are you looking for the best printer that you can use for your personalised stickers in Singapore? If you are, Alibaba Printing can show you a list of the printers that you can buy if you intend to use them to print stickers.



Whether you want to create a colorful atmosphere or it’s for a brand, stickers can serve its purpose. After you have created the most artistic and enjoyable design, the problem would be maintaining the exact quality when you print it.


You can find and buy printers online, but the best printers will always rise above along with its quality printing and versatility in using it. Below is a list of a few printers that are considered to be best for your sticker needs.


  • Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Wireless Printer – it is the best inkjet printer for waterproof labels & stickers. If you want an inkjet printer that can print professional stickers that have 8-dye based inks and produce awesome gradients and colors for your pictures, then this is the right printer for you. It can print 4800 x 2400 dots for every inch using FINE technology. It has OIGS or Optimum Image Generating System. You can do mobile device printing through the Airprint app. For black and white print, it has three dedicated grayscale inks.


  • HpOfficejet 3830 All-In-One Wireless Printer – it is the best laser printer when using sticker papers, an HP instant Ink that works with Alexa (K7V40A). It can copy, scan, fax, and perform wireless printing, it has a touchscreen, AirPrint, plus it is Instant ink ready so that you won’t run out of ink. Even without the need for any network, you can do wireless direct printing. It has a 35-sheet document feeder that’s automatic. The design is all-in-one and compact. It has a 2.2 – inch touchscreen.


  • Hp Officejet 5255 Wireless All-In-One Printer – it is the best printer for your planner stickers. It substitutes HP OfficeJet 5255, HP OfficeJet 4650, and it comes with dual-band Wi-Fi for maximum connectivity, it is Bluetooth Smart, and the print speeds are faster. The mono touch screen is 2.2 inches. The printer is versatile because of its 4 1 printing capability. It can also print two sides automatically.


  • Epson WF-2750 – it is the best printer for your sticker business for its many beneficial features including, being powered by Precision Core. It can print the fastest with 7. 3 ISO ppm (color) and 13. 7 ISO ppm (black). It can print on two sides of the paper. The document feeder is 30-page automatic. The print capacity is 150 sheets.


  • Canon PIXMA MG3620 – it is the best printer for glossy labels and vinyl stickers. You can print up to 4800 x 1200 dot for every inch resolution. A maximum of 1200 x 2400 optical color dots for every inch. It is compatible with nearly all devices. It is specially made to save space, making it compact for you to work with. And prints keeping an envelope design.


Why the Delivery Address Won’t Print During Envelope Printing?


Full details here: Envelope Printing

How Can I Print Labels? Envelope Printing Steps and Guide

Modern Printing from Envelope Printing Companies or Traditional Calligraphy?



Are you looking for helpful information and answers on why you can’t printing the delivery address during envelope printing? If you are, Alibaba Printing will help in giving you the best answer to this printing challenge you are currently facing.


You have a business letter, including both the delivery address and return address. When you show the Envelope & Labels dialog box to print on an envelope, Microsoft Word picks up the two addresses and puts them in the correct places of the dialog box. However, when you try to print, the delivery address is missing, and now you are wondering what’s wrong.


It’s not easy to track down problems in envelope printing, it’s challenging. The first step that you need to take note of is not to print directly on the envelopes to your printer. As a substitute, add the envelope to the document. The idea here is to see what Word will add to the file or document, for you to simply see if it looks correct. (Adding the envelope to the file or document is only a troubleshooting step. Once you solve the problem, you can print again to the printer directly.)


After you have added the envelope to the document, check if it still shows you the same problem. Is the delivery address still missing? It might be moved to a place that is not printable to the printer, maybe it could be there, and the font could be in white or different color wherein the printer cannot print it. Check the details in the document (in the added envelope), you might be able to figure out the problem.


Now, see to it that the printer matches the printer driver. When you print envelopes, Word should be concerned about where the envelope is placed in the feed tray and its orientation. If Word does not guess it correctly, then the envelope may not be able to print properly. Making sure that the printer driver on your computer’s system matches the model and make of the printer you are using, then you have a higher chance that Word will print properly.


Lastly, you have to check the styles that are being used by Word in making the envelope. Styles control how the envelope appears after printing. You can check the styles that Word is using by reviewing what Word adds to the file or document whenever you try to add the envelope. The problem here is the delivery address, check the style that is used for this particular address first. (It could be the Envelope Address style. See to it that the font color is black, and the frame of the style is printable.)


These are just simple tips that you can take, note especially if you are printing an envelope on your own. But if you need to print in bulk and you want to avoid this time-consuming problem, you can always call Alibaba Printing to help you print envelopes quickly at affordable prices.




What Are the Different Types of Tissues? Tissue Paper Printing Basics


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Are Facial Tissue and Tissue Paper the Same? Tissue Paper Printing Basics

Is Tissue Paper Printing Environment- Friendly?



Are you a bit confused between the difference between Kleenex, paper towels, tissue paper, and the likes? Alibaba Printing will show you helpful details to help you choose the right item for your marketing schemes.


Tissues, napkin, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper; how are they different from each other, and what is their purpose? The different types of tissues are used depending on the location and culture. So the information below may vary from one place to another on how they use a tissue.


Toilet Paper


The toilet paper is commonly used and found in the bathroom. It is intended for wiping, and it is not used at the table to wipe our hands. It is also not used to clean spills, not unless you can’t find anything else near you.




Kleenex is a generic and popular brand name, and because it has become a common name, all of the brands are being recognized as Kleenex even if the brand is different. It is not called tissue paper because they are not the same.


Kleenex/Tissues are generally used to blow or wipe your nose, for coughing, sneezing, crying, or wiping watery eyes. It contains special lotions or oils to avoid the skin from becoming cracked or dry from rubbing or sneezing too much. It is not used a napkin at the kitchen table to wipe hands like what other Asian cultures do. Americans would usually ask for napkins to wipe their hands. This kind of tissue is not used to clean spills, not unless there is no other choice since it is not good at absorbing liquid.


Paper Towels

It is bigger than the usual similar paper products. This type has about 2 to 3 different sizes. It is a little bigger than the usual scrap paper (11×11 in.), but some brands sell haft sheet size and same in height (half the width).


It is absorbent and tougher when wet compared to other types of tissues. It is intended to wipe spills, and many would use it for cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen to wipe tables or clean mirrors.


It is also common for individuals to wipe their mouths, hands, or any spills at their kitchen tables. The smaller sizes for this particular tissue come in very handy for this kind of situation.



It has three kinds: cloth napkins, regular paper napkins, and specialty or party napkins.


Napkins are usually at the kitchen table every meal. It is mostly used to wipe mouth, hands, or spills around the plate.


The cloth napkins, also known as table linens are usually used in nice restaurants or homes for special events, special occasions, or dinner. It is also placed on a person’s lap while having a meal and placed on the table when done.


The specialty or party napkins are used for parties, and you can buy them in different varieties too. You can choose from different colors, characters, patterns, for a specific holiday or any occasion. However, this type of napkin is mostly made for its look, and it is not that effective in cleaning up a mess.


The generic napkins are liked by many since it is cheap and sold in bulks. It is soft, small, absorbent, and affordable.


Tissue Paper

It is not the same as Kleenex. It is used in gifts to hide the insides of a gift bag and in arts or crafts projects.




What You Need to Know About Brown Paper Bag Printing


Know more here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing? Or Plastic Bags? Where Do Paper Bags Come From?

Ways on How to Reuse Promotional Paper Bags



Are you looking for information about brown paper bag printing sizes and other helpful details? If you are, Alibaba Printing will show you in this article about the different sizes, kraft bag paper, brown paper bags, how it is made, and other facts that you will want to know.


Brown Paper Grocery Bags

Paper bags used in groceries are also called Kraft bags. It is durable, recyclable, and strong, making the bags a green alternative to plastic bags used in shopping. It is now widely used because it can bag just about any type of grocery or items in the store. It is also an economical choice, and you can choose from general to heavy-duty, to leaf or lawn bags. You choose the bag depending on the products that you offer.


Brown Paper Grocery Bag Size

The brown paper bags come in different sizes. A usual grocery bag is strong enough to hold 2 to 75 pounds of items. The bags also vary in dimensions, but it is typically 17 inches in height, 7 inches in depth, and 12 inches in width.


Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper bags are usually made from cardboard or paper from the chemical pulp through the Kraft process. The colors can be brown or white. They are durable and strong.


Brown Paper Lunch Bag Size

The standard size is 5-1/8″ L x 3-1/8″ W x 10-5/8″ H.


How Is It Made?

The wood pulp for sack paper comes from softwood through the Kraft process. It gets its strength from the long fibers, and the wet strength is boosted upon the addition of chemicals for further improvement. The Paper machine makes sack paper out of wood pulp. The sack paper will then be microprepped so that absorbency will be added as well as pliability for increased tear resistance.


Is it Recyclable and Renewable?

All types of paper bags are renewable since they come from a renewable resource – trees. Paper is also recyclable, reusable, and compostable.


Are All Kinds of Paper Bags Biodegradable?

It will need years before a brown paper bag biodegrades since it lacks oxygen for it to break down.


Amount of Time to Break Down

Here is a list of different materials and the time it takes for it to break down in landfills.


  • A plastic bag takes 500 to 1000 years
  • Sanitary napkins & children diapers take 500-800 years
  • Leather shoes take 25-40 years
  • Tin can takes around 50 years
  • Cotton takes 1-5 months
  • Rope takes 3-14 months
  • The thread takes 3-4 months
  • Drink packets take 5 years
  • Cigarette takes 1-12 years
  • Glass bottles take 1-2 million years
  • Fishing line takes 600 years
  • Hairspray bottle takes 200-500 years
  • Aluminum can take 200 years
  • Nylon clothes: 30-40 years


If you need paper bags for your business with custom printing elements for marketing purposes, Alibaba Printing offers the best deals that you can trust. You can plan with the in-house graphic designer for the designs that you need for your paper bags and make arrangements as to how many you need for your promotional activities.





Who is Responsible in the Flyer Distribution Campaign?


You can find more info here: Flyer Distribution

Is it Spelled as Flyer or Flier? Flyer Distribution Basics

How to Increase Profit with Door to Door Flyer Distribution?


Do you want to know who is responsible for the success of every flyer distribution campaign? Alibaba Printing will help you understand who a flyer distributor is, so read on to know the full details.


Flyer Distributor

A flyer distributor is someone who we see that gives out flyers to promote establishments, venues, or events. The job is known as “flyering” in the profession.


It is also someone who is employed by a marketing agency or event promotion company to market an establishment or event by distributing flyers to people in public places. They can also be assigned to post flyers in front doors, hand them out to stations, outside a building or institution, and to places with ‘hotspot’ clients. It also depends on the location of a country since rules and regulations may vary from one place to another.


How do they work?

Flyer distributors usually work on almost all types of weather, and they place themselves strategically for maximum exposure. They mostly work in teams, and they cover areas for effective and efficient promotion. They may have to walk a lot, especially if it’s a door-to-door method of flyering. They usually do it daytime while others at night since it would depend on the type of market that they want to target.


The flyer distributors are the face of events and companies, which is why they need to be enthusiastic and polite all the time and must know the details of what they are trying to market. As the public face of the company/event, they need to answer the questions from individuals about what they are handing out.


What are their responsibilities?

They are considered as the main marketing people for promotions, establishments, and occasions. They are facing the public directly and are responsible for giving the community the information or details about the brand or event. The typical responsibility during the hours of flyering is as follows:


  • Giving of flyers to the public in strategic places with the necessary permits.
  • Distributing the flyers door-to-door.
  • They are knowledgeable of the details that they are handing out, and they can answer any queries from people.
  • They should be enthusiastic about the establishment or event that they are promoting.
  • They should cover as many houses and possible and achieve the number of flyers released per day to reach and penetrate the market.


What are their qualifications?

  • There are no formal qualifications in terms of academics to become a flyer distributor.


What are their skills?

This kind of word is more in the public relations domain and needs people and interpersonal skills to survive the shift. They must be the following:

  • Polite and enthusiastic.
  • Can handle confrontation and diffuse possible challenging situations calmly.
  • Can speak fluently in their respective dialect or language.
  • Can remember crucial details about what they are promoting and can answer any questions articulately.
  • Ready to work in all kinds of weather.
  • Has the perseverance even in rejections and setbacks.
  • Assertive and confident.
  • Physically fit to do long walks for door-to-door distribution.




How Can I Print Vinyl Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Easy Guide


Full details here: Sticker Printing

How to Print Circle Labels: Sticker Printing in Singapore Basics

What is the Best Printer for Personalised Stickers Singapore



Do you want to try printing vinyl stickers at home? Alibaba Printing will show you the steps through this sticker printing in Singapore easy guide. Here, it will also help you find out if doing so is the best option for you than hiring the professional services of a printing company.


Printing your vinyl stickers can be easy using some tools. Once you have the design of your sticker on your computer through editing software, you can print them using vinyl paper. The lamination of stickers can help in protecting them from the sun’s UV rays and water. Once you are done, all you need to do is to peel off the backing part of the stickers, and you are ready to stick them. If you want to know the full details, read on.


Design Creation

  • You can check online for vinyl sticker designs that you can use.
  • You can create from scratch on your computing using an image editor like Illustrator or Photoshop. GIMP is a free imaging software you can use too. Use vibrant colors so that it will show up well when you print them. See to it that the design should be at least 300 pixels for every 1 inch (2.5cm).



  • Open a new file document 8×11 inches using an image editing software.
  • You can paste the design you made, you can also arrange more copies if you want multiple designs printed at the same time. Make sure that you organize the images within the margin you have set for the document.
  • You can check first by clicking on the preview button before finally printing it.
  • Load into the printer your vinyl printer paper that’s 8×11 inches in size. Make sure you are placing the non-adhesive side correctly. If you are unsure, whether which side is facing the correct side, run a test print.
  • Another thing you need to take note of is to make sure that the vinyl paper is compatible with the type of printer that you have. If it’s an inkjet printer, use a paper that’s made for it, and the same goes for a laser printer.
  • If you want a transparent background, use clear vinyl paper.
  • Stickers made of vinyl works well outdoors because it is resistant to elements. But, it is best to use a laser printer than inkjet or have the stickers laminated if you wish to make it water-resistant.
  • Look for the print button of the editing software and click on it. Don’t forget to set it to high-quality mode.


Lamination and Cutting

  • Put an over-laminate sheet on top of the stickers. Peel the backing found at the top of the over-laminate sheet and line the top edge of both the vinyl paper and laminate. Use fingers, press the laminate on the vinyl paper. Over-laminate sheets can be bought online or at office supplies stores near you.
  • Peel the over-laminate backing slowly. Press the laminate on the vinyl paper as you continuously go. Keep going until the sheet is done. Air bubbles can be prevented by using a ruler and pressing the laminate on the vinyl paper.
  • Use scissors or a craft knife to cut the laminated stickers.




How Can I Print Labels? Envelope Printing Steps and Guide


Learn more in-depth details here:  Envelope Printing

Where Can I Print Cheap Envelope For My Business?

Why the Delivery Address Won’t Print During Envelope Printing?



Are you looking for easy steps on how you can print your labels for your envelope? Alibaba Printing’s simple envelope printing guide will help you, so read on to know more and see if doing it by yourself would be much better than getting the services of a professional printing company.


Businesses today still use envelopes for important reasons and mostly they are marketing related. With this, companies would choose to make their envelopes in their offices. Here is a simple step by step guide that you can do if you want to try printing labels envelopes on your own.



Step 1: Open and start Word.


Step 2: Click File tab.


Step 3: Tick on Options.


Step 4: Scroll down, in the General option, type in the Mailing address box your return address. Then click on OK.



Before you start printing a batch of envelopes using your printing, you have to verify first to see the printer options are set properly.


Step 1: Click Mailings tab, choose Create group, and then click Envelopes.


Step 2: Tick on Options, then choose Envelope Options tab.


Step 3: Choose the option that matches the size of the envelope you are using in the Envelope size box. If you can’t see any match, scroll down and choose Custom size and then input the dimensions of envelope you are using in the respective Width and Height boxes.


Step 4: Tick on Printing Options tab.

The driver of your printer will inform Word how the envelope should be loaded in the printer, the details are visible in the Printing Options tab of Envelope Options box.


Step 5: Look at the feed method and you will see the right, middle, and left positions of the envelope and whether the short or long edge is fed to the printer.


Step 6: It can be face up or face down for the envelope. The face means it is the side where you will see the printed address.


Step 7: If it is fed short edge, the envelope may have to be rotated so that the text won’t appear upside down on the face of your envelope.



Step 1: Load up envelop into your printer following the guide on the dialog box then click on OK.


Step 2: In the Delivery address box, type a test text, click Print.


Step 3: Check if all the settings are printing correctly on your envelope.


IF NOT, check the following:

  • Check the printer information, if there is any, to see how you can load the envelope correctly in your printer.
  • Update the printer driver.
  • Go to Printing Options tab again in the Envelope Options box, make the necessary adjustments. Print again the envelope.
  • Repeat the steps until you find the right setting that you want for your envelope.


Do you find the steps complicated, time-consuming, or hard for you? Do you want to achieve more professional-looking envelopes for your business? If your answer is YES, you can hire Alibaba Printing for this type of printing service at an affordable price and get only excellent quality envelopes that will surely make the receiver excited to open it.


Are Facial Tissue and Tissue Paper the Same? Tissue Paper Printing Basics


Want to know more? Go here: Tissue Paper Printing

How Many Tissues are in a Wallet Tissue Pack? Origin and Use

What Are the Different Types of Tissues? Tissue Paper Printing Basics



Are you thinking about tissue paper printing as part of your marketing strategy for your business but confused about the difference between toilet paper and facial tissue? Alibaba Printing will help you with the details for you to make an informed decision.


The Difference

The question here is, is there a difference between tissue paper and toilet paper? Both are the same thing, they are disposable wipers that are made from paper pulp.


Toilet paper is made to soften quickly in water to avoid clogging of pipes or damaging the septic system. Facial tissue, on the other hand, has a smoother surface compared to toilet paper, giving the user a softer feel when touching or using the paper. Facial tissue usually has perfumes, lotions as well as other softeners so that it is better to use when blowing or wiping the nose, but it does not dissolve or soften in water as quickly as the toilet paper, which is why it should not be flushed down the toilet.


Which one should you use?

Facial tissue and toilet paper can be a replacement for each other, but you need to consider some things since it would all depend on how you want to use them. If you want to use toilet paper to blow or wipe your nose, you won’t have the same feel as the facial tissue and may even cause more irritation to your nose. Toilet paper can easily tear since it can absorb moisture quickly. If you want facial tissue for wiping in the comfort room, you could damage or clog your septic and plumbing system due to its inability to dissolve quickly.


Which one is cheaper?

Again, it would depend on how you want to use them. If you intend to use tissue paper for your nose, it would be a cheaper choice to use toilet paper instead of facial tissue, and it would also depend on the brand. However, many people want comfort and are willing to spend a few more cents to clean their noses using the smooth facial tissue paper.


Common Brands

Here is a list of the famous brand or facial tissue and toilet paper:

  • Kleenex Facial Tissue is a top-selling brand in America including other items like lotion, cool touch, and anti-viral tissues.
  • Chamin toilet paper offers Ultra ply and 1 ply, Ultra Strong, basic, and Ultra Soft.
  • Puffs facial tissue has Ultra Soft & Strong, with a lotion that is also available.
  • Cottonelle toilet paper has Ultra Soft, 2 ply, and Ultra ply.


Why do brands choose tissue paper printing today for marketing?

Marketers have seen the need for tissues by individuals almost everywhere. With this, the use of pocket-sized facial tissues has become an opportunity for brands to market and promote their names, logos, promotions, and other events effectively. Why? Due to how people use a tissue and the number of times that a person takes it out of their bags gives the brand excellent exposure to everyone around while using the pocket tissue. Plus, you can have packets customized according to your marketing needs at an affordable cost.

Paper Bag Printing? Or Plastic Bags? Where Do Paper Bags Come From?


More info here: Paper Bag Printing

How Do I Use Cheap Printed Paper Bags in Marketing My Brand?

What You Need to Know About Brown Paper Bag Printing



Are you confused about whether to do paper bag printing or keep using plastic bags for your business? Did you ever wonder where paper bags come from? Alibaba Printing will show you helpful details to help you make the right decision for your brand about using these types of bags.


Should you go paper or plastic?

This is a common question, especially if you go out grocery shopping. It may be an as easy choice, but the details behind every bag are not as simple as you think. For business, you should think about the bag’s reusability, durability, life cycle costs, and other factors.


Brown paper bags – Where does it come from?

Paper is made from lots of trees, and the process involved in creating a paper bag is long. When the right trees are found, they are marked and felled in a way that involves cutting. Machinery is used to remove the cut trees from the forest using logging trucks or helicopters, which would depend on how remote the area is. It does have an environmental impact, which is why many are encouraging tree planting and using recyclable materials to avoid the catastrophic impact of logging.


After collecting the trees, they need to be dried for at least three years. Other machinery are used so that the bark will be stripped and then chipped to one-inch squares, cooked under tremendous pressure and heat. The wood stew will next be digested using an acid and limestone chemical mixture. After a few hours of cooking, the wood turns into pulp. It takes about three tons of wood chips to turn it into a ton of pulp.


Next, the pulp will be washed and then bleached, wherein A LOT of clean water is needed. Coloring is also added to the water, 1 part pulp is 400 parts water to produce a paper. The right amount of pulp and water will be dumped into bronze wires formed like a web wherein the water will shower through leaving only the pulp, which will later be rolled into a paper.


Okay, now, that’s just the process of paper. Let’s not forget about the amount of energy, electrical, chemical, and fossil fuel that are used for the raw materials to be turned into a beautiful paper bag which will then be transported all over the world.


But, businesses today prefer the use of paper bags for reasons including its recyclability feature. Plastics are harder to decompose than paper, and many have seen the devastation it has done to mother earth.


Both paper and plastic have their advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on the needs of a business and what it supports environmentally. Many consumers nowadays are enticed by the idea of companies that are marketing for environmental protection or using eco-friendly materials like paper bags.


Aside from that, paper bags have become a good tool in marketing because it is affordable, it provides various sizes, plus it has a wide space for printing your message or logo of a brand. People like to reuse them, providing more market exposure for a long time.



Is it Spelled as Flyer or Flier? Flyer Distribution Basics


Know the full details here: Flyer Distribution

How Many Flyers Do I Need for My Local Flyer Distribution Campaign?

Who is Responsible in the Flyer Distribution Campaign?



Are you confused about the different flyer spellings and meanings? Alibaba Printing will show you one of the flyer distribution basics and the proper way to spell and use the word, to answer this common confusion among many individuals.


Many know that flyer printing and distribution are one of the oldest and traditional advertising methods that are still used by many people today even with today’s technology. Why? The simple answer would be its effectiveness to help the product or service reach its marketing goals. In the article, you will learn various ways of how this word is spelled and understood by others.


A flyer can be something that flies, a pamphlet, or a device that an individual uses to twist yarn.


The flier is another word that is accepted too.


However, the guidelines in using the words flier and flyer would depend from one guide to another.


This simple tool used in marketing could be called a leaflet, a handbill, a circular, a pamphlet, or a flyer. It’s a paper with images and words printed and handed distributed on the streets and now even sent through email.


While many are sure that it is called a flyer, there is still confusion to others about how it should be spelled. And the different versions of its spellings, will it have various meanings too?


The flier is an acceptable word to spell flyer. But sources are specifying that the spellings are dissimilar based on the meaning of each word.


Meanings of Flyer

Flyer could refer to a pamphlet, a paper containing pictures and words used for advertising, spreading information, or propaganda. This is the type of flyer mentioned in the sentence below:


  • The lady is handing out a flyer to promote their company’s products or services.


Next, the flyer could also mean a person, an object that flies, or an animal. In the airport, while waiting to board a flight, a person might want to look at a company’s usual flyer program. In case you don’t know yet, some birds are not food flyers, but the bar-tailed godwit is.

  • The bar-tailed godwit bird is a very good flyer and can fly over the whole length of the Pacific ocean.


The flyer that you use to twist yarn is another thing. If you want to make something out of yarn, then you need a yarn flyer.

  • I bought my grandmother a new yarn flyer to replace the lost one.


Spelling Flyer

There is no standard way in the correct way of spelling the word “flyer,” but it is a fact that it comes in various style guides to prefer diverse spellings. The Chicago Manual of Style and The Elements of Style do not fix the issue on this matter. Those who agree with the spelling “flier” are the Associated Press, the American Heritage College Dictionary, and the Daily Telegraph. For those who are in favor of the spelling “flyer” are Fowler’s Modern English Usage, Oxford Dictionaries website, and the Guardian.


You get to choose how you spell the word flyer, not unless there is a need for you to follow a certain manual style.



How to Print Circle Labels: Sticker Printing in Singapore Basics


More info here: Sticker Printing

Can You Use Any Printer for Cheap Sticker Printing in Singapore?

How Can I Print Vinyl Stickers? Sticker Printing Singapore Easy Guide



Do you want to print circle labels on your own? Alibaba Printing will show you the sticker printing in Singapore basics that will help you on your journey to DIY printing at home.


It’s easy to print a circle using software like Avery Design Pro or Microsoft Word. Many people would think that there are rectangular or squared-shape blank labels, actually it comes in different sizes and also in a circular shape. Below is a list of steps on what you can do to make the circle label on your own. Read on to know the full details.


Through Microsoft Word

  • Open Microsoft word, select FILE, then click NEW.
  • Choose BLANK DOCUMENT, click MAILINGS tab. CREATE group, choose LABELS.
  • Choose OPTIONS from ENVELOPES AND LABELS box. Choose the brand of the labels and product number that you will use. For example, for Avery Labels – #5294, choose AVERY LETTER from LABEL VENDOR drop-down menu, and then from the product number drop-down choose 5294. Click OK once completed.
  • Select NEW DOCUMENT from ENVELOPE AND LABELS box wherein the new document of blank labels will open. You can start typing just like the Word document.
  • Put the blank labels in your printer. You can now print the circle labels by choosing FILE, then PRINT. You can also save your document for another printing set in the future.


Through Avery Design Pro

If you don’t have the Avery Design Pro software yet, you can download it from the website of Avery.


  • Open the Design Pro software then choose DESIGN FROM SCRATCH.
  • Choose a label template from the drop-down list you will see. For example, choose 5294 then click on OK. If you can’t find the number on the list, you can use the software’s search feature. If you want the pre-installed template to be used for your round label, choose PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATE, and then look for the label number in the folders found on the left, then choose the label number.
  • You can add photos, graphics, text, and clip art to the circle label by simply types in the file or document using the toolbar icons so that you can insert and then edit the text and images.
  • Put the blank labels in your printer then choose PRINT from the FILE menu or click the toolbar icon printing. Save the labels by choosing SAVE from the FILE menu or simply cling the toolbar icon to save the file.


Pretty simple, right? If you need help on the more technical side of printing the labels and more complicated designs that are professional looking for your business at the same time, you can always call Alibaba Printing, especially if you need to print in bulks.


The best thing about hiring professionals to do the printing job for you is that you can just sit and wait for the labels to be done. Plus it’s not that expensive. In fact, it is affordable and perfect for those who need it for business purposes.


Where Can I Print Cheap Envelope For My Business?


More helpful details here: Cheap Envelope

The Essential Elements in Envelope Printing

How Can I Print Labels? Envelope Printing Steps and Guide



Are you looking for information as to where you can print a cheap envelope for your business? Alibaba Printing will show you important details that you need to remember; read on to learn more.


Did you know that envelopes that are customized play a crucial part in your business messaging and branding or even for personal use? It does! And you have many options for you to create the perfect design that depends on your purpose or marketing goals. If you want to catch the receiver’s attention, stir excitement and curiosity; it is best to create a custom-designed envelope that includes a letterhead, sales letter, and business card to show a professional envelope look. You can select from the multiple sizes available, the wide variety of paper stock, and you can print in full color too.


Finding the Right Printing Company

It is highly recommended to schedule a call with the printing company for you to get more details when it comes to printing packages, prices, and other crucial info that you need to know, especially if it involves planning, designing, and budgeting.


Where? Singapore has a lot of printing companies, but check their background experience, the number of years, the feedbacks, reviews, comments or testimonies, the equipment, package rates, and how well they can answer questions and inquiries.


Printing Cheap Envelope

When we say cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s tasteless or something that looks unattractive. It means it’s affordable and still gets the best printing quality and services. Remember, that the more you order in bulk, the cheaper the price will be.


Common FAQs 


  • What is digital printing? – It is a process wherein you can print straight from a digital or electronic file to an ink- or toner-based printer. It is cost-effective and high-quality printing in small quantities that has a quick turnaround time.
  • Can I get a price quotation? – Yes. All you need to do is to inform the printing company what services you need through phone or email.
  • Can you help me with designing my envelope? – Most printing companies have an in-house graphic designer who is professional and well-experienced that can assist you.
  • Can you turn the hardcopy originals into the electronic format? – there are printing companies that can capture hardcopy documents and then turn them into digital format. But you have to ask first if they offer this service.
  • What are the different file types that are mostly accepted in the computers of the printing companies? – the most common types that printing companies accept include Excel®, Microsoft® Word, Publisher™, PowerPoint®, Adobe™ PDF, etc. PDF files mostly meet the color and quality expectations of a document.
  • How can I send my electronic document or file to have them printed? – you send it via email, USB, or CD.
  • How long will my job order be completed? – It all depends on how complex the order is. It mostly takes a few days to complete a single project.





How Many Tissues are in a Wallet Tissue Pack? Origin and Use


More helpful info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Tissue Paper Printing 101: What is Tissue Paper?

Are Facial Tissue and Tissue Paper the Same? Tissue Paper Printing Basics



Would you like to know how many tissues are in a wallet tissue pack? What are its origin and use? Alibaba Printing will show you informative details that will answer these questions, so read on to know more.


Before that, let’s get to know a little more about this useful product. We all know that tissue deserves a special place. No matter what the weather or situation may be, most people would have their tissue packs in their bags, pouches, pockets, at home, desk, and many others! People need it because it helps in personal hygiene and overall cleanliness.


Origin and Its Use

The tissue paper has noble and ancient origins and was used by the Egyptians first. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a decorative accessory until they were transformed into true seduction tools in the 19th century for the aristocrats. It then deeply changed their traditions and customs. It is cheap, practical, useful, and disposable.


Design on the Packaging

The packaging of tissue should be as comfortable and handy as the product. The pack itself is resealable to keep it clean, and it should also be space-saving so that people can carry it along easily.


The most popular type of tissue pack today is the ones that are packed in plastic. The tissue boxes that are made of paperboard designed by shapes and graphic colorful designs are also captivating the market. Believe it or not, some of the tissue sets are collectibles!


The colors, graphic elements, and shapes for every product changes and can’t be set with a standard. The cuts, both resealable and tear-off ones, do not adhere to any logic. You will notice simple holes, complex cuts, or nose-shaped holders where the tissues come out.


Small Packet: How Many?

Many businesses or brands today are requesting customized wallet tissues for marketing reasons. The small packets are preferred by many because it is handy and a good addition to a handbag, purse, wallet, or pocket.


The packet contains ten 3-ply tissues that are durable and soft. Once you grab a tissue, you can reseal it for your convenience. The packets with custom designs are also perfect for hospitals, health clinics, etc. The size is 3″ x 2-1/8″ x 7/8″.


Highlights and Use

It is awesome for facial care use or quick cleanups. The tissue is 3-ply ultra-soft, which is gentle to the skin. Its small wallet size is perfect for travel.


Businesses can have it packaged in assorted colors, including their marketing message, brand logo, etc. It also can be designed aesthetically with a pleasing style, which creates a lasting impression for those who can see the product. It encourages brand memory as well, due to long-term exposure to the user.


The soft and gentle tissue is made to deliver strength and softness in a travel-sized pack that is convenient for the user to carry around with him or her anytime.


Brands who want to take advantage of this marketing method will surely save money compared to the traditional ways of advertising and promotion since the wallet tissues are more affordable, attention-grabbing, and satisfying to many people.








How Do I Use Cheap Printed Paper Bags in Marketing My Brand?


In-depth info here: Paper Bag Printing

What is the Purpose of Paper Bag Printing?

Paper Bag Printing? Or Plastic Bags? Where Do Paper Bags Come From?



Did you know that cheap printed paper bags can help you engage with your customers? Alibaba Printing will show you how you can use it for you to market your brand effectively?


People today choose paper bags over plastic bags for several reasons. According to research made, about 79% believe that it is more pleasant for them to handle and touch paper. 93% agree that paper should be used more as packaging, and it is sustainable at the same time. And about 86% agree that they would choose paper packaging over other types of packaging materials.


Retailers are using shopping bags to help them transport their purchases easily. And if you want to switch from plastic bags to paper bags in marketing your brand at the same time, take note of the following details below:


  • The paper bag should be big enough to carry the items that your customers have purchased.
  • It should also be strong enough to support all the goods’ weight inside it and can withstand the conditions during transportation.
  • It should be a good medium that can support the brand equity of your business. Paper gives you several advantages because of its favorable characteristics; it is tactile and stiff, allowing you to print in colors.


Objectives You Should Achieve

Below are the functions that you can use when assessing the kind of material that you want to use for your paper bag:


  • Give out truly ecological bags.
  • Develop delivery of buying.
  • Support new customer culture.
  • Promote with imagination.
  • Show social concern.
  • Remain in your buyers’ minds.


Paper Bags Can Be the Center of Attention

Research also showed that 85% of passers-by see the message on the paper bag, and 80% of customers said that they find it more pleasant and attractive to see a brand printed on paper.


Paper bags help you unleash your creativity, which can boost brand image because of its shape, print quality, and texture. It is also an affordable advertising medium that businesses can choose, effective in creating that needed impact throughout the target market or location.


Paper Bags Can Carry Almost Anything

It is the perfect packaging for many types of products in the market and different industries ranging from fashion, luxury items, food, decorative items, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. The paper bags should withstand all types of products and heavy weights for buying and pass the test.


You have to choose the right paper size and shape for the products that you offer. It should fit or be spacious enough to put in your items every time a customer makes a purchase.


It is an asset to every business if the paper bag itself is durable and strong. It can protect your goods, help you save money, and reduce waste at the same time.


Cheap printed paper bags can be perfect in marketing your business, especially if you know the goals that you want to achieve for your brand.


How Many Flyers Do I Need for My Local Flyer Distribution Campaign?


Know more here: Flyer Distribution

Do Flyer Distribution Work for Businesses Today?

Is it Spelled as Flyer or Flier? Flyer Distribution Basics



Do you want a local flyer distribution campaign for your business but do not know how many flyers you need? Alibaba Printing is here to help you with the details, especially on what you need to take note of before deciding on how many you want to print.


An effective flyer campaign entails work, time, effort, dedication, and a certain number of flyers. You won’t reach your marketing goals if you only print about a hundred flyers for your business distributed around the streets near you. Did you know that printing the right quantity of flyers will maximize the effectiveness of the campaign and save you money at the same time? If not, read on to know more!


Although we want to reach many people as much as we can, we also have to avoid printing excess flyers, which is why it is better to make a rough calculation than a wild guess. There are factors that you need to think about before deciding on how many you want to print. Below are the details that you should take note of:


What is your marketing strategy?

You should be able to answer the question and know how much time do you need to spend on flyer marketing around all your marketing activities. If it is going to be your main strategy, you need hundreds to thousands printed for you to see the effect. But if it’s only to supplement a television or online campaign, you can print a smaller number that can be handed out to specific locations.


How much are you willing to spend?

The marketing budget is a big factor. Campaigns with a huge amount of budget can print and distribute as many as 200,000 flyers. If you have a tighter budget, you will need to check how much the cost will be for the different flyer printing packages. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:


  • You can reduce printing costs if you order in bulk.
  • Check discount codes and special offers from websites of different printing companies.
  • If you only have a single-sided flyer, you can partner with another company and sell the other side of the space to split the cost of printing.


What is your marketing goal?

Check your marketing goals again, and look at your main objective. What do you want to achieve with the campaign? How many customers do you want to target?


If the average response rate is about 3% for every 100 flyers, you will need to print 3,000 flyers or more if you want to get 100 new customers.


Who is your target audience?

Do you know the market for your business? If you are looking at the general population, you might be needing more than 200,000 flyers. If you have a certain niche, you don’t need a lot; a few hundreds of flyers could work.


What is your method of distribution?

The quantity would also depend on how you want to give your flyers away. If you want a person-to-person, large-scale method of distribution in areas that have many people, you need to print quite a few hundreds of your flyers. If you are mailing them or sending them through a newspaper bundle, you can print according to the number of physical addresses you have listed or names of people you have in your database.


Can You Use Any Printer for Cheap Sticker Printing in Singapore?


Find out more here: Sticker Printing

How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?

How to Print Circle Labels: Sticker Printing in Singapore Basics



Do you want to know if cheap sticker printing in Singapore uses any kind of printer? Alibaba Printing helps you understand that printing stickers can be easy but costly if done wrong.


Stickers have become popular these days due to its capability to help a brand promote their name. It has a lot of uses too, and you can see them almost anywhere or on anything.


Basic Info


Before we dig into printing, let’s learn a little about stickers – specifically its backing paper, release liner, glassine, or carrier. The release liners are usually made of paper wherein one side (at times two sides) is silicone coated so that the label can be removed cleanly from its liner. This part is mostly known as self-adhesive paper, peelable paper, or self-adhesive sticker/label with a sticker. A sticker won’t be called by its name without the release liners.


Kind of Paper

Matte paper is equal to a standard printer paper with an adhesive backing. It is easy to write using a pencil or pen. But, it is not as bright or smooth as glossy sticker paper, especially if you want to print light colors.



Can You Use Any Printer to Make A Cheap Sticker?


Well, if we go directly to printing a sticker, you simply insert a single sheet of sticker paper in the printer that you have. You don’t put many since it is thick, and it could get stuck if you want it to feed more than a single sheet at a time. However, some printers are very particular with the printing settings and whether you can print on the type of paper that you have. Read the next details.


Printing Stickers Using a Normal Paper


First, you have to check if your printer is an inkjet or laser type of printer. Inkjet sticker paper is made for inkjet printers, laser sticker paper is intended for laser printers. You do not mix them up. Why? Because inkjet sticker paper can melt if you try to use it with the laser printer that you have. Always use the right kind of sticker paper to avoid ending up spending more.


Here are some names of sticker papers that have high ratings and excellent reviews that you can try to use when printing stickers.


  • Avery Printable Sticker Paper – Matte White, 8.5 x 11 Inches – Inkjet Printers, 15 Sheets (3383)
  • LD Glossy Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper – (8.5X11) 100 Pack.
  • GoldenTrading – 100 x A4 White Glossy Self Adhesive Sticker Paper – Full Sheet Label Laser Inkjet Print.


Printing Stickers on Your Own VERSUS Professional Printing Company


You can do this at home on your own. If you want to start from scratch, you’ll have to edit using editing software or get some designs online. Once you are done, you have to insert the sticker paper in the tray one by one. Click FILE, click PRINT. Check the printer properties and select PHOTO PAPER and then choose the print quality.


But if you want to use it for marketing purposes or your business, it is best to let the professionals handle the designing and printing. They know the right combination of colors and printing settings to ensure that you get the right printed color that you prefer. Plus, it is not expensive, you can get an affordable printing package with Alibaba Printing.


What is the Purpose of Paper Bag Printing?

Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 1728×1080, File size: 119Kb, five multi-colored gift bags


In-depth details here: Paper Bag Printing

Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?

How Do I Use Cheap Printed Paper Bags in Marketing My Brand?



Are you looking for answers on the purpose of paper bag printing for your business? Alibaba Printing helps you understand the function and how this marketing tool can help your brand at the same time.


Many people would think paper bags are just bags that you can use and then throw away after. But if you have a business or you belong in the marketing world, you know there is more to it than just using it as something you put your stuff inside.


What are a paper bag and its function?


A paper bag is a kind of contemporary bag that is used by many people in different ways. Although it’s not a fashion bag, it is versatile enough to replace plastic bags. It comes in different sizes and colors too. Many brands are coming up in style for a reason. It functions just like a plastic bag wherein you place your stuff.


It is called a paper bag because it is made of paper. It can be made from a thick kind of paper like manila paper, hardcover paper, calendar paper, rainbow paper, paperboard, etc. The main point here is that it is thick enough not to be torn apart easily, which is why it is loved by many. It is modern, simple, and you can customize it.


Its appearance can give a practical function. It is easy to carry, sturdy, and spacious inside.


Small items like accessories, cosmetics, souvenirs, and snacks are perfect in a smaller paper bag, while the larger paper bags can carry cloth, paper, books, food, and many others. But the weight should also not overpower the capacity of a paper bag. Another thing that people love about using paper bags is it allows you to carry food without having to think about the dangerous ingredients in plastic bags.


Other Functions and Advantages


One of the main reasons why many would choose paper bag printing for their business rather than using a plastic bag is that people today are environmentally concerned, specifically in waste reduction and recycling. It encourages customer loyalty when a company shows compassion to the environment or the earth.


Plastic bags are mostly used one time, and many will throw them away, causing pollution. Paper bags take lesser time to break down and recycle.


Some functions of a paper bag include:

  • Souvenir – it’s not just for marketing, events, or business since it can also be for personal use like at weddings or birthdays. Many use it in corporate events, seminars, etc.
  • Take out bag – many restaurants and even small food businesses use paper bags for take-outs. It’s doesn’t take too much storage space; it is easy to keep; and easy to use when putting bread, fried foods, salad, etc.
  • Practical – it can be used as lunch bags too.
  • For business or marketing – this is what marketing people love, the space of the paper bag, and exposure that you can get when your brand or logo is printed on the paper bag. It has now become one of the hottest promotional tools today, giving you several advantages:


– It is more fashionable than a plain plastic bag.

– You can choose different colors.

– You can print different images.

– It is easy to design with a wide space you can use.

– It can be reused many times because it is durable enough.

– You can DIY.

– It is an affordable way to advertise when compared to traditional methods.

– It comes in different sizes and shapes.

– It is eco-friendly.




Do Flyer Distribution Work for Businesses Today?


Full Details: Flyer Distribution

How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?

How Many Flyers Do I Need for My Local Flyer Distribution Campaign?



Are you having doubts about whether flyer distribution will still work for your business today? Alibaba Printing can clear up your mind on this matter and give you details behind why it can become a successful marketing tool.


Marketers are preoccupied these days due to the modern age and focusing more on digital marketing channels. People today spend more hours on digital channels and will continue to increase over the years. But, offline advertising techniques like flyer distribution offers true value to businesses or brands. But are will it work for your business and achieve ROI goal?


Is It Worth It?

The prices may range depending on the printing company and distribution packages that they offer, which will site different factors such as the type of paper, printing, design, color, size, quantity, how long the campaign will run, etc.


You will need to talk to the company you want to work with and arrange the details to see if it fits your budget. There is a planning stage and from there, you’ll know what you need to pay for, from the start until the end of the campaign, printing to distribution and reporting. But if you compare it to traditional means like T.V. ads, flyers allow you to be more specific on your target, and it is cheaper too.


Even if there are an increase and access to low-cost digital ways, the method is still the well-respected marketing technique in the past years that works well as being part of a combined campaign.


Is it capable of genuine ROI?

Definitely, YES. For you to appreciate it, we can compare it with other offline marketing techniques. Billboards, for example, flyers perform well over outdoor advertising since it can generate high levels of engagement within a targeted audience, and not only that, it can also drive conversion and trigger more interaction with your brand.


According to research, customers visited a promoted website or store and requested more information about the brand or bought a product right after they received the flyer (door-to-door).


It is a clear picture that this method is still effective as a component of a combined campaign and a standalone technique of marketing. When building campaigns, one thing you need to keep in mind is the boosted levels of engagement and activations that are triggered by flyers can justify a fairly high spend.


Including Offers and Coupons

There is a boost in engagement rate if in-store discounts or money-off coupons are included. You can create a limited-time discounted in your stores since it can give direct value to your customers and stir urgency in your campaign, which encourages response from the receiver.


Remember, the flyer must be reinforced with a strong value proposition. If you have something worthwhile to say or if you offer value, it will be harder for clients to disregard your message.


Using methods simultaneously like shared distribution to reduce expenses can increase your return on investment and allow you to get more value for your money as a marketer.



How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?


In-depth details here: Sticker Printing

How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?

Can You Use Any Printer for Cheap Sticker Printing in Singapore?



Are you thinking about doing sticker printing in Singapore by yourself at home? If you are, Alibaba Printing can give you simple tips that you can remember. But in case you don’t have too much time and equipment to do so, we are always ready to assist all our clients.


Most already know that stickers are versatile and cost-effective when it comes to using it as a way to advertise and promote a brand. You can see it almost everywhere: on cars, door jambs, signs, etc. One of the benefits of stickers is its long shelf-life for a low cost. Stickers have graphics that are eye-catching compared to labels that usually contain information like logo, address, contact details, etc. Since you are looking for info on how you can print the stickers at home by yourself, let’s get right into it.



  • The type of paper is important. You can choose between paper and vinyl. You can also find pre-cut stickers shaped in oval, round, square, and rectangular. Having a Cricut machine would be helpful, especially if you want more details with your sticker. Another you need to remember is whether the type of paper would be compatible with your printer at home. Some printers are very specific, so be sure to check the manual to avoid spending and wasting money on sticker papers you can’t use to print.


  • The Printer. What is the best printer? If you are thinking about buying one first, then a little research will help. It would all depend on the design of your sticker. You can buy a 4-color inkjet printer with a print resolution of 1200 dpi. But if your sticker design needs more dynamic colors and tonal variation, buy the one that no less than six cartridges. You can look up Canon® PIXMA® TS6220, HP® Envy® 7155, Canon® PIXMA® Pro-100, Canon® PIXMA® Pro-100, and see which one would best fit your needs.


  • The overall process. Firstly, you need to design your sticker using editing software that you can use. Mostly for first-timers, attempting to do it on your own could be costly and time consuming on your part, especially if you don’t do it correctly. There are a few things you need to remember:


– Color match: accurate colors will depend on the print process that you choose. CMYK is commonly used in home printing and professional presses that are budget-friendly.


– Choose the RIGHT colors – in CMYK, the lighter colors don’t usually translate well. Wrong choices of design shades could end up differently.


  • Lastingness: Not all stickers can last forever. The longevity of a sticker would depend on factors including ink, print process, and paper. If you want your sticker to withstand the test of time, make sure to research more on supply options.


Well, these are just a few details, and you might be thinking it entails a lot of work. For a person who is busy and doesn’t have the editing skills and equipment, it’s a YES. Don’t fret, printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help out and make it easier for you.


Tissue Paper Printing 101: What is Tissue Paper?


Full info here: Tissue Printing

Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?

How Many Tissues are in a Wallet Tissue Pack? Origin and Use


Do you want to know what tissue paper is and how it is made? Alibaba Printing is an established printing company that caters to those who are looking for printing services in tissue packs. Read on if you want to know more about this amazing material.


Tissues are part of everyone’s needs. It is also an awesome material used in different ways, like gift wrapping. It offers protection to sensitive or fragile items too.


Tissue paper is super light in weight, and it is mostly made from recycled paper pulp. Tissue paper has different forms, including facial tissues, toilet tissue, paper towels, wrapping tissue, etc. The evolution of this material has come a long way.


Tissue paper is made of wood fiber paper pulp or recycled materials such as newspapers, cardboard, some juice cartons, etc. The wet pulp is rolled on the machine until the thickness is achieved. It is then dried in a steam-heated part of the machine and rolled into logs or huge cylinders to be cut in a certain size.


Crepe Paper and Tissue Paper


The tissue paper is not the same as crepe paper even if both have similar raw materials, but the main difference is the beginning of their manufacturing processes. Crepe paper begins as a tissue paper wherein a thin layer of adhesive is placed over it and then scraped with a blade, creating a crinkled and gathered effect. It is mostly used in crafts and backing of some kinds of tape like electrical tape and masking tape.


Ream of Tissue Paper

The ream is one unit of paper wherein the sheets have the same quality and size. The international standard quantity for tissue paper ream is 480 sheets. Sounds a lot, right? Each ream only weighs about 3×1 liter water bottles.


All types of paper may come in different thicknesses, measured in GSM or grams per square meter.


This is just the basics of tissue paper. Today, you will find pocket tissues with awesome designs on its pack, mostly used for businesses nowadays as part of their marketing tool.


Pocket Tissue Paper Printing

The use of tissue has become a need for many, and people bring it with them all the time. Marketers have seen a market opportunity, and brands can take advantage of this fact if you want long-lasting advertisements at a low cost.


Businesses can enjoy several benefits of this marketing tool.

  • When pocket tissues are given, they are not usually thrown away. People keep it and reuse it over and over again until the tissues in the pack are used up.
  • It is cheaper than any other form of traditional advertisements.
  • It allows you to become more creative and design a message to ensure the target audience understands it.
  • It allows you to boost your market presence, and people will remember your brand too.


Now you know how the tissue is made and the opportunity it comes with it for your business. It’s something you can take advantage of, especially if you have the budget to promote your brand effectively.







Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?


In depth details here: Paper Bag Printing

Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?

What is the Purpose of Paper Bag Printing?



Are you wondering about using kraft paper for paper bag printing, and what colors would fit best? Alibaba Printing will tell you the details based on their years of experience in the printing industry.


Kraft paper is used for different reasons in printing because it gives an old and antique look effect and feels. Using a laser or inkjet printer with brown kraft paper can cause problems due to its thickness, but there is a different printing method for it.


Why is the color of kraft paper brown?


The sack paper wood pulp is made from softwood through the kraft process. The long fibers are giving the kraft paper strength. Wet strength is also added to improve its strength more. Brown and white grade are produced. The paper is then microchipped to give it elasticity and porosity.



If you want to print on kraft paper, here some steps you can follow:

  • First, you need to buy a sheet of kraft paper, or you can recycle your grocery paper bags.
  • There are patterns that you can use over the internet for the design. If you know how to use an editing software, you can make a design from scratch.
  • Load one kraft paper to the bypass tray of the printer, then print.
  • Remove the printed paper so that it won’t cause problems during the next printing pf document.


It’s possible to print at home, but you have to take note of the thickness of the kraft paper. If you are using the paper bag as giveaways for business, and you need to print in bulk, it is highly recommended to get the professional services of printing.


Is it possible to print white ink on a kraft paper bag?


If you want to print using white ink on a kraft paper, you can achieve a similar effect by printing a kraft style background using a recycled stock.


The best colors to print on a brown kraft paper


If you are planning to use the paper bags as part of your marketing campaign, the brown kraft paper is not as versatile as the white one if you would like to apply different colors to it. It is highly recommended to stick to dark, black, or muted shades or tones. Such colors are not affected that much by the brown color of the paper and it can give a good contrast at the same time. Aside from black, all colors are affected to some extent when you print them on a brown kraft paper.


What color should you avoid?

Yellow, light, or pale colors should be avoided since it doesn’t have enough contrasting power against the brown color of the kraft paper. Check the color wheel to give you an idea of which color and tone work best.


Another tip: the manufacturing of this kind of paper will depend and may result in variation for the color of the sheet, wherein the front is darker than the backside



How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?


Full details here: Flyer Distribution

Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind

Do Flyer Distribution Work for Businesses Today?



Are you trying to find proven details on how you can get most of your flyer distribution campaign? Look no further! Alibaba Printing can show you how you can achieve it, based on years of experience in this line of work and industry.


Giving of flyers is planned and not just because you want to do it for no reason. It always has marketing goals that you want to achieve for your business. Before starting the distribution campaign, there are certain issues that you need to look into first.


  • What is your message that you want your receiver to understand? What are you trying to do? Is it an opening event? A promo? Or both? Make sure the flyer is ready with the perfect details. There is no turning back once you approve the design for printing hundreds or thousands of copies.


  • Timing is everything. Paper is not durable and won’t last long. Check the local weather forecast for heavy winds, rain, snow, etc. Adjust the schedule if there will be weather troubles on the day of your distribution. Holidays are the busiest, and you’ll be competing with the decorations all around like during Christmas or Halloween, so take note that spaces might not be available as the regular days, better prepare ahead.


  • Who is your target audience? Can a general audience read your flyer or more specific ones? Handing the flyers out to people is one thing, but giving them to the RIGHT individuals is another thing.


  • Method of distribution. You have a few choices in distributing the flyers:

– Hanging of flyers in the community or public areas.

– Stack flyers in high-traffic locations.

– Hand the flyers directly to individuals.

– Door-to-door or car-to-car.


Whatever you choose, you need to consider the quantity and time of getting rid of them all. Another thing to remember is to get the necessary PERMIT or PERMISSIONS before the campaign day.


  • Experienced distribution team. Doing it alone will take you a lot of time, but distributing with a team will give you quick results. If you don’t have a support team from your company, you can hire a team from marketing or flyering agency that has monitoring and reporting after every campaign did to keep you updated.


  • Geographic and demographic targeting. Local businesses can target a specific location that can benefit from their products or services. Demographics are selecting specific people when handing out the flyers who can benefit from the message of the flyer to get a higher success rate.


True that flyers and distributing them is affordable, but you can throw money away if you are not doing it right. Many businesses would fail at looking at these issues and end up wasting paper, money, and time. You can create a smart plan to help you with your flyer campaign to get the most out of it and achieve your personal goals and marketing plans.



How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?

Full info here: Sticker Printing

Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl

How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?



Are you trying to do transparent sticker printing in Singapore on your own? Or are you also thinking about hiring the professional services of a printing company? Alibaba Printing will show you the step by step guide if you want to do the printing on your own and tell why paying for the printing company would be a much better choice.


Most people know that printers usually print on white paper and is just limited to that. Such equipment can print with colors and also on transparent ones, which are called sticker sheets, and many don’t know that you can make stickers from it. There are transparent sticker papers that already come in precut shapes like rectangles and circles, but there are also plain ones that you need to cut manually.


Follow these steps if you want to do it on your own using your printer:


STEP1: You should know if your printer is an inkjet or laser technology. Check the manual.


STEP2: Use the right kind of sticker paper for the printer that you have since there specific brands, and some are compatible with laser and inkjet. Find out the purpose of printing that sticker so that you can choose between the precut or the plain ones.


STEP3: Just put the paper in the tray part of the printer. Usually, remember the labels should face down since the printers mostly print on that certain side.


STEP4: Arrange the data in your image editor or word processor so that your images will be printed on the right side of the paper. Use the ruler so that you can measure the right height and length of the stickers, including the distance. You can see rulers on the top of the screen, use it, and make adjustments if needed.


STEP5: Print the document by clicking the FILE tab, then PRINT. You can also directly press the PRINTER icon on the toolbar.


STEP6: double-check if the printer was able to print on the sticker. You can repeat step 4 and check all the data before reprinting again.


STEP7: If you bought an unmodified sticker sheet, manually cut the sticker using scissors.



The steps may sound simple, but it takes effort in designing the stickers and time too. You need to carefully set up the data to ensure that you don’t end up wasting paper due to wrong measurements.


It does involve some technicalities, and if you are not used to doing so, and you need to print in bulk, better ask the help of a professional printing company, especially if you are doing it for your marketing purposes.


Printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help you design from scratch, create the perfect design and combination of colors, and use the right kind of paper that fits the needs of your goals. The cost involved is not expensive, and you just need to provide the necessary details during the creation stage. Plus, you don’t need to cut the sticker manually since you have different options you can choose from for this.





Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?


Full details here: Tissue

Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool

Tissue Paper Printing 101: What is Tissue Paper?



Are you thinking about incorporating tissue paper printing in your marketing plans but having doubts if it can help your business or not? Alibaba Printing will discuss helpful details for you to know it has a positive impact on business or not.


Tissue pack marketing is not that familiar, but this inexpensive marketing tactic is making businesses in other parts of the world adopt the same technique. Tissue packs account for millions of sales each year in different countries, and this is a number that you don’t want to ignore. Brands are looking for affordable marketing tools that can help advertise their products and/or services. With this, there is a huge potential of getting a big market without having to spend A LOT!


Why has it gained attraction today?

There is a simple answer to this question: People need tissues, and most of them bring it anywhere with them. Because of humidity, sweat, or hygienic purposes in general, people bring with them tissue packs all the time. But those are not just the main reason for its success; in actuality, this method is cheaper than other forms of advertisements offline. It is an effective, cost-efficient solution that can create a huge impact.


One of the most interesting parts is that it is a bit similar to flyer promotion, wherein the distribution team also hands them out manually. But one main difference is that the receivers of flyers don’t have much use of the paper compared to the tissue pack wherein they can use it later on. The flyers received are mostly read, kept, or thrown away.


Tissues are a valuable thing today, and no one wants to throw them right away. Printed tissue packs have a longer life span and have more importance in terms of usage. Plus, let’s say the person does not need the tissue pack, he or she can give it to another person instead of throwing it away easily. Your investment in this method won’t be a waste.


Tissue packs are mostly handed out in other countries to people who are walking in streets, subways, or in high traffic areas. The results of this kind of promotional method are promising according to the results of the research conducted. There is a 75% acceptance rate for the tissue packs, which is higher than any other offline marketing tools and strategies.


And, people like to look at the colorful ads on the tissue pack while they are using it. Your promotion meets the end goal more often. It is a win-win for you and the receiver wherein you convey your message, and the receiver can use something valuable.


Using this method for your business could be a game-changer for your marketing scheme. It is easier to produce, has a higher exposure rate, and people will convey your message in a short time.





The Essential Elements in Envelope Printing



More in-depth details here: Envelope Printing

How Can Envelope Printing Benefit Your Business Amidst Technological Progress?

Where Can I Print Cheap Envelope For My Business?


Are you looking for details on must-have elements in envelope printing? If you are, Alibaba Printing will tell you what you need to know to help you prepare the information before heading out to the printing company.


Businesses know that envelopes are just as important as the content in it. If they are not well-designed, clients are not motivated to open them, which will end your chance of sending your message to your customers. It is vital to consider applying the right marketing strategy before sending out the mails.


Here are some of the essential elements in marketing that you can incorporate for your campaign in a direct-mail sales letter.


  • Plan Ahead – the copy, design, message, and size of your company envelopes matter and should be discussed in the planning stage of your campaign. For your sales letter to be a success, your receivers should read it, which is why the envelopes should be enticing enough wherein they are excited to open and check out what is inside. Write down the goals of your campaign, the actions that your receivers might take, and how your envelopes can become an effective introduction.
  • Awesome List of Receivers – this is a basic part of direct-mail marketing wherein the campaign for your sales letters must meet the standards of your audience that are highly targeted. There is a 40/40/20 rule wherein 40% of the direct mail success depends on the mailing list quality. You need to understand who your customers are and what motivates them to open the envelopes, and what you offer is beneficial for them wherein they are likely to respond positively.
  • Offer and Call to Action Must be Included – this does not mean the end-all-be-all, final call to action. The call to action of your envelope is to open it and see what is inside using words like ‘Open immediately – and learn the..,’ it gives the audience a reason to open the envelope and read the contents.
  • Design is Alluring – vivid images with attractive colors and bold headlines can grab the receiver’s eyes quickly. Make sure the envelopes will stand out over all the junk mail that they also receive. But it will also depend on the nature of the sales letter wherein you can include other graphic elements. Envelopes usually look like confidential material, which is why you have to create the right combination of details to make sure your brand won’t end up looking cheap because of a dull and not well-designed envelope.
  • Test and Repeat – even the slightest variation can have an impact on your campaign in terms of envelope size, design, and copy. You can test out different envelopes on a smaller market segment before doing the full-scale campaign. Track down the response so that you can compare which one shows a higher ROI. Repeat the mailings by sending out another sales letter like a full-color postcard direct-mail marketing. You want your prospects to keep your brand fresh in their minds. For best results, you can try mailing six weeks apart.


If you do it right, you will reap the benefits later on.




Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?


Full details here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?

Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?



Are you thinking about using print on paper bags for your business? Alibaba Printing can show you crucial details that will help you make the right decision.


There are different sizes of paper bags that you can choose from, and choosing the right kind for your business might be a bit challenging. Paper bags come in white and brown colors. The brown paper bags are used more than the white ones. But if you are thinking about attracting customers, the white bags can highlight your brand’s logo, and the appearance is cleaner as well. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, since both colors have thick construction, resistant to rips and tears.


Which One Should You Choose?

Are you running a restaurant or a small deli? The shopping bags or paper lunch bags that have bag handles are the best options for you. Grocery stores need something that’s a heavyweight. The point here it all depends on the type of products you are selling. Below are some helpful details on the types of paper bags, capacities, width, average length, and height dimensions.


  • Lunch Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 5 lb.

– Length: 11″

– Width: 3 – 5 1/4″

– Height: 5 – 10″


  • Grocery Bags

– Capacity: 2 – 25 lb.

– Length: 17″

– Width: 4 – 12″

– Height: 7 – 18″


  • Beer, Liquor, and Wine Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: Varies

– Width: 3 – 10″

– Height: 11 – 16″


  • Baguette Bread Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: —

– Width: 4 – 5 1/2″

– Height: 16 – 28″


  • Produce Bags

– Capacity: 1/4 – 1 pk.

– Length: Varies

– Width: 6 – 8″

– Height: 8 – 10 1/2″


  • Recloseable Tin Tie Coffee Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 8 lb.

– Length: 9 3/4″

– Width: 4 – 6 1/2″

– Height: 7 – 16″


  • Merchandise Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: —

– Width: 6 – 21″

– Height: 9 – 24″


Note: The length here is the dimension from side to side of the base of the bag. Width is the dimension from front to back of the base of the bag.



Many already know that paper bags are 100% reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. A lot of paper bags can hold more weight or pressure compared to using plastic bags. It also presents less risk of suffocation to animals and young kids.



One of the downsides of using paper bags when compared to plastic bags is that it is not waterproof. Using paper bags is more expensive than plastic bags. It can also take more of your storage space than plastic bags and are significantly heavier too.



There are benefits and drawbacks, but it also depends on what your brand supports. Today, people are concerned with the environment, and many believe that using paper is a lot more beneficial than plastic bags. Many companies today are shifting to paper bags not just for environmental reasons but also because of the marketing benefits that it offers.



Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind


Want to know more? Go here: Flyer Distribution

Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People

How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?



Do you need an express flyer distribution service for your upcoming event? If you do, Alibaba Printing caters to clients that need quick service. For this, you might want to keep some things in mind to help you accomplish your tasks at hand.


Many already know that the distribution of flyers is an effective marketing tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals, especially if it is well-planned and executed accordingly. It can help the business generate and build clients, as long as the design of the flyer is right for the brand and the distribution technique is smart, allowing you to capitalize on a cost-efficient tool that can reach potential customers.


The printing and distribution services are relatively inexpensive, helping you promote your brand to your target audience, especially if you do it right. According to statistics, the paper is still a hot medium used by many marketers to deliver the message to their potential clients. Printing and distribution of flyers is still the most preferred method in receiving messages from businesses in the local area, according to a recent study.


Yes, the use of flyers is still hot, and the two main things that help in getting the most out of the campaign are DESIGN and DISTRIBUTION. Below are the best tips that you should keep in mind or write down.


You have the option to do it on your own or hire the services of a printing company. You can find a lot of pre-programmed sample flyers over the internet that you can simply edit for free. Remember, the success would depend on the design, and if you don’t have the eye for it, you could end up putting too many elements on your flyer. It is highly recommended to let the professional graphics designers handle it. Remember the following details below:


  • Keep it SIMPLE – an image or picture can speak a thousand words; you can take advantage of this fact. Don’t clutter the design with too many words. You want to awaken the interest of the reader, not make them throw your flyer away to the garbage.
  • Make sure the headline is catchy, even you want to call your own business! A ‘call to action’ portion is a must. Create a headline that turns heads and describes your brand at the same time, and contact information must also be included.
  • TYPOS, a common mistake that you don’t want to overlook. Have it rechecked twice or three times by other people!
  • Creativity means choosing the right colors, fonts, sizes of all the elements, and many others. It’s not just about how you feel, it’s also about the overall look of the design. SIMPLE, CONCISE, and PERFECT.


It may sound simple to others, but not everyone can pull off an awesome looking flyer on their own. Alibaba Printing has an in-house graphic designer, experienced, and knowledgeable in creating the best flyer for your brand.

Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl


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Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?

How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?



Are you a little confused about using paper or vinyl for your sticker label printing in Singapore? If you are, Alibaba Printing can help you clear your mind on this matter to help you make the right decision for your business.


You may already be thinking about which one but still unsure, below are details on the crucial points that you need to remember.


Vinyl Label and Stickers Properties

Vinyl is polypropylene only. It has replaced PVC vinyl since it has the same properties, just without the toxic contents that PVC has, which is a concern for the environment and many people. So what are polypropylene’s properties? It is weatherproof, waterproof, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and tear-resistant. Plus, it is safe to be used for food packaging, and it’s recyclable too.


Polypropylene labels and vinyl stickers are a little more costly compared to using paper. However, they have more properties that customers like. A good example would be its ability to peel off in one action rather than ripping it off into smaller pieces. The plastic-like finish of polypropylene is also appreciated by many.


Labels and Paper Stickers Properties

Don’t get it wrong, but paper can still provide a good look, most especially if you use matt or gloss laminate for the type of finish that you like. But, it’s clear that it is not as durable as the polypropylene vinyl, it’s not waterproof too, which is why it can be torn to pieces easily.


With that, if you have a tight budget, then this option is cheaper, giving you more labels/stickers within your limited budget. Some clients like the finish of paper since it doesn’t look too plastic, and textured paper can also give that rustic effect or look.


Labels and Food Safety

This is one of the main differences between paper and vinyl labels for products. Polypropylene is adequately safe when used outside the packaging of the food but the uncoated paper is the only 100% safe for food when directly touches the drink or food for consumption.


Example: You can place a polypropylene label

outside of the plastic container for food. But if you need to put a sticker on the apples itself, the uncoated paper is the safer choice. There may be instances when the label or stickers will have direct contact with the mouth like children’s toys, wherein the uncoated paper is the best and safest choice.


The Final Say:

  • Find out the purpose and needs. Do you need waterproof or durable properties? If so, choose polypropylene vinyl.
  • If you don’t care about the properties, but you want your budget maximized, then choose paper.
  • For food labels, you have to remember a few things. If it’s for outside of the container or packaging, use polypropylene vinyl.
  • But if you think the stickers may be placed on something that will be consumed, choose uncoated paper.
  • Lastly, if the label or sticker will be in direct contact with the mouth, choose uncoated paper.




Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool


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Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene

Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?



Are you looking for a unique marketing tool that’s different yet effective to promote your business? Well, Alibaba Printing can show you why wet tissue printing can be the best option for your business if you want to step away from the traditional forms of promotion that are usually boring and plain.


Alibaba Printing is all about creativity and uniqueness for every brand. The services offered are in different forms of advertising than you expect, but everyone knows that any kind of advertising is good advertising. However, there is always a smarter, more unique way to do things. Copying the exact pattern, style, design, or colors is never an option.


Wet tissue printing maybe a new idea to you or some and might consider as no connection to your business. However, advertising your business when it comes to uniqueness doesn’t need to be “always in the box,” we go out of our comfort zones if you want to get ahead, beat your competitors, and get the market’s attention.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a car dealer, wedding supplier, real estate agency, and a lot more others; the pocket tissue pack is an excellent avenue in boosting brand recognition. Can you imagine the huge market you can attract if you use this kind of marketing tool? Adults, young adults, teens, and even kids! Most of them carry in their bags or purse, in their car, office table, comfort rooms a packet of wipes.


Think about giveaways for your wedding event. Add personalized tissue packs with printed pictures and other memorable details of the event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the packet. What about a fundraiser event wherein you are trying to promote an organization or business? Add tissue packets with custom details of the company logo, contact number, etc. taking promotion to a higher level!


Did you just open a restaurant or food truck? Offer your branded wet wipes for every purchased food. It’s a good way to help your customers clean their messy fingers and a perfect giveaway to remind them of your delicious food and awesome place, giving them a reason to come back!


The point here is that people nowadays, most especially in this pandemic time, keep tissue packets with them because they need it. Every time they take the packet out from their bags or purse, your brand or logo is exposed over and over again to the user or other people around, most especially if the design is noticeable and unique.


The packets have different sides where you can take advantage and apply your artistic touch. Not good in editing? Don’t worry about it, most printing companies have in-house expert graphics designer that can help you bring to life your imagination! Use the side wisely, and don’t put unnecessary details. Attract using the most obvious element of your brand that people will surely remember,



How Can Envelope Printing Benefit Your Business Amidst Technological Progress?




More info here: Envelope Printing

The Essential Elements in Envelope Printing



Do you think envelope printing is already an “old school” that should be left forgotten during this technologically developed times? Definitely NO. Alibaba Printing will help you clear your mind by showing you the different benefits your business will enjoy if you consider making it part of your marketing schemes.


The world or even the business operation itself is not just all about marketing and brand presentation online. In the offline world, many easily overlook small things like envelopes, for example. It’s simple, small, lightweight and people still use them every single day. It is more used on the practical side, wouldn’t you agree?


Envelope printing is one of the key tools in the arsenal of businesses, it’s one of the many companies that don’t recognize and use.


Brand Cohesion

Direct mail importance is given, EVEN in this developed technological times. Even though it’s a fact that direct mail is effective and vital, you still need to make sure that you are grabbing this as an opportunity for you to promote or advertise your brand as much as possible. Think about the number of people who will see your envelopes, you want them to get a glimpse of what your business is all about. You can tell them about your company at a glance, and you’ll notice the profile of your business will grow.


Embrace Your Creative Side

You might say you’re not creative, but you have to allow your creativity to show. There are so many designs out there, hundreds of colors, layouts, and fonts to choose from. It gives you the power to create something unique, and from your vision, mind, and goals. You establish the idea that your customers can recognize your brand instantly, and customizing the envelope has a huge contribution to make that happen.


Your clients will ascribe characteristics to your company based on how you have interacted with them. If you simply send them brown and white plain envelopes, they won’t be that happy or excited about your brand or business. Add some personality and color so that they will react more positively.


Easy and Affordable

You can print on your envelopes using your office printer in just minutes. But, if you need to print in bulks with a professional and elegant look done by experts, you can talk to a printing company to help you out with everything. Printing companies like Alibaba Printing have in-house graphic artists who can assist you in making the perfect envelopes for your brand. Remember, the higher the quantity, the cheaper it will be.


Many will still agree that the old school is cool, such traditional or old strategies are still used by many outside the internet world. One fact is that a lot of people would still appreciate receiving a well-designed envelope, stirring curiosity, and creating excitement in opening it at the same time.


Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?


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Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business

Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?



Are you looking for other tools that you can use for your marketing schemes to promote your company or brand effectively? If you are, Alibaba Printing shares this information, whether paper bag printing is a smart choice for your business or not.


Paper bags have become a trend lately and not just used as a mere package for products. Events and other marketing activities of the companies have seen it as an important tool for many reasons, especially if you customize them.


The use of paper bags is more popular today, and retailers are looking for alternative ways in offering a trendy and effective substitute for plastic bags. Although another option would be the use of fabric bags made from jute or cotton, it would be more costly for many smaller businesses or to those that have a limited budget.


Paper bags are worth investing in for some reasons, and it could be a smart choice for your business because of the following:


  • It’s an environmentally friendly option that you want to take advantage of – if you are concerned about the environment, then this would be a better choice for you, which would create a positive impact for your business. Today, you can find a lot of fully biodegradable paper bags. If these bags are not biodegradable, they can be usually recycled wherein most come from recycled materials, and that’s a fact.


  • A great choice if you want your brand to be noticed – you can print your brand logo, add other details or elements using the right combination of colors, depending on your project or marketing scheme. You can keep it minimalistic; you can send the message to your clients or potential customers or create something that grabs people’s attention. Do not limit your imagination; you have endless possibilities! Once your paper bag leaves your store, many other people will surely notice it!


  • It adds luxury – paper bags are not simple and boring. It comes in different sizes and shapes; you can choose to laminate them or design them according to the style of your brand. You can also choose the type of handles that you want for the bags, adding a luxurious feel to it. You can opt for silk ribbon or rope handles, which would all depend on your styling and overall budget. If you are confused and you don’t have any idea about designing or styling, a team of graphics designers from an in-house printing company like Alibaba Printing can help out with details. Everything will be discussed and planned according to your preference and when you need them for delivery.



There are various ways on how you can advertise your brand, but if you want to make it stylish, reusable, unforgettable, and collectible, then choosing paper bags would be a smart investment and choice. Plan it and ask printing companies to get your price quotation for you to know how much you need to set aside for the budgeting.


Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People


Go here for other info: Flyer Distribution

Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution

Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind



Looking for helpful information on how you can reach more people using your event flyers during your flyer distribution campaign? If you are, then continue reading on as Alibaba Printing shows you the most effective ways to reach more people based on their years of experience.


Event flyers are known as old school, but it still is an effective way to promote products, services, or events. Your beautifully designed flyers need to be in the hands of the right team of people. It involved proper planning before running a distribution campaign. You don’t just go out there and give them to random people, or else all your efforts will be a waste.


Here are different ways for you to reach more people when distributing the flyers, both online and offline.


#1. Direct Mail – you can mail the invitations if you have a list of potential people that will attend your event along with their address. All you have to do is to send them. If you have a tight budget and can only spare for a few numbers of invitations, try printing off the labels and stuffing the envelope yourself. If you need to send it to a larger number, the mailing house can do the work for you. The cost would depend on how many flyers you want to mail.


#2. Shops and services in your local area – we all know this is a traditional way of doing it. You can ask the local businesses and see if you can post the flyer in their shop windows, display tables, etc. Check the places that has a waiting room where people are spending their time and have nothing much to do like opticians, hairdressers, dentists, clinics, etc. Put them in places where your potential clients usually are found. You can also offer to display their flyers during your business event in exchange for allowing you to put your flyers in their shop.



#3. Door drops – if you don’t have an address list, this is the cheapest option you can choose. The process itself is time-intensive, but it can let you cover a wide geographical area, but this is workable if you have a hyper-targeted distribution. If you are targeting students, then you want to work your way at a campus or anywhere where there is a dense population of students. You can ask for the help of Alibaba Printing for more workers to do the job.


#4: Street bodies – this is a proactive approach wherein you give the flyers in person. Hit the streets and target high-foot areas like the main streets, bus or train stations, entertainment complexes, sporting facilities, etc. Remember, your target audience will tell you the best times, days, and places where you can do this. If you have the budget but less time, it’s always best to hire people to help distribute the flyers. But make sure you are permitted to distribute the flyers before you start handing them out.


#5. On the Internet – distribute your flyers digitally too. Share it on your social media accounts.


Use the most of your flyers. Online is not enough, and many people love tangible things.



Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?


Important details here: Sticker Printing

Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?

Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl



Are you thinking about printing stickers for an event or marketing campaign? Are you confused about whether to do it using your printer or with the help of a printing company? If your answer is all YES, then Alibaba Printing can show you how you can do it and whether it’s a good option for you to do it on your own.


Every company or individual has a limit in budgeting the money for marketing or personal use. Many are curious to know whether they can print their stickers using their home printer. Well, of course, you can. You can customize it on your own without the help of a designer, you can print only to the number of pages that you need, and you won’t need a special kind of inkjet printer for it, but you need to plan well to avoid wasting sticker paper and ink.


The first thing to establish is to know how many stickers you need to print and check the documentation of your printer to see the number of cartridges you need to use. Cartridges don’t come cheap, so you better be careful.


STEP 1: Buy sticker paper, you can usually find them in supply stores.


STEP 2: Design the sticker using an editing application that’s familiar to you. Use something like Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Word, or anything that will allow you to add images and write texts. Set it to standard letter-sized document, maximize the space by carefully arranging the designs, and making sure you can cut the stickers at the same time. You can also utilize a sticker template that you can find online.


STEP 3: Check the colors. Remember, heavy colors can take a toll on the ink supply of the inkjet printer.


STEP 4: First, print a test page using a plain sheet of paper to help you see if you are satisfied with the quality.


STEP 5: Insert a sticker paper that’s completely flat, without any folds or wrinkles to avoid getting stuck in the feed of the printer.


STEP 6: Wait and let it dry once the printing is done. Do not touch the surface.


STEP 7: Cut out the sticker using a paper cutter or sharp scissor.


Is it too much of a hassle? Well, the good thing about it is that you can save money IF you are doing everything correctly. However, if you are not that artistic and familiar with using editing applications and software, you will end up putting a lot of effort and time into designing it. Plus, it’s always best to get the help of professional graphic designers to help you print the best design for your marketing plans. There are in-house graphic designers in printing companies like Alibaba Printing wherein you can lay down your plans, details, and other preferences.


It’s not expensive to have the stickers printed from a printing company. There are cheap sticker printing packages that you can avail of.




Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene


In-depth info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Reasons Why Tissue Paper Printing Promotion Is Very Successful

Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool



Are you considering tissue paper printing as part of your marketing strategy to boost the market presence of your brand or company? If you are, and if you need help, Alibaba Printing will help you understand why this can be a perfect addition when running a promotional campaign.


Using pocket tissues have different benefits. But do you know the main reason why you should take advantage of this tool? People are conscious of hygiene, and most of their pockets or bags would always have a pocket tissue, and they carry it with them all the time.


Tissue papers are the best in sucking dirt, oil; and keeping you away from germs, viruses, and bacteria. In today’s pandemic situation, people think about cleanliness all the time, and the use of tissue is already the main thing.


The absorbency features of the tissue paper are one of the main reasons why it is found in almost anywhere – houses, restaurants, etc. It is extremely crucial to keep our hands clean through regular washing, wherein statistics say that 80% of infections are spread by our hands. Washing is not enough, drying the hands is also a crucial factor. According to research made, bacteria are removed after washing and the mechanical rough action of drying the hands using tissue papers.


Our current pandemic situation today is one of the ways you can incorporate your message into your marketing strategy. You can show that your company cares about all the clients and they will surely be more loyal to your brand. You can use tissue packs with your customized design printed on the packaging along with your message of concern like “stay safe,” “stay at home,” “wash and clean your hands,” etc. beside your brand name and logo.


For business people, many would think that tissue paper printing is not the right tool for them because they offer a different service. A successful marketing campaign is run by imaginative minds that go beyond the boundaries of promotions through the use of effective marketing tools in terms of boosting ROI and market presence. Do not close your mind with just simple and plain ideas.


Printing on pocket tissue packaging is one of the best ways to get repeated exposure to many people, especially to those who are conscious of hygiene. You can use it as part of your corporate giveaways or freebies for company events. You have to be creative when it comes to marketing your business, and one way to do it is to think outside of the box. Using this tool can give you several advantages that others don’t have.


One fact that you don’t want to disregard is that tissue paper is affordable and part of everyone’s NEEDS.

Alibaba Printing can help you in creating the perfect design that will surely make them read the tissue pack, create promotional messages, and make sure that they will make the call and close a sale.




Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business


Other helpful in here: Paper Bag Printing

Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging

Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?



Is paper bag printing an effective marketing tool for your business? Many would ask the same question too. Well, Alibaba Printing has local and international clients who have already tasted the success of boosting market presence and boosting sales by having this as part of their marketing plans, and for other crucial reasons. Let’s find out what they are.


There are two very important reasons why many businesses today use printed paper bags. The following reasons are as follows: the product is used for advertising, and the next reason is it does not cause any destruction or detriment to the surroundings or the environment. Many groups are aware of the situation about the environmental threats happening today, and they need some promotional strategy to utilize the product in the market, which is environmental-friendly.


The Benefits of Paper Bag Printing for Your Business

  • Paper bags can be an instrument for you to promote your brand image since it shows your concern towards nature. You can increase sales by introducing green technology to your clients. You will surely gain the trust of environment enthusiasts.


  • The use of plastic bags is declining. You can take advantage of this fact by producing printed paper bags and customize it using your eye-catchy promotional message that will surely lure customers. Putting the logo and brand name is the most grounded message commonly utilized by different organizations.


  • It is more affordable and eco-friendly. The materials used in producing paper bags are recyclable materials that are safe for the earth. Custom printing for plastic bags is limited compared to paper bags, wherein you can use different colors. Plus, the sides of the paper bags have a wide space wherein you can print details of your promotion, your message, and your company. You can print on both sides of the paper bag too.


  • You can put promotional texts on the paper bag including the crucial details such as the bag-name, phone number, website, email address, logo, company address, etc. Just make sure that the information is placed well and is not messy to look at.


  • It can be reused for different reasons. Paper bags are not just used when people need something to put in their shopping items. It can serve as a perfect lunch bag, a bag to organize items in the office, for school papers, etc. You get the idea that people consider paper bags more important than plastic bags because they know they can use it again, especially if it has a cool and unique design.


  • You can choose the perfect size for your products. You can use it as part of your giveaways or as the main package for your products when people make a purchase.


  • Many people love to collect a well-designed paper bag. So if you want your brand to be part of their collection, take advantage of this fact and make sure you create a design that will surely make them want to keep the paper bag and show-off to their family and friends and on social media.



Many people today are accustomed to using printed paper bags, especially in urban communities, wherein many places all around the world have boycotted the use of plastic bags.




Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution


Read here for more details: Flyer Distribution

The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways

Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People



One true claim about flyer distribution is that everyone knows IT WORKS, which is why Alibaba Printing receives non-stop printing and distribution package requests from their regular and even new clients. What made this method so effective that even in high-tech times, businesses would still choose the traditional way of marketing their brand?


However, mind you that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Getting the flyers out there is a bit trickier, placing them on windscreens, door-to-door distribution, or simple flyering is still all in all effective methods of marketing.


But others still fail in this simple method and were not able to utilize its full potential. Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Before designing, printing, and distributing to thousands of potential leads to your company, take note of the following tips below that WORK to help you increase your sales.


  • The message in your flyer should be EXTRA clear – the message should be clear, conveyed quickly, clearly, and creatively. It should be memorable, imaginative, and has a sharp copy. The distribution should be more unique, sharper, shorter, and more memorable. Attempt to stir the reaction of your audience.


  • It’s flyer distribution and NOT leaflet distribution – leaflets are cheaper, true, but you are trying to MAKE money and NOT saving money by choosing leaflet distribution. You want to spread your message, and if saving money affects spreading your message, then doing the whole thing is POINTLESS. Make sure that the message and design are presentable and neat. You are choosing flyers over leaflets because you want to distribute a short and snappy message. You don’t need the extra space for that.


  • Shaped flyers can create an extra impact – add a simple shape to make sure you get the attention of your receiver. Every trick you have should be used to make sure that every receiver will read the message. You get maximum impact and a boost on ROI.


  • Focus on your CUSTOMERS, not about your company – many people would not care even if your company existed for 50 years! What they care about is what you can do for them. It’s not just about placing the elements everywhere on the flyer like the logo, contact details, etc. Customers want a company that sees through their wants and needs. They want to be pleased, they want the BEST. Show them that your company loves them, make them feel your passion.


  • Giving discounts – it is a good idea to add this to the flyer. The hard part of any business is getting the customers. Attract the customers first, and profits will follow. Doing so helps in building loyal clients. If you give your customer good services, they will most likely return. The more they come back, the steadier things will be for the business. Once your business has become steady, you will now see opportunities and rely on your steady stream of loyal clients that you built up.



Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?


Full info here: Sticker Printing

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss

Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?



Sticker printing in Singapore is one of the hottest marketing tools today that companies put their hopes on to increase their sales, market presence, and brand visibility. Alibaba Printing has a lot of regular clients who think positively about adding it to their advertising schemes.


However, many people still might know or understand yet the beauty of making stickers, using them, and taking advantage of its simplicity yet powerful punch when marketing a brand. Let’s get to know some interesting facts and learn the details as you read on.


The Process

To give you an idea of how the stickers are made, here are the steps:

Step 1: Designing the artwork for your advertising goal is the first step.

Step 2: Once the artwork has been approved by the client for printing, it goes into production.

Step 3: The printed artwork will now be cut into smaller pieces for preparation.

Step 4: Lamination is the next right after cutting.

Step 5: Die-cutting is the final step.



The stickers can come from different types of materials. With this, you will have to figure out first the purpose of using the sticker and how much budget you have allotted for it. Litho stock from lithography printing is the most popular kind of material. However, it is not water-resistant but very affordable, and it may or may not have a coating over it.


Vynil is another common type wherein it many choose it for its damage and water-resistant features. It is considered as the most durable sticker, but it is a bit pricier compared to other types of paper. It doesn’t easily fade and curl from high temperatures.



You can choose between the matt and glossy coating. UV coating is another option wherein the sticker will be sun-resistant. Matt makes the sticker look plain, while glossy adds shine to the paper. UV coating uses ultraviolet rays to make the paper look extra glossy, and it adds a stronger protection layer.



Stickers today are self-adhesive called PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is made from rubber and resin. It is the most common kind of personal and industrial use. The rubber is put on the strong surface of the cellophane, and then a coating agent or release agent will be attached. The white or yellow paper on the back part of the sticker is what you remove when you apply a sticker. The release liner is responsible for protecting the stickiness from any dirt, and it will not move away from the sticker itself.



Screen printing is the most common method since it is affordable, and stickers can be printed in bulk in just minutes. This is a traditional method, but there is a modern way of doing it today. Offset printing is another economical option. Digital printing is another popular choice wherein custom decals in bulk can be produced in a short amount of time. Even you can do digital printing at home so long as you have the printer.






Reasons Why Tissue Paper Printing Promotion Is Very Successful


More info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene


Are you thinking about advertising your brand through pocket tissue printing? If you are, then you should know the reasons why it has become a successful tool in Marketing. Alibaba Printing is also providing this service in Singapore.


There are several factors why advertising in a tissue pack has become a success and one of which its cost-effectiveness compared to advertising in newspapers or flyers. Tissues are part of everyone’s lives, and consumers are always exposed to the messages of brands every time the tissue paper is pulled from the pack. And because of this, tissue advertising has the potential in boosting a product or service, campaign, or brand image.


We now belong in a highly competitive market, and it is vital to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to marketing your brand. With this, Alibaba Printing devotes to helping companies through our designed solutions that can help in maximizing the efficacy of your campaign while maintaining the cost low and the quality high.


Here are some examples of tissue printing that you should know:


Wallet Tissue – a simple tissue pack, but it has a great impact when it comes to efficiency. It can propel your marketing campaign. Its reusability is high, and the image of your brand will surely be registered with your clients numerous times. It also adds a premium feel and brand value. You can choose between matt and gloss finish, which will be based on your design and needs as well to ensure your investment won’t be a waste.


Cardboard Tissue – this is a versatile and sturdier solution. It gives you flexibility in terms of choosing colors, gives you a wider range of designs that you can incorporate. It can have 3 to 5 panels, giving you a larger canvas to show off your products and services and market your brand even better. You can have the sides perforated so that you can add vouchers or coupons in the tissue pack, resulting in a boost in the sales.


Tissue Box – you get more brand visibility when you have it printed on the box. Proper planning of distribution can help in getting the attention of the wider audience. the box itself gives you a larger canvas that has multiple panels, allowing you to educated and inform your customers about your products and services. It is also a long-term solution since they are used for a longer period, wherein your clients are exposed repeatedly to the message of your campaign.


Customized pack – you can design the pack according to your marketing goals and needs. It allows you to show your unique brand. You can design it yourself or ask the help of professional graphic designers.


You will have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right marketing tool for your business. But, do not limit your exposure to what you are used to doing. Tissue pack printing might be the perfect solution that you have been looking for.








Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging




More insightful info here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business


Are you in need of custom paper bags packaging for your food business, but you don’t have any idea what kind to buy? If you are, then Alibaba Printing can help you out with the details.


Restrictions have been imposed by the government due to the increasing fame of health and environment protection. And now, green paper packaging is has become more popular again. Today, food packaging bags are now mostly used by people, from paper bags that are oil-proof and snack bags that you see in the stalls to take-out bags like the ones from the food chains. Their paper bags are used well-designed and printed. Let’s get to know the types of paper that are mostly used in the food market when customizing paper packaging.


There are various types of paper that you can choose from, but the ones that are widely used are coated paper, kraft paper, offset paper, and white cardboard. Their difference is mainly based on the smoothness, toughness, and aesthetics of the paper. When you want a customized bag, the manufacturers would depend on the purpose of your paper bags and the paper’s characteristics to satisfy the needs of the customers. Let’s dig in a little more to know the papers’ characteristics.


  1. Coated paper – main materials to make it are copper base paper as well as paint. Its thickness is 70 to 250 grams, usually used for Labels, cigarette cases, cartons, etc.
  2. Kraft paper – it is from softwood sulphate, usually yellowish brown (in addition to cream, light brown, or white) and thicker. The thickness is 80g to 120g. It has a high tensile force: stripes, single light, no grain, and double light. It is usually utilized to make envelope bags, paper bags, medical records bags, portfolios, eco-friendly portable paper bags, takeaway paper bags for food, for dried fruits in the supermarkets.
  3. Offset paper – it has a white and smooth paper surface. Its whiteness, smoothness, and tightness are lower compared to coated paper. It is appropriate for use in printing multi-color or monochromatic book covers, inserts, texts, posters, maps, pictorials, and color trademarks. In recent years, different packaging products are also utilized for dry fruit packaging like chestnuts.
  4. White cardboard – it is made from bleached chemical pulp. The white cardboard surface is smooth, and it has a firm texture. Today, in the domestic market, white cardboard has a huge market share. It is mainly utilized to create exquisite high-end bags, handbags, business cards, gift boxes, and many others.


There are still other kinds of papers, but the four ones mentioned above are the most common types utilized in food packaging on the market. If you belong in the food industry, make sure you understand the needs of your customers and the purpose of using a custom paper bag for your business.







The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways



If you need more information about flyer distribution for your company, go here: Flyer Distribution Job

Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?

Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution


Are you searching for a printing company that provides urgent flyer distribution for your brand? Alibaba Printing provides this service at a cost that won’t hurt your pockets!


Know some of the best ways of how this reputable company is doing it to give you an idea of what goes behind your success in penetrating the market using flyers.


We all know that flyer distribution is considered one of the most effective ways to promote or advertise your products and services. But, it’s not good to just go out and distribute the flyers in your neighborhood because you have to consider that flyers are a vital part of your marketing plan.


There are several ways on how the flyers are distributed, and here are some of the best that you should know:


  • Door-to-door – this is the most common way, dropping the flyers in their mailboxes. Research reveals that more than 79% are more probable to respond to the flyers that are given through door-to-door.
  • With the help of staff distribution – the trustworthy staff of Alibaba Printing always delivers wherein your flyers are given to people on the streets, malls, as well as public places. One of the best times to do this is during public events, but of course, research must be done first to know if the flyers are given to the right market or potential clients.
  • In-store – flyers may also be placed right at your store or in an office, hotel lobby, and other establishments that you can partner with or that can grant permission to do so.


Sometimes you think you will feel that you are running out of ways on how you can distribute your flyers, but there are many other methods, you just have to be creative since you will also be seeing your competitors doing the same thing.


There are several things you need to remember before the campaign.

TIP1: The flyer must be perfectly designed for your campaign. What kind of campaign would you like to run? Are you trying to market your products or services by giving discounts and other promotions? Or are you launching your new product? Is it a store opening? If you have established your main reasons, then you’d know what details to put into the flyer.


TIP2: Make sure that the design elements in your flyer are not lacking or overly done. At times, we tend to get too excited, and we like to put in almost anything! But this is not about what you feel, but about creating a work of art that perfectly places the design elements that are eye-catching and convincing at the same time. You can ask the in-house graphic designer to help you out.


TIP3: Print according to your budget that is also enough to cover the whole campaign period.


TIP4: Plan before running the campaign. Planning is the most basic part of every marketing strategy. You can strategize your location to boost your market presence effectively.

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss



In-depth details here: Sticker Printing Singapore

Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore

Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?


Are you looking for ways of promoting your products that have longer audience exposure but affordable at the same time? If you are, you might want to look into using custom stickers Singapore.


Alibaba Printing offers excellent quality printing services, and one of which is sticker printing. Many of the company’s clients make use of this promotional strategy because of the awesome advantages it provides. If you are curious to know what they are, then read on.


#1: It’s an effective marketing tool that can be placed almost on anything. Anywhere you look, you can find stickers. 


#2. The cost is not expensive, very budget-friendly at excellent quality. It’s cheaper than other marketing tools, and it lasts longer, too, compared to corporate bags, umbrellas, etc. The latest stickers today are more durable and well-designed.


#3. It helps extend your brand quickly.


#4: It’s simple and easy. The overall time it needs to create the design until the production process and receiving the stickers is easy. You can choose any custom designs, make one for yourself, or ask a graphics designer to help you out.


#5. It is versatile because of its smooth surface, and you can use it on different types of surfaces. Plus, you can also choose back and front stickers depending on your need or requirement.


#6: It has a variety of use, they are available online, and it comes in different sizes and shapes.


#7. You can use the stickers to provide information or additional details to your clients, and it can also possibly close a sale. You can put your contact details, key info of your products and services, prices, promos, etc.


#8. Make a bold statement and channel your creativity through your customized stickers. It helps your brand stand out and boost its position in the market. Stickers create a positive impact.


#9: You can make it as part of your comfortable promotion.


#10. It provides long-term value.


Lastly, one of the ways to take advantage of this marketing tool is to use it for direct call to action. You can put a voucher code or any promotional offer and highlight any of your special offers.



Customizing stickers for your brand may sound simple or non-extravagant, for some. However, this method is probably one of the best and effective when it comes to alluring the eyes of your potential customers especially if the stickers are well-made and we-designed.


You don’t need to worry about not being artistic and not knowing what details to put on your sticker. Alibaba Printing has professional in-house graphics designers who can help you throughout the process. You can lay down your goals and preferences, and they will take care of the hard work for you.


Are you worried about paying a lot for the stickers? You don’t have to worry that much. Just tell the printing company your budget to set your expectations.



Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!



Find out more here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing Client FAQs

Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging



Are you looking for other ways or marketing tools that you can utilize to help you promote your business? Alibaba Printing offers various products and services including paper bag printing.


Paper bag as a marketing tool? Why not?! You’d be curious about the reasons why right?


Promoting a business is not that easy, and we all know that. You have various options out there, but we all need to find the right strategies. The more marketing tools you have, the better! Why? Because the competition in every industry is tough, and you will use the best strategies out there that will fit your budget at the same time.


Paper bag is a booming contemporary bag, a versatile replacement of using plastic bags. It comes in different sizes and shapes since it will depend on the purpose or why you want to use it as a marketing tool. It functions as a plastic bag too, but it’s just more eco-friendly.


It can carry small items like cosmetics, accessories, use as souvenirs for weddings and other events, etc. But don’t limit your imagination. It’s not just something where you put your stuff. It has a special purpose when it comes to promoting your business too.


How is a paper bag used?

  • As a souvenir bag for parties or corporate events like weddings, seminars, etc. where you can print a design on that features your brand or company or any promotional message that you want to send out to your target market or even the public.
  • As a takeout bag for traders like bread, fried foods, and salad sellers, etc.
  • A practical thing to bring your provisions wherein a person doesn’t need to use plastic bags. It’s a reusable paper bag where you can store your lunchbox and bring it with you all the time. It means you get repetitive advertisements each day so long as the paper bag is being used and in good working condition for its function. No one throws away a well-designed paper bag. People reuse them all the time.
  • As a business promotion for your events and other special gatherings. It is more fashionable than the usual crackle or plastic bag with many variations of colors to choose from. You can put images, it’s easy to design, it’s more durable, and you can print an artwork according to your liking if you customize it.


You can choose the best size of a paper bag that fits your products. Today, people are more concerned about the environment. You can join the movement, too, by encouraging your clients to buy your products to get an awesome paper bag that they can reuse every day. People today are attracted to buy products because of the cool packaging that they get after purchase, and that’s a fact. Take advantage of these simple truths, and you will surely boost your business’ market presence and ROI in no time.


Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?



Learn more details here: Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution Common FAQs of Clients

The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways



Are you looking for answers if flyer distribution is still an effective way to promote your business amidst the technological advancements that we have today? If you are, then you should read on to know more!


Alibaba Printing is one of the many printing companies that continue to cater to local and international clients that need marketing tools to boost their presence through flyer distribution.


Technology has indeed changed a lot today, and promoting a business can be done in the most high-tech way possible too, wherein people can find your business on the Internet, so why bother printing papers and marketing this way?


New businesses might have doubts about this traditional method, but why are you looking for answers if it’s effective or not? It’s because you are curious to know if it still works, right?


But even with the technological developments, not everyone can see your ads, though. Most people would receive spam emails, and you don’t like that either. Not all who see an advertisement online clicks on it buys the product or even visits the store.


Flyer distribution is one of the fastest ways to spread knowledge because a printing company like us can distribute hundreds of flyers within a high traffic time of the day. With the right marketing plan, an interesting and enticing call to action, productive techniques in distributing the flyers, and excellent staff will make everything work and achieve a business’ marketing goals.


With years of experience in this industry, we list down the three reasons why this is still an effective method until today.


#1: It is cost-effective.

New and smaller businesses do not always have a huge budget for marketing and promotions. There is no other form of advertisement that won’t hurt your pockets, and that is the distribution of flyers. You get premium-quality printing at a low cost. You get well-planned marketing for your campaign too.


#2: It is a more targeted and strategic marketing method.

It is simpler than any other type of medium. All you need is someone to help you set up the flyer with its design, create an enticing call to action for your potential market, and look for the right location with high traffic that is close to your business so that you can reach out to your potential clients quickly.


#3: It’s more creative than technology.

You have control over how you want to be creative with your flyer, giving you the freedom of your design. It is an awesome alternative method, especially if you need to tap a large audience within a limited time. Busy streets where people are not holding there cellphones or gadgets all the time can receive your flyers and read instantly, especially for those who don’t have access to digital platforms.


These are three simple reasons, but very legit.


Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore




More helpful info here: Sticker Printing

Sticker Printing Usual Client FAQs

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss



Are you looking for information about the difference between decals and stickers? If you are, then continue reading on to know more and choose which one is perfect for your business or personal needs.


You might be confused as to which is right for you because stickers and decals are very similar. Labels, stickers, and decals all have two layers: (1) paper backing and (2) adhesive layer, which is on the paper backing and can be made of various materials including paper, aluminum, and vinyl. The design is printed on the adhesive layer’s front side.


Quantity and Size

Labels and stickers are usually smaller and are applied mostly to water bottles, laptops, and other smaller items. Decals are larger and are commonly applied to windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.


When it comes to quantity, decals are ordered in smaller quantities because of its size. Stickers, on the other hand, are ordered in bulks for marketing purposes as giveaways on corporate events, etc. Labels come on rolls and are mostly ordered in large quantities due to their purpose.


What is the Purpose or Intended Use?


Although decals, labels, and stickers are similar, the main difference would depend on the intended use or purpose. Generally, stickers are usually utilized for illustrations and logos. Decals are for décor or advertising on windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.



Location and Application Surfaces

Decals have different types. Decals that go on walls and the floor are different. You can also find decals for outdoors and more permanent too, you can talk to us for more information.


If you have a smaller format of advertising, you can choose stickers, which are mostly applied on smooth surfaces and can also be removed easily. It’s easy to install too. Labels are mostly applied to cans, jars, bottles, bags, etc.


How Long Will It Last?

Decals last the longest, next is the stickers, and last is the labels. Some may take years before the color fades, and it would also mostly depend on how it is used.


How Much?

When it comes to their prices, it will depend on some factors.The size, quantity, material to use, etc. For more specific details, you can always give us a call for a free quotation.


No matter what kind you choose, it’s best to take note of the following details:

Choosing the right kind of material makes a lot of difference. If you choose sticker printing, it is less expensive but less durable compared to decals. But the good thing about using stickers for business is that it can help build a brand image.


Bad printing can ruin an entire campaign. But if a printing company like Alibaba printing is well-experienced, then you are sure to get only the best and high-quality output.


The quality of the adhesive is vital. A well-designed sticker can become worthless without proper adhesive. Know your long-term intentions to determine the quality of materials that will be used.








Calendar Printing Are Great for Advertising; Studies Show


cheap calendar printing








It’s obvious that technology is dominating people’s lives today. But even with the popularity of mobile technology, about 78% of consumers are still using printed calendars at work or home according to a study made. If you think about it, that percentage is a lot, wherein many still use the traditional pen and paper way, making it a legit proof that calendar printing Singapore is a great advertising method that businesses should take advantage of.


Read more about how to print calendar in Words Doc:

Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?

To order yours click here: Calendar Printing Singapore

Make money with calendars here: Can I Make Money With Customised Calendar Printing?


Not everyone wants to go full-on digital. Another study showed that more than 50% of mobile phone users have never used the calendar function. This is a study made according to ‘Calendar Usage in the Workplace.’


A comparison was made in the calendar usage from the years 1981 and 2011 and you’d be surprised with the results that not a lot has changed.


In 1891:

  • Almost everyone had a printed calendar at home or business, this about 98% of people.
  • 70% printed calendars at home, and 80% of businesses were promoting or advertising calendars
  • There are about 3 to 4 calendars placed at home and 2 to 3 in the workplace or business.


In 2011:

  • 78% of businesses and 79% of homes have a printed calendar.
  • 61% of printed calendars at home and 76% of businesses are promoting or advertising calendars.
  • 3 calendars are still placed at home and 2 in the workplace or business.


This only shows how printed calendars are important in the lives of many to keep at pace with their schedule.


Let’s get to know the most popular sorts of calendar printing since they all come in all sizes and shapes that suit the needs of a person, business, or organization.

  • Wall calendars – this the most common style found at home and usually placed near the kitchen. If you want to make this on your own, you can choose a pre-existing template for a quick and easy printing fix.
  • Day planners – this is another popular style that busy people like to use to organize their schedules. Although not everyone today likes writing them down without the alarm, unlike the features of a phone that can notify you of an upcoming event, many are still more comfortable in using the printed planner.
  • Desk calendars – common at work or businesses because it’s handy, easy to reach, and adds style to a place, especially if it is well-designed.
  • Pocket-sized calendar – you can customize it using your picture and print a calendar at the back part of it.


These are just a few examples, but many still use calendars for different reasons. People still love to see colorful designs and feel tangible things.


Why are calendars great for advertising? Because many people still love to use them and even place them at home! You don’t want to miss a huge market of those who use calendars wherein you can show off awesome images of your products and services.


Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?


calendar printing singapore





Are you trying calendar printing at home on your own? If yes, you’re probably looking into how you can do it in a Word document.

Read more about calendar Advertising and steps to Consider in order to print:

Print My Calendar: Steps and Things to Consider

Calendar Printing Are Great for Advertising; Studies Show

To order yours click here: Calendar Printing Singapore

Calendars are visible almost everywhere. It’s part of our lives to monitor our schedule by reminding ourselves of the current month, day, or year. It helps us update ourselves and organize our week too. These are the reasons why people need calendars, especially for those who are very busy people.


For those who have time to make the calendar and print them at home would have the advantage of saving the troubles of leaving home and money, maybe. Now, let’s look at the steps if it’s easy or not.


Step1: Click on new and choose one of Word page’s templates. In the list of categories, you click on Calendars.


Step2: Once you start working on the calendar, you will need to rename the file. If it has images, you can swap it out with the pictures that you want to use. Just delete the image, and insert the ones that you want to use from your computer, or simply add clip art to the document.


Step3: You can print it right after you have set everything up. Make sure you use the right paper in terms of size, texture, and quality of your print settings to avoid any printing problems.


Three easy steps. It may be simple to some people, but not all have the time and eye for creating a design, especially if it’s intended for business marketing plans. With this fact, many would choose to hire the services and expertise of a calendar printing company, and here are the reasons why:


  • Calendar printing Singapore companies can help in making a professionally designed calendar that is perfect for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • The calendar can be customized exactly according to your liking compared to a ready-made template wherein you can’t edit much, or you have limited options.
  • You have a wide array of choices when it comes to the types of paper, sizes, and shapes.
  • Print shops can give you better print quality, crisp colors, and a package price that will surely fit your budget, especially if it’s in bulk order.
  • You don’t have to worry about the design elements, especially if it’s intended for marketing purposes since the graphics designers of printing companies are skilled enough to help you with your marketing goals.
  • Lastly, the receiver of the calendars will surely be amazed as to how awesome your calendar would look.


If you have a printer and other materials to make a calendar, you can simply do it, but it depends on your purpose too. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a professional print shop, especially if you want to use it as one of your marketing tools or event giveaways.


Print My Calendar: Steps and Things to Consider

desktop calendar printing

Read more about how to print calender in Words Doc:

Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?

To order yours click here:

Calendar Printing Singapore


Are you thinking about printing your own calendar? If yes, then here are simple steps that you can follow:


Step1: Choose the image that you want to use for your calendar so that you can determine what size and shape the calendar will be.


Step2: Choose a size. Are you planning to place it on a table or desk? Or do you want to hang it on a wall? Smaller wall hung calendars are usually 5.5”x11.5”. But most calendars are 12” wide and 10” to 13” in length.


Step3: Would you prefer a single side or double side print? Think if you want your calendar to be printed on the same page as your image on the backside.


Step4: Choose the software that you can manipulate to design your calendar. Make sure that you know how to use software like Photoshop, etc. If you don’t have any access to any software, you can find templates online for free that have tutorials at the same time.


Step5: Choose the cover stock that you prefer or the type of paper you want to use. Know the finish, size, texture, weight, as well as the brightness of the paper.


Step6: Print the calendar using your printer and make sure it matches the settings to your document.


Step7: You don’t have a printer? You can go to your local calendar printing Singapore company to help you with all the details.


Things to Consider:

You need to take note of the following

#1: The format and size are crucial, and you need to think about your receiver or audience, your sense of aesthetics, and your budget. Choose a photo that can fit in the top panel size without having to sacrifice too much image resolution.


#2: Choose the best and right printer. If you want to achieve crisp and clean images, you can use printers that can produce quality prints that are budget-friendly at the same time.


#3: Choose the right paper since it can affect the sharpness and vibrancy of the photos. It’s recommended to use semi-gloss paper, but if you want to achieve a muted look but still see great results, you can use a thick matte king of paper.


#4: Binding the calendar is crucial too. Small-sized calendars can be stapled, but if you want a more professional and larger look, there are printing companies that provide spiral binding. Or you can buy your home spiral binding machine, which you can purchase at a fairly inexpensive price.


Calendar printing is not just done for personal reasons. Most businesses use calendars as part of their marketing tools and campaign, which means this is best done by professionals who can help in designing the most professional looking calendar and print them in bulks at the same time. If you think this is too much for you, you can always get the services of a printing company to help you out from scratch.


Paper Bag Printing Client FAQs



Know more here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!


Are you looking for information about paper bag printing in Singapore? If you are, and if you have questions in mind, then this FAQ sheet can help.


Alibaba Printing has been in the printing industry for many years, and we have served a lot of customers locally and internationally with our wide range of products available, helping them achieve their marketing goals.


Generally, the use of paper bags is common in electronics, fashion, food, jewelry, etc. To help you out, here are the most common questions and concerns that we get from our customers.


Tell me some details about the glue for the paper bag.

– The durability testing of the glue is a crucial process because it should be strong enough to hold the items inside the paper bag. It also helps you know how many items you can put in the paper bag. We make sure that the glue is just enough to hold everything together.


How do you print on the paper bags using standard images and colors?

– We usually use CMYK or Pantone codes to avoid any color inconsistencies. So if ever you give us your logo, make sure to provide us the codes behind its colors.


How will I know that I get the right paper bag size?

– It depends on the kind of product that you offer. It will help determine the appropriate size that you need. However, the paper bag should be slightly larger than the products that you offer.


I’m confused as to how many paper bags should be printed.

– You should know when your packaging replacement will be. Do you have a plan to keep the paper bags in 3, 6, or 12 months? Based on some of our customer’s experience, three months is the perfect phase for them. You can follow this basic formula: Your quantity of sales per day x 30 days (average number of days each month) x number of months in a certain design in circulation = Quantity of paper bags that you need.


Example: 500 products per day x 30 days x 3 months = 45,000


What is the printing method that fits my budget?

– Paper bags orders in bulk usually need offset printing. The quality of the image is sharper and higher. Plus, the rubber pad is applied evenly on the printing surface. Remember, the more you print, the lower the price will be. However, the printing cost will depend on how complicated the printing process will be.


How about printing on the different sides of the paper bag, will the cost change?

– The cost will be determined according to different factors such as the complexity, how many colors are printed, and the number of orders.


What about production time? How long?

– It will vary. If you have a design file and non-printed paper bags ready for printing, the production time will be quicker. You can talk to us for more accurate details on this matter.



Flyer Distribution Common FAQs of Clients



Full details here: Flyer Distribution

Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?



Flyer distribution is one of the most in-demand services that we have. Our company has high satisfactory ratings from our clients is not only because of the affordable package that we offer, but also because we can guarantee results after careful planning for the campaign.


Are you thinking about implementing a flyer distribution campaign in Singapore? Are you looking for answers to your basic questions? If you are, then below is a list of FAQs that most clients of Alibaba Printing ask about the service.


  • What services can your company provide? – We can provide flyer printing and distribution at the same time. We are a one-stop solution for graphic designing, printing, web development, and marketing services.


  • I can’t find the product or service that I need for my business on your website – You can call or email us directly for other information and a free quotation.


  • How can I discuss my plans with you? – A video call or meet-up may be set up.


  • I don’t have a designer with me to help me – we have an in-house graphics designer that can assist you.


  • If I engage your graphic design work, what is the handling time? – 2 to 5 days.


  • Do I need to set up a bleed for the artwork? – Yes, 3mm bleed all around.


  • How many industrial offices and commercial offices are there around Singapore? – There are around 210,000 registered industrial and commercial offices.


  • How many offices can you distribute to each month? – We are capable of reaching more than 100,000 commercial offices every month. We are continuously expanding our distribution team to cover about 99% of the commercial offices in the whole Singapore area soon.


  • Do you have a team of own distributors, graphics designers, as well as printers? – Everything is 100% in-house. We take in all of the services that we provide.


  • How will I know or monitor that my flyers are sent out by your team? – We send out photo reports and weekly email reports so that you can keep track of all of the activities effectively.


  • How much do I need to pay for your services? – We are one of the printing companies that offer the lowest price in the market. If you can tell us your budget, we can lead you to the right package price that fits your marketing goals. Please take note that HBD/Outdoor distribution has more traveling and planning, and this is not cheaper than the flyer distribution.


  • Can you tell me the difference between distributing to HBD/Outdoors and commercial areas? – based on statistics, flyers distributed in the commercial buildings have a more positive result on ROI than HBD/Outdoors since flyers that are distributed in the public can result in more waste of paper.


  • How is Alibaba Printing different from other companies? – We focus on your needs so that we can effectively distribute the flyers to the right area. We act what we say and implement the plan carefully.


  • Can I select the location as to where I can distribute the flyers? – We will follow the schedule of the team. You can choose 1 to 2 districts, which would depend on the quantity of your order.


  • What if there are still extra flyers left? – We can distribute it to another district of your choice.


  • How many flyers can you distribute in a day? – Usually, we can distribute around 1,500 to 2,500 each day. In special cases, we can do 3,000 to 6,000 each day for an added cost.




Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why

Mask keeper printing



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

Read more: Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

Why Is Using A Face Mask Keeper Popular Today?



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of men, and now we are implementing a lot of new normal ways to be able to work and live a normal life as much as possible. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon yet, so people are trying to implement precautions through the use of different products to avoid cross-contamination of germs of viruses.


One of the simple yet effective and affordable ways of storing used and unused face masks is through a mask keeper. What is it, and how is it beneficial for all? Why has this suddenly become a health trend today? We have different questions, but you will want to know first its features and other interesting details.


The standard size of face mask keeper has the right dimensions to store a used mask. It is foldable, 60mm x 90mm, and a spread out of 185mm x 123mm. It is made of food-grade material that’s environment friendly at the same time. The design itself is easy to carry so that the person using it can easily slide it in his or her pocket, purse, or bag. It also has a protective layer to ensure that the material is moisture and dust-proof to prevent secondary pollution from building up.


One keeper can store one disposable face mask. It can keep a face mask clean or wearable again after removing a used face mask for a short time to eat food or do another important activity. The plastic is made of high-quality material, making it safe and durable to use.


The reasons why people are using face mask storage are due to the following reasons:

  • There is a global shortage of disposable surgical face masks. With this, people are finding ways on how they can conserve the face masks, most especially after removing it away from the face for just a short time. Not all people are comfortable with the idea of using reusable face masks and would rather spend money on disposable ones.
  • It gives the wearer a safe place to store their used masks if the situation calls for it.
  • It avoids cross-contamination of germs all over other personal belongings in the bag or everywhere.
  • It is easy to clean and carry around without having to worry about bringing big-sized cases everywhere.
  • It avoids getting the used face masks from being exposed to air pollution, which could increase germ build-up from the moisture obtained from the wearer.
  • It is customizable and affordable.


Since it has become a health trend today, people are enjoying the benefits that they can get from using this simple innovation, making sure that they stay safe from cross-contaminating germs and viruses. It is not exclusively made for adults since it is also available for kids.




Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and people are becoming creative, especially in keeping themselves safe from cross-contaminating the virus.

case keeper mask



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

Read more about simple away of using Mask Keeper:

Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why



Aside from using face shields, gloves, and other items for safety precautions when going out, the face mask keeper Singapore is now becoming a trend of safety for the following reasons:

  • There is a global shortage in supply for face masks, surgical face masks, to be exact. This disposable type of face mask is a need in today’s new normal way of living, and not everyone is a fan of using washable or reusable face masks. Using mask keepers would reduce the percentage of using a new one whenever a person would need to remove the face mask for a certain instance.
  • People can store the used face mask in a short period when dining or doing something important wherein removal of the face mask is required. It also avoids placing face masks on the table or on all the other things that an individual has, causing cross-contamination over personal stuff like pockets, keys, etc.
  • It helps in the prevention of used face masks to become polluted by open air. Used surgical face masks could build up moisture over time and will be contaminated due to open-air pollutants. People can now avoid this problem and lengthen the life of the face masks and allow the individual to use it again before it finally expires.
  • Face mask keepers are handy, small, lightweight, and easy to clean and carry around. Depending on the design of the keeper, you can choose from different styles with custom designs too. You can choose a foldable mask keeper where you can easily slide it in your pocket. Another style is the hard case if you prefer the keeper to give you solid protection. You can also choose the food-grade silicon kind if you want to sanitize it with boiling water. It all depends on your needs and preferences. You can even choose your favorite color and design!


It may be a trend today, but people still need to remember the importance of clean hands by constant washing and sanitizing using or germ-killer soaps or alcohol-based products that you can buy in pharmacies or groceries.


Before putting anything in the mask keeper, one crucial thing to remember is that it should be clean and sanitized, and you know which side uses the outer or inner part of the face mask to place it inside properly. The hands should be clean before and after putting the face mask in the keeper too to avoid cross-contamination.


If the face mask is already full of moisture, you need to use a new one to avoid bacteria buildup, do not put it in the keeper if this is the case.


It could be one of the best and simplest innovations during this pandemic time. There’s no harm in trying it too, and even experts say that it’s a good idea to separate the used face mask using a keeper or storage to avoid cross-contamination.




Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

mask keeper singapore



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

Read more: Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

The spread of coronavirus has indeed affected the way of life all around the world, and one main reason why this happened is cross-contamination. This pandemic is not going to disappear that soon yet, and the use of face masks will need to stick around for a long time too.


Since we cannot stay at home all the time, face to face coverings can help in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and even the experts recommend the use of face masks, especially when social distancing in some cases is hard to maintain. There are even other places in the world wherein wearing of face masks are mandatory, and it’s a fact that it has become part of our new normal ways wherein people are trying to find creative options to ensure that they won’t forget to bring their masks along with them. Even other health-mind products such as face shields, keychain touch tools, safety goggles, and many others are being introduced in the market today. The standards or sanitation have peaked, all thanks to this pandemic.


You might be hearing different kinds of innovations to be safe, but you might be relieved to know this simple accessory. Meet the mask keepers, which can keep your face coverings from germs, moisture, and dirt. It is a great idea to avoid cross-contamination between your used face mask and other things that you have in your bag, such as your wallet, keys, eyeglasses, etc.


But, would the medical experts recommend or believe that doing so is worth it? Some experts think that keeping the used face masks in a case or keeper inside a bag is a good idea since it can prevent it from getting dirty, and better yet, cross-contamination from other things that you have.


If you look up online, you can find a lot of options, from silicone to fabric. The only thing that you always need to keep in mind is to properly clean the case or keeper between uses with disinfectant wipes or alcohol.


Although a case keeper might be an additional thing that you need to carry around with you, you can choose the thin and light mask keeper that is foldable, or the mask bag that’s also lightweight and thin, or the mask case made of hard material. But don’t fret since most are from materials that would fit in your pocket, bags, or purse.


There are certain instances wherein you need to remove your face mask, especially if you will be dining, visiting a dentist, etc. With this, you don’t just put your face mask everywhere, you must keep it in a place wherein it can’t spread germs or become polluted from open air.


The use of a mask keeper Singapore is one effective way that you can try. But never forget to sanitize or clean the mask keeper or case all the time, don’t forget to wash your hands too before and after removing the face mask and putting it in the keeper. And another thing, do not store a face mask with too much moisture to avoid a fast buildup of germs.


It’s worth a try.


Sticker Printing Usual Client FAQs



If you are looking for more details about sticker printing for your business, go here: Sticker Printing

Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore



Sticker printing has many uses, and our clients come from all types of industries for business and personal purposes.


Alibaba Printing has been providing sticker printing services for many years, and our loyal clients can attest to the quality and affordable packages that we offer.


If you are new to this kind of marketing tool and you are looking for information on how you can take advantage of it for your business, here are the usual client Frequently Asked Questions that can help you:

  • Where is the sticker made from? 

– All of our stickers are manufactured here in Singapore.


  • Can you design the sticker, tape, or label for me? 

– We can help as long as you provide us the files that we need, such as the logos and the fonts that you prefer.


  • Is there a possibility that the number of my stickers differs from what I originally ordered? 

– There is a possibility that we usually send more than what you ordered. But if you are short with stickers, tapes, or labels, we can offer you more for free.


  • Do you have the glossy or matte finish kind of sticker paper? 

– Yes, we have a matte or glossy finish.


  • How long will the stickers last? 

– It mostly depends on the weather conditions, but our stickers can last 3 to 5 years.


  • Do you have clear vinyl or transparent stickers? 

– Yes.


  • Can it stick to fabrics? 

– Yes, it can.


  • Can I use a pen to write on my stickers? 

– Yes, but strongly suggest using permanent markers and ballpoint pens.


  • Is it possible to print QR codes on the stickers? 

– As long as you include them in your artwork, we can print them. Make sure that the QR code has a white border around it, and the size should be at least 2.50cm or 2”.


  • Will the logo of your company appear on my sticker too? 

– No. We will not include anything else. We only print what’s on the artwork.


  • Can you ship my orders? 

– Yes, free shipping within Singapore.


  • When will my stickers arrive? 

– After you have approved the proofing, the stickers will be ready in 5 working days. But if it entails more complicated work or its exceptionally bulk orders, it may arrive a few more days later than the usual schedule.


  • What about expedited shipping? 

– There are limitations as to how fast you want your stickers to be delivered. We can speed things up, but it will come at an extra cost on your part.


  • Can you ship to other countries? 

– Yes, we can, local and international.


  • Can you deliver on the exact date for the arrival of my stickers? 

– Yes, we can, but you need to email us ahead to make the arrangements.


  • Will you send me a proof before I order? 

– Yes, we can send you the proof before confirming your order, and we can revise it until you are satisfied.


For more in-depth questions or clarifications that you have in mind, call us, and we’d be glad to assist you with your questions.



Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags


Is your advertising and promotions budget low? Don’t fret! There is still an effective way to run your campaign without harming your finances thanks to the drawstring bags that have become quite popular these days. The custom drawstring bags are now a current choice as promotional items because these are affordable and have incredible promotional and advertising outreach.

If you are looking to print your Custom Drawstring Bags you can visit: Custom Drawstring Bags
Read about why you need Custom Drawstring Bags for your marketing: Reasons Why Custom Drawstring Bags are Awesome Marketing Tools



If one of your goals is to have your business motivate your staff or get the attention in tradeshows, one of the best ways to achieve it is to choose drawstring bags as giveaways without having to worry about the cost because it’s budget-friendly. You can get your brand exposed to only a fraction of the cost when compared to the traditional advertising methods like T.V. ads or billboards. It is a kind of bag that is nice to look at, and it lasts long too since a person can use it wherever and whenever. Be it in road trips, office, adventure activities, picnics, etc. You might not know this, but many people use the bag daily or regularly. It is sturdy and reusable, a portable billboard for your logos, message, and brand.

If you are worried about the cost of running an advertising campaign, you can still make that lasting impression on your target market through the use of personalized products. Drawstring bags will never be out of style and will always make a noise for your business. It is ideal in promoting, gifting, thanking your clients, and motivating your team. Remember to choose the color that perfectly matches your brand. The fabric should also coordinate with your marketing goals as well as the needs of your customers.


You have many models to choose from, and it could be overwhelming. Below is a list of some drawstring bags to help you get started on your planning stage.

• Non-Woven Water Resistant Made in Polypropylene – it is water and tear-resistant. Your brand message will look good in this type of sturdy bags and will surely make their heads turn!
• Vertical Combo Made in Polypropylene – this is perfect for clients that love the outdoors that need plenty of storage space. It has a dual pocket design that will help in keeping the travel essentials without adding more items. It also comes in bright colors, which will surely attract many people.
• Pennant Polyester – it offers a wide-angle display for your brand at an affordable cost. It is perfect for people like road warriors, outdoor-loving individuals, and college students.
• Sports Pack with Mesh Pocket made in Polyester – it has a mesh pocket and reinforced eyelets that can take the outdoor life beating. Because of the material, it is sturdy enough to last long.

These are just a few examples. The printing company or producer of drawstring bags can help you find the perfect kind that will surely fit your marketing needs, goals, and budget.

Facts about Drawstring Bags

The use of custom drawstring bags is ideal for many purposes like conference bags, shopping bags for retailers, swimming gear bags, gym bags, hiking or camping packs, and many more. Whatever need you’re thinking about, as long as you can send the message out there to your target market and place, they will surely keep it and use the bag over and over again.


Let’s get to know some important facts about using this kind of bag in this short yet full in details article.

If you are looking to print your Custom Drawstring Bags you can visit: Custom Drawstring Bags

Read about why you need Custom Drawstring Bags for your marketing: Reasons Why Custom Drawstring Bags are Awesome Marketing Tools


Understanding What a Drawstring Bag Is

It is a rectangular in shape bag that cinches in at the upper or top part using a drawstring. Every end of the string is attached at the bottom back part of the bag to make it big enough, which can also double as a backpack. But they are not just plain bags since some other drawstrings can have notable additional features too.


What makes it Special among the Rest?

It is a popular substitute for personalized tote bags since the user can easily clinch the bag and keep the valuables safe. Compared to duffels, backpacks, and other types of complicated bags, you don’t need to fiddle with the clips, straps, or even buckles. All you need to do is to put your stuff in, pull the drawstring to close it and then slip the strings on your arms and you are good to go.


The Best Uses that You Should Know

It is a versatile kind of bag, but it is rather popular in conferences and events. It is a lightweight and cost-effective promotional tool that is perfect in holding keeping the essentials in one place. It is also useful for those who go to the gym or other fitness industry since it is just the right size to carry extra clothes, swimming gear, small and light towel, water bottle, etc.



If you want the bag customized, you can choose from different materials that would depend on your purpose, need, or budget. It includes cotton, camo print, mesh, polyester, nylon, jersey, insulated fabric, embellished fabrics, clear plastic, and more.

But one thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the right material is how you want to make it your own. You can have the bag customized according to your preference in color, size, and other details that you want.


It Encourages People to Promote your Brand

When used as part of a promotional or marketing project as giveaways or welcome packs, you can take advantage of it by showing off the logo and slogan of your brand with matching colors that will surely make them remember what your brand is all about. People will surely love to use the bag and show it off with others. They could talk about the event and how they love and enjoy what they received.




Reasons Why Custom Drawstring Bags are Awesome Marketing Tools

There are several daily uses for drawstring bags, including hiking implements, and toting picnic supplies. The spacious middle compartment of a drawstring bag plus the brilliant color options with its simple closure are the striking features of logo items. The custom drawstring bags have a good and huge space where the brand and message can be placed strategically and in style.


If you are looking to print your Custom Drawstring Bags you can visit: Custom Drawstring Bags

Some Articles about Custom Drawstring Bags:

Facts about Drawstring Bags

Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags


This type of bag is highly functional and has high retention at the same time. People who receive it will use the drawstring bags in many days each week, wherein you will have the assurance brand exposure. This drawstring or “cinch” bag has a cool and casual charm, which makes it perfect for each genre of users in many age groups. If you’re planning to use this as part of your marketing effort, choose an appealing model that your target market or receivers will appreciate to use it all the time instead of having a cheap one that won’t last for a long time.


Bags made of high-quality materials can last long, and people enjoy using it for a long time, these make a great value for your money when you use them as your promotional items. There is a better and positive marketing effect if your products are attracting more, and your brand will be exposed as well at the same time. A drawstring bag is a flexible model that will surely look good anytime and anywhere, and your brand will surely get the exposure that it needs.


This kind of gift item has a long term marketing effect since it assures you the value of the money you’ve invested for your promotional needs. It is easy to distribute since it is lightweight, and the logo items are perfect for events like tradeshows and conferences. Marketers have the budget to distribute the bags to all who are part of the event that can help in getting the brand information all around. If your design is vast, the drawstring bag can be a perfect choice due to its large imprint area.


Here are a few examples of drawstring bags that you can use for your promotions:


  • Corona Deluxe Cinch – it can attract and make good impressions during tradeshows and corporate events. Its shoulder straps, side gussets, as well as headphone port are boosting popularity and functionality among the participants.
  • Trail Loop – it is lightweight and trendy, made in polyester that can provide a canvass space for printing and expanse storage space at the same time. It is ideal for camps, adventure trips, road trips, which will surely attract many people.
  • Executive Knapsack – it is superior in quality that has storage and imprint space, showing as a high-value gift during advertising campaigns or business events. The message of your brand will surely grab the attention of many, and it will become a “hot topic” for sure.
  • Recycled PET Cinch – it is perfect for environment-friendly campaigns. It could be a preferable choice because it uses recycled materials; it has a useful mesh pocket for beverages to carry bottles too.


Plan before choosing the type of drawstring bags you want to personalize for whatever purpose you have. Check your goal and your budget too.






Characteristics of a Powerful and Effective Envelope Printing with Custom Design


It’s crucial to make that first impression with a customized envelope. There are four characteristics of a creative and dynamic envelop that you should know.


If you are looking to print your Envelope you can visit: Envelope Printing

Read before you Start printing your envelope: Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


1. It can establish a fantastic initial impression.


The first impression is the key to getting new customers, and it’s not that easy when you’re doing it through custom envelopes. If your goal is to get new customers, experts recommend designing a customized envelope that’s in line with your plans.


Use a unique sealing technique for your custom envelopes to help in creating that lasting impression to a client’s mind. Plus, whenever there’s a special interior print included for security measures, the unique sealing technique, and maybe a company announcement on the flap’s interior grabs the attention of the user.


2. It can increase brand awareness.


It doesn’t sound as easy as you think since brand awareness is a complex concept. If you want to boost brand identity, it’s good to follow this rule: “unique, consistent, and identifiable.” It means you need to stay focused on the company’s personality, colors, emblems, logos, and voice. People should identify the brand instantly whenever they see the piece. The custom envelope should match the colors or hues of the company.


3. Powerful enough to stand out.


It’s easy to use the customized envelope in making your brand stand out, especially if you have a full grasp of how your brand is different from the industry competitors. The envelope can show the reader the idea of your company’s uniqueness in a few ways, which includes the size, adding of windows, the text color, font style, the color scheme, etc.


If you do things correctly and the custom envelope stands out according to your plan, you can leave a permanent impression in the minds of your receiver successfully. Ideas that specialize in designs can fuel up and propel your marketing method forward. The appropriate design of an envelope can rise above other competitors especially those that offer brand identity nor uniqueness. Custom envelope printing is one of the main components of the first marketing and advertising campaigns for newly established brands or organizations. For established brands can create the opportunity of becoming the face of the business for whoever is going to receive it, which makes it possible to create a special kind of envelop that sticks around a human’s memory once they get a chance to see it.


4. Functional.


Don’t be carried away by focusing only on the design of the envelope, it should also be about functionality. It means that an envelope can secure the contents properly inside it to prevent anyone else from peeking until such time it arrived safely to its destination.


Windows are common compared to all the other features you can choose from for your envelope. Many companies today use this method wisely for different reasons. One of which is to save ink in printing the receiver’s name outside the envelope when you can easily view such detail through a window. And it’s also a function to reduce costs.

Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


Are you trying to find the best envelope there is for your personal, business, or other purposes? If yes, then you need to learn at least the very basics about envelope printing and buying.

The selection process can be daunting and confusing, and you always thought that you just easily select one and get it done. There are many styles, varieties, planning for design, combination, and a lot of ideas to talk about when it comes to choosing the right one.

The first dilemma is you don’t know where to begin. Most decision making is being caught up on the paperweight, color, size, windows, adhesive, designing it, and more! This guide plus help from a professional printing company can clear some confusion.


If you are looking to print your Envelope you can visit: Envelope Printing

At the same time, Read on: Characteristics of a Powerful and Effective Envelope Printing with Custom Design
Let us share with you ideas on how to do your direct marketing: Unique Envelope Printing Ideas for Direct Mail

The Guide


Here are some key points that you need to take note:
1. Business Envelopes
It comes in many styles depending on the function or purpose. You can choose to have a small window on the envelope to show the receiver’s details, such as the name and address. There’s also the full-face type, which shows the full i-vital info. Another is the security kind, concealing account numbers, and other crucial data. The shape may come in square or rounded flaps, and each one has a different look. #10 is the most common business envelope, and the design can hold a sheet of paper that’s folded to three panes. Although it’s the most common, there are also many other sizes, styles as well as designs.


2. Different Yet Unique Shapes


A lot of brands are choosing square-shaped envelopes lately. It is common in galas, invitations, and other special events in the industries. Now, you can choose from a wide array of colors, with added features, and flap styles. It conveys a feeling of personal invitation for the receivers, which businesses use now for special or limited offers.


3. Specialty


Since it’s so unique, it can be hard to buy them in retail stores. People may receive a financial document, a historical document, or a packing slip placed in an oddly shaped envelope. It includes super-strong materials such as cardboard, Tyvek, etc. Professional printing companies can help you out; you only need to describe the kind of document and envelope style that you want to achieve.


4. Small


You can see tiny envelopes, and it’s a type of specialty envelope. It is commonly known as the #17 mini envelope, ideal for gift cards or paired with gifts. There is also the #1 tiny envelope or “coin envelope,” which is a popular choice for keys, business cards, and other small items.


5. Special Event Invitations


The A7 is the most common kind of envelope, with hundreds of styles and colors. It is common in anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc.


6. Printed Images and Messages


Professionally made or custom made envelopes have images, words visible outside of it. It is common for brands who want to use it as a method for advertising. It needs planning to get the right placement of details and color combinations, which is very crucial in marketing.

Unique Envelope Printing Ideas for Direct Mail


Digital marketing is an important method today due to the technological advancements we are all in, but the old fashioned way of direct mail is still unbeatable! Direct mail marketing can have a huge impact on whatever type of business you run. It’s a strategy that gives a personal touch and establishes your brand’s identity at the same time.

If you are looking to print your Envelope you can visit: Envelope Printing

Read before you Start printing your envelope: Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


The design of your envelope and getting that first impression is just as important as the content of your direct mail campaign. Using basic white envelopes is not going to help. However, envelope printing companies can surely help in making customized envelopes in getting that needed impact for the direct mail marketing campaign. Below are details of ideas that you can take note of for your direct mail efforts.


1. Shape and Size
Most people commonly see the standard type of business envelopes. But doing so won’t guarantee you a good result with your marketing efforts. Choose a unique shape and size to help you stand out and attract your receiver to open the envelope.


The use of square-shaped envelopes for direct mail marketing has become popular today. It gives that sophistication to letters since it’s an envelope usually used invitations and special events. It serves a practical purpose as well since it is efficient for placing unusually-shaped contents.


2. Brand Identity is Key!

Branding is important, and it’s one of the best ways to inform your customers about what your business is all about. Standard envelopes can turn in to a unique and eye-catching work of art, making your brand stand out. But, take note of the following:

• Distinct fonts or typography
• Logo
• Brand colors and combination
• Slogan
• Customized artwork
The aforementioned details are important since they represent your brand. You can take advantage of using them in your direct mail marketing campaign.
3. Eye-catching Color

A plain envelope can stand out using the right splash of color, making the receiver excited to open the mail.

Eye-catching colors include pink, blue, green, etc.! Use one solid hue or a combination of colors with different patterns to grab attention. The insides of the envelope can be tinted with color too.
4. Work with Texture

In marketing, “the next big thing” is texture. It has changed consumer behaviors, making a positive impact on marketing efforts.

You can try embossing the envelopes, creating a raised and recessed design to give more curiosity to the receiver after noticing it. A good example is to make the logo stand out using this method, or you can also highlight the slogan to create a three-dimensional feel and effect.
5. Teaser Window


Envelopes don’t just come in a plain paper you can have clear plastic on it to make a teaser window. Don’t just limit the window in using it for making addresses visible, have fun with the details too.
Discuss with the printing company what you want to make a successful strategic design wherein you can tease the customers first before they open the mail right away. It can draw that needed attention while keeping your receivers curious and excited to see the content inside.

Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method


Looking to print your own food packaging box?

Looking for ideas to help you with your packaging printing? Read on here: 5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas


Food packaging is an unpredictable thing. A food packing box can be eye-catching and unique for it to grab the attention. However, brand loyalty is also another thing that even a horrible packaging design will not scare away customers. The point is that customers are getting harder and harder to please.


It depends on some factors. For example, there is convenience and sustainability, and then you quickly see that the quality of a food packaging box is more than just a box.


Here are some ways how food packaging has evolved in modern times and how it can change the future.


People mostly interpret poor designs or food boxes with no visual appeal as low quality. But in recent years, modern food brand packaging is back to the basics to make it more visually appealing.


‘Less is more’ has become a famous line. With this, many are doing it with no branding aside from putting their logo. It usually is true with food brands since simplicity in food is attracting more people today, and a simple packing balances it all out and amplifies the message at the same time.


Do minimalism and boldness match each other? Solid and contrasting colors, big lettering may only be what you need to make a memorable food packing box.


The use of the right color can tell the flavor of the packaging. Color psychology plays a crucial part when it comes to food packaging and branding.


Remember: you must follow the legal requirements, whether you use bold, minimalist, or both. There should be a balance between design and legibility, work with the professionals to avoid future problems.


Setting a limited edition theme for a packing box has become a trend, and has become more popular today.


Doing so can help loyal customers be involved with the brand more. Seasonal packing can help re-engage loyal clients. If the food you serve is appropriate for gifting, a well-designed packaging can always steal the show since it won’t need more additional wrapping, saving your customers time. And, eco-conscious customers will appreciate this kind of option.


Most of the food boxes usually come in either rectangle, cylinder, or square shape, this is an opportunity for many to think outside of the box.


Brands can create an identity with the uniqueness of the packaging. Being different can make a product stand out, and it earns word-of-mouth recommendations and show brand values at the same time.


Brands that use a unique shape in terms of packing their food to add convenience deserve recognition: using the box while eating at the same time.


Food packaging is more than just a box because there is more to it. There is more to than just stuffing the product in a sealed plastic bag as well. Design inspiration and creativity can help in making a brand famous.


The future eCommerce food brands need to align their packaging with values to stand out.


5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas

An excellent food package box design won’t just impress your customers, but it will also make them want to eat your well-packaged food. Designs that engage people do not only add value to what you offer and your business because it can make your brand memorable too. Printing companies offer a wide array of food packaging choices such as takeaway food box, food paper box, etc., all you need to do is to plan your marketing strategy and create the design that fits your goals and your brand at the same time.

Looking to print your own food packaging box?

Firstly, We recommend to Choose Environment-Friendly Food Packaging Box.
Looking for a Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method?
It may not be that easy, to help you out, the following are five design concepts that can help you start in creating your food packaging.

• Hotdog boxes
These types of food boxes are excellent examples of creativity and simplicity. Hotdog businesses today use the packaging to put the fries and sausages in one box, combining design and convenience at the same time. You can mix the brand name along with the color, illustrations, and overall design of your packaging. Other important details like the contact number and address may be placed in the front when opening the box to help remind the customers where and how to contact you again.

• Simple with the right color
At first, the design may look very simple, but looking at the clever details creates the impact. You can use the basic palette for the box, but the font and colors for the logo can either make or break the whole design. Use soft calligraphy with color, leading to an elegant yet minimalistic design, proving that less is indeed more.

• More than just for popcorn
You’d never expect that a simple popcorn box can be versatile and could make a huge difference. You can put funny illustrations that bring up smiling faces to your customers, making your brand a memorable one. You can be creative or “think outside of the box” (no pun intended) and try to think of ways on how you can use the packaging that can attract the customers.


• An unforgettable design
You can stack up boxes on top of each other and create a design with it, revealing an illustration. Doing so can create an appearance that will surprise the customers. It can become boxes for gifts, sweets, cakes, tea, etc. Having creative designs can boost your product’s value. Customers would usually prefer a nicely packaged product rather than having to trouble themselves wrapping the item. It may sound like having a complicated design, but you can discuss with the printing company or supplier the different sizes and design options available.

• It’s your “mini” work of Art
A personalized or customized food packaging box is part of the customer’s experience with the brand. Takeaway packages give you a huge opportunity to bring out the artistic side of you, if you think you don’t have it, graphic artists can help you out. You can create a romantic style design, for example, and include the necessary details on the box. Put your favorite brand tagline too!

You can also do a takeaway box with a printed menu, and customers will see the details once they open the lid, this is what we call a complete experience.

Always take note that packaging is mostly building the experience for your customers and not just to make your brand or businesses recognizable, and it is part of your company’s whole image.

Choose Environment-Friendly Food Packaging Box

Looking to print your own food packaging box?

Looking for ideas to help you with your packaging printing? Read on here: 5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas

Did you know that many individuals and companies prefer an eco-friendly and food-friendly food packaging box most of the time? Some suppliers can provide paper boxes keeping the food fresh for a long time and making sure it won’t be contaminated with bacteria or damaged by water and air. This type of food storage is usually the first choice of fast-food chains, especially for food takeaways and deliveries.

The food boxes are not just used to preserve and transport food, companies all over the world prefer using them than plastic because of affordability and the materials used are environment-friendly, and they are recyclable too, without having to worry about damaging the environment.

Why choose this type of food packaging?
1. It’s easy to customize
The white and brown high-quality food paper boxes can be made in any dimension, size, and shape. They are commonly used to pack burgers, cakes, pizza, popcorn, and many more, which is why different options are available.

2. Environment-friendly and recyclable
The boxes are usually made of food-grade high-quality paper that is easy to reuse and recycle. The biodegradable trait of the material can avoid causing pollution compared to using plastic boxes and bags.

3. Affordable
Food companies often choose the cheapest packaging solution for their business to reduce costs. The boxes are affordable or cost-friendly because of the initial purchase price and the continued usage in recycled form. But it’s not just about the affordable price, it’s also about using high-quality food-grade paper boxes.

4. Food Safe
A food packaging box is not just environment-friendly, you are assured that your food is safe for transport and consumption. Plastic packaging usually has harmful effects when placed with hot food. So, double-check if the packaging material is food safe or not to avoid future problems with food-safety inspection people and with your customers at the same time.

5. Durable
Most people think that food paper boxes aren’t sturdy enough to hold food. A paper box is durable enough since the materials used are researched and engineered to make sure that it can easily be handled, it’s robust, and won’t be torn easily when whenever it’s full with food and traveled from one place to another.

6. Printable and Laminated
The lamination makes sure that the box itself and food fats or oils will be preserved well. Normal boxes without lamination can absorb oily and fatty oozes from the food, causing damage and tear. And the good thing about allowing companies to print their desired designs and other marketing stuff on the box can help them advertise their brand at the same time. It’s not just any typical food box, it’s branded, colorful, and fun!

Final Say
The use of environment-friendly food boxes for personal events or business purposes is a great way to preserve food and help mother-earth at the same time. Another advantage that should is the cheap price yet high-quality material, allowing companies to choose different options and become creative with their marketing strategy.

What Goes on a Lanyard?


Customized lanyards are so handy and flexible. You can see them in schools, different organizations, sporting events, concerts, seminars or conferences, youth events, workplaces, churches, hospitals, and many more!¬¬


Read more about Lanyard: Why A Lanyard Is Called A Lanyard? A Meaningful History

Order your Printing now: Customized Lanyards Printing


Dealing with Food business? Now delivery its a trend as most people work from home, Check out our Food Packaging Box


Lanyards are not just used for ID cards since it’s a very flexible item that can serve depending on the purpose, industry, or setting. Different things go on a lanyard, let’s find out what they are:

1. Keys – to help free the pockets and make sure to keep an eye on your keys, just add a keychain to the lanyard. It is helpful to those who tend to forget a lot of things! A pro lanyard tip for you here: Make sure to only add the keys that you need, just in case you lose it, you don’t have to worry about losing all the keys. A good example is that if your lanyard is attached to a work ID card, attach the work keys on it too. Do not mix your stuff like your car keys and work stuff together to avoid losing them all at once in case something happens.


2. Charging cable – it can be a lanyard and charging cable at the same time. There is a 2-in-1 charging cable lanyard, which is great for everyone without having to carry extra cords everywhere.

3. USB flash drive – it’s always best to be prepared. With our technology today, USB flash drives are handy for busy people like event organizers, students, etc.
4. Flashlight – lanyards are very helpful for people who are working late at night. You can attach a flashlight along with a whistle, a security feature that helps if you’re working or going home late at night.
5. Photo – start your day inspired by adding a photo of your favorite person or pet on the lanyard. It helps in bringing your good mood back after a very rough day or even start an interesting conversation with your coworkers, students, etc.
6. Personal moments – everyone can be creative with their lanyards. You can add or decorate the lanyards with beads, stickers, other memorable stuff for fun, or even for a lanyard decorating contest in school or at work!
7. Pen – all you need to do is to slide the pen on the lanyard, and you are ready as ever to sign any documents, take notes, and many more! You can even combine attaching your stylus and pen to your lanyard to easily hand them out to your event attendees to make things easier.
8. Phone holder – we all don’t have a big pocket all the time if we go to a concert or an important event. You can use a 2-1 charger cable lanyard plus a wallet and phone holder at the same time to ensure your phone is always with you.
9. Ribbons – badge ribbons for speakers or hosts in events can stand out with the help of lanyards. You can also be creative by giving your badge ribbons to your event attendees too.
10. Hand Sanitizer – a mini hand sanitizer spray can keep your hands germ-free without having to look for this item in your bag all the time!
11. ID cards – this is the most common use in places or buildings that have security.


Why A Lanyard Is Called A Lanyard? A Meaningful History

Lanyards are indeed popular because of their purpose and how it can help a lot of people in its simple form. Have you ever thought about its origin and why it is called a lanyard? Let’s answer that curiosity and get to know more about this awesome product.


Read here for what s the use on a lanyard: What goes on a Lanyard?

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The lanyard is more than just a usual cord holding your ID or small items. Although it is the most common use or purpose, you’d be amazed to know that it has existed for centuries! The history behind it is meaningful and colorful.

In the Beginning…
In the 15th century, the first use of Lanyard came from French soldiers as well as privateers. Using it helps them keep their weapons close at reach or hand during combat and/or climbing ships’ rigging.

Lanyard originated from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’ in English. Originally, the lanyards looked simple and were just made from a rope or cord that were found on a ship, simply tied around their weapons or whistles. In World War II, some soldiers still use lanyards that were attached to their uniforms but with more detailed attachments designed to carry objects for both civilian and military life.

Over time, the popularity of lanyards continues to flourish, specifically in the 20th century, their functional purpose was still retained while becoming more ornamental at the same time.

In the 1950s Lanyard weaving has become a famous craft to teach French and American kids during this time. Children were taught how to make complex knots such as the box knot, Chinese knot, butterfly, and triangle knots. Aside from that, it has seen to help develop manual dexterity. The UK also is seeing a resurgence of ‘scoubidou’, which is a French craft, basically has the same process of how lanyards were created during the mid-20th century.

When it comes to their decorative purpose, you can usually see military officers who have colored braid on their shoulder, which is actually a special kind of lanyard being used to denote their award or rank, a kind of braid and which side it is worn. Such lanyards can be intricate, it can be made with highly stylish knots.

Today, lanyards have become part of businesses too, a very important marketing tool in helping promote their brand, products, or services. This is a good development in lanyards, another purpose that many companies are taking advantage of. A great way to advertise in a more attractive yet cheaper way, helping a business become popular through people wearing their brand name wherever they go.

Now Part of a Cultural Icon
When you go to corporate events, festivals, or concerts, you’ll notice a lot of printed lanyards, and you could be wearing one too. Now you know that it has a rich tradition and history that stretches back many years.

It has become a functional piece of art that has already made an impact in shaping civilization.

What is the Best Lanyard Material? Tips on How to Choose the Right Type

Lanyards are almost anywhere! Buildings with securities and employees wearing lanyards, even in students in schools, hospital staff, small and big companies, trade fairs and conferences, etc. It has become an essential product of our lives today.


Interested in the history of lanyard? Read here: Why A Lanyard Is Called A Lanyard? A Meaningful History

Order your Printing now: Customized Lanyards Printing


However, it’s also crucial to choose the right material for the lanyard. What is the end purpose of the lanyard? With this question, one can base on the design, style, and type of material to use. There are different types of materials in making a lanyard that you should know:
• Nylon
• Satin
• Polyester
• PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
• Braided paracord
• Braided leather

Lanyards can be divided into different classifications wherein all have their diverse functions:
• Nylon imprinted lanyards – it can be used for many purposes such as holding of security cards, ID badges, or ID cards in business establishments, attaching small devices or gadgets like MP3 players, cameras, and USB flash drives to prevent loss. This kind of material is shinier and thicker compared to polyester. It is also the top and best quality over all the others.

• Polyester imprinted lanyards – this is the most commonly used type because of its durability, flexibility, and cost. It’s a polyester fabric material mainly known for its durable quality, affordable price, and good air breathability, which makes it a good option for people who like to exercise a lot. It can give the best wear-comfort. Choose this type of lanyard if you want to use it for a long time.

• Tubular imprinted lanyards – this is polyester with a shoelace shape, which makes it very comfortable to wear around your neck. It is popular amongst sports enthusiasts. If you need a comfort-wearing material, choose this. It is also a perfect choice for those who are on a tight budget.

• Dye-sublimated lanyards – this is good quality and very durable for custom printed with very complicated logo designs. It is very bright, colorful, tender, and classified as a high-performance lanyard. The lanyards will undergo the advanced dye-sublimated printing process. The dyes will infuse on the lanyard material, which means the designs will not fade even when used in extreme conditions.

• Woven lanyards – this is a unique kind since the slogans, designs logo, or texts will be woven directly on the polyester material. The simple words are woven on the lanyards using threads. Simple logos are suitable for this weaving process. If you need a high-quality design imprint, then this can be a perfect choice.

• Beaded Lanyards – this is a decorative lanyard used to hold ID cards and small items. At times, it is considered as jewelry and shaped like a beaded necklace. A good market for this is women and young girls because it makes them look more fashionable. You can choose pearls, glass beads, or crystal beads. The cost will depend on the material used.

Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing


 Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing



Are you thinking about advertising your brand? There are different ways of promoting your products and service such as television, radio, print ads, the internet, etc. but it depends on the market budget the company has. Huge companies usually opt for television or internet marketing because they have the means to do so. But smaller companies can choose print ads like flyers because it costs less.


Need quote for Cup Printing? Refer to Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore
Zero waste future?  :  Reusable Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore Can Help Make a Zero-Waste Future
Looking to print lanyards? Check it out here: Customized Lanyards

Coffee sleeve printing has become popular these days because it’s an easy method to advertise your brand out there whenever and wherever. You can have your brand imprinted on a coffee sleeve for local coffee sellers. According to a study made in a university, on-campus students drink about 9,000 cups of coffee on average in a week. An average individual will hold their cup of coffee for about an hour or less wherein 6 people can see every coffee sleeve, and about 65% of them can remember what they have seen on the cup sleeve.

Here are some things you need to take note if you want to promote your brand through cup sleeve printing to coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes:

1. Research first the total cost of coffee sleeve production in terms of how much it costs per sleeve, designing, and printing. Look for reputable printing companies in Singapore.
2. Know your marketing message. What are your goals? This way, you will know if you want to add a coupon for the customers to encourage them to repurchase, advertise an upcoming event, etc.
3. Designing your ad that fits the message of your brand goals. Use one color or full-color scheme. Make sure it’s not overly done, it’s precise and attention-grabber. Create s design that is enough but not overpowering.
4. If you can’t find a distribution company, you can handle it on your own. Once you have your imprinted cup sleeves, go to the nearest coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants near your company or location that offers takeout. Providing coffee sleeves for free for them is an advantage that they will take since it can help them reduce costs.
5. Check your sponsored companies regularly to see if they are using the sleeve or not or if they need an additional supply of coffee sleeves. If you have a marketing department, they should be able to monitor this. But if you are providing the coffee sleeves for free to the community, you need to make sure that whatever your message is on the cup sleeve, your company should live up to the promises.

Others important things to remember:
• Always include contact information of the company. Each sleeve should contain a call to action, website URL, street address, and other contact details where people can easily reach you.
• The ad should be appealing to the customer.

Plan first to see if this method of advertising works for your brand. Check out different establishments first and ask around if you can partner with them in providing the coffee sleeves. Aside from food and beverage businesses, you can also target hospitals, schools, universities, etc. that serve coffee. This way, you can advertise your brand to a wider area.

Reusable Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore Can Help Make a Zero-Waste Future




 Reusable Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore Can Help Make a Zero-Waste Future



Today, different environment-friendly technologies are continuously developed, like self-driving cars, carbon-capturing technologies, and solar panels to combat climate change heading towards a sustainable future. However, small scale solutions are also driving the change by creating new twists on seemingly insignificant items that are commonly used every day, which could be a way to turn the tides on systematic social and environmental issues.

Looking for Cup Sleeve Printing?  Find out more details here: Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore


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Traditional coffee sleeves are considered a need and trend today by businesses because of their use and marketing opportunities it offers. Coffee cups have been a highlight already for zero waste campaigns, but coffee sleeves rarely get the attention or even get disposed of properly. Millions of coffee sleeves are found in landfills every single day, and it’s a considerable amount of waste in a year – billions of pounds. Bringing a reusable model in the market can help consumers adopt behaviors to help achieve zero waste future.


Reusable cup sleep printing has advantages that you should know:


  1. It is environment friendly and helps in promoting zero waste future by encouraging customers to reuse their cup sleeves every repurchase. It is a positive behavior that can create a chain reaction.
  2. It doesn’t just protect the fingers from the hot temperature of the beverage since it prevents more accidents from occurring like third-degree burns when spilled over on yourself.
  3. You can create a unique design that will surely remember your brand, helping an individual remember your brand, and support the zero-waste movement at the same time.
  4. Advertise most uniquely in different institutions or organizations like schools, other types of industries, etc.
  5. It saves you more money if people understand what your business supports and the movement you are creating for the environment.
  6. The materials used are both excellent for hot and cold beverages.
  7. You can print in full color or whatever you like with the reusable cup sleeve.
  8. It is lightweight and can easily be carried around.
  9. It can be used for other purposes like providing information about your brand, instructions, and other helpful details. You can also put encouraging quotes.
  10. The materials used in creating the recyclable cup sleeve are biodegradable with no toxic elements, making the output eco-friendly.
  11. When it comes to printing, the options could be endless. Some cup sleeves use 3-D printing too. Cup sleeves are versatile, and you can print on them according to your liking.


There are printing companies that specialize in providing cup sleeves printing in Singapore. The first thing you need to check is to see if the manufacturer supports your mission and the quality of the sleeves. Take time to research the best or the most reputable company that you can trust.


To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve the Hot Paper Cups?


Whether you are a business owner or not, it is evident that the use of paper cups has become a necessity in the industries and different types of organizations today. Paper cups have become a need because of their affordability and convenience in disposing of them. Depending on the kind of business that you have, the usage and needs, you can choose various hot paper cups out there.

Looking for Cup Sleeve Printing?  Find out more details here: Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore
Reuseable cup sleeves? Read more: Reusable Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore Can Help Make a Zero-Waste Future
Not all paper cups have cups sleeves like other cups that have or don’t have lids. The use of hot paper cups is perfect for businesses that serve hot beverages. Some drinks can be boiling hot, and your number one concern here is to protect the hands of your customers, and this is the main reason why cups sleeves exist.


However, when do you need the cups to wear the sleeves? Below are the details that can guide you through this question.


Defining Hot Paper Cup Sleeve

A cup sleeve placed around the paper cup is insulation, and the purpose of it is to protect the person holding it while taking a sip of the hot drink. It is designed in a way to fit the paper cup to give enough insulation.


The cups sleeves are made of textured paperboard, and it is perfect for businesses that offer hot drinks wherein they don’t need to use an extra cup as a shield or protection.


To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

The use of cup sleeves protects the customers and allows them to enjoy their hot drinks. The material used in the cup sleeve is a poor conductor of heat.


The sleeve’s purpose is not just that since it allows you to go beyond and include it in your marketing plans. The cup sleeve is a great way to advertise or promote your brand, products, or services. Branding is crucial in a business, and the use of cup sleeves provides a huge marketing opportunity by printing on it a design that’s relatable to the company or marketing goals such as the logo, announcements, and other forms of promotions that you can think. It’s perfect in building your brand no matter what industry you are.


You don’t need to worry about not having businesses providing hot beverages. You can use it still in advertising your business by partnering with other companies wherein you can sponsor them the cup sleeves with your printed logo or design on it. You can have the cup sleeves customized according to your business needs.


Some paper cups don’t have cup sleeves, but this depends on the condition of the contents that are in the paper cups. Aside from that, every sleeve costs higher compared to having an extra paper cup. However, if these are the only disadvantages you can get out of all the opportunities you can have for your brand, then you better not miss the chance of using cup sleeves.


What Needs to Be on A Letterhead?

What Needs to Be on A Letterhead? Key Elements of a Company Letterhead



Find out more about letterhead printing

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Read on:

What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead?


In today’s modern world, companies still consider the use of paper as an important part of communication and other documentation purposes. An official letterhead of a company is a must-have for almost all types of firms. Its main purpose is to convey a message to the receiver. Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about what a letterhead is and what needs to be on it.



Letterhead is also known as letterheaded paper, it is the heading that you can see at the top of a letter paper sheet. It mostly has the name, address, corporate logo and a background pattern. The “letterhead” term is usually used to speak of the whole sheet that’s being imprinted with a heading.


Many individuals and companies choose to make their letterhead template in Microsoft word or other kinds of software application. It is generally printed by either letterpress or offset methods. The size varies since there are companies that print their letterheads in A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm) while others produce them in 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280 mm) size.



  • It serves as your corporate identity. Anything that is sent to clients like letters, envelopes, publicity folders, invoices, etc., must create a consistent and distinguishable corporate identity. Your company address and logo must be reiterated on all your business marketing materials. The objective is for all people to quickly know who the letters are from when the logo is spotted on the letterhead of the company. This is also a different way to instill to everyone’s minds your image or company logo.


  • It serves as a visual interest. The main purpose of the letterhead is to convey the message to your recipient. The design is not very busy, not too-large graphics and there is ample space to type in the message. There are firms that put designs behind the text, adding visual interest to the letterhead, but keeping in mind the background image’s opacity and making sure it’s light enough to avoid overpowering the text’s clarity.
  • It proves authenticity. It can show the receiver that your company is reliable and serious. It also shows your commitment to brand identity. A professional letterhead always leaves a positive impression on the reader. If your letterhead is professionally designed, and it uses a better paper quality, the more enticing it will be for the customer to check out your business.


Top 3 Key Elements

Creating a letterhead needs effort and time, you have to be careful with even the most little detail. It also represents your company, and you don’t want to make something that doesn’t match your company’s identity. Letterheads are used in different ways, and that includes formal letters.


However, the use of letterheads is not just limited to stationary or paper. Did you know that many actually incorporate them in business cards, flyers and even in brochures? This is the reason why a company letterhead should be well-designed and contains vital elements so that it can show a good and respectable visual presentation of the company.


Here are the top 3 key elements on what needs to be on a letterhead that you don’t want to disregard.


1. Company Name

Would you like to read an anonymous letter with a nameless letterhead? Most people would disregard the letter if that’s the case. Your company name on the letterhead is one of the most important elements you need to remember.  It’s not just an introduction; it encourages the receiver’s interest to read your letter, and it’s a strong document that can prove that your business or company is real.


Its role is significant, which is why the company name is placed at the top of the letterhead. The readers are given a clear idea of where the business letter came from and would even allow them to think about its content.


2. Logo or Slogan

A well-made logo or slogan of your business that is placed on the strategic spot of a letterhead can be identifiable all over the commercial communication.


The most preferred spot for the logo or slogan is at the top part, just beside or above the name of the firm. But some also prefer doing it like a watermark wherein it’s set as a background.


Putting your logo on the most noticeable part of the letterhead can awaken the curiosity of your reader, and it can also boost your business’ branding at the same time.


3. Contact Details

Keep in mind that your letterhead can appear more real and persuasive to your client’s perspective if you put more details in it. These details are generally grouped together, and they are placed in an organized manner either below or at the side of the logo and company name.


The address is another proof that your company is not fraud, since you will be having customers who will want to contact you or visit the location of your business. However, aside from the physical and registered address of your company, it’s best to include your postal address as well. You can also put the address of your other business site.


The website and email address are vital factors since most people nowadays can be found online. If you have your social media accounts, you can also add them too. The use of email is convenient, especially for international customers. They usually feel secure if they see a confirmed and real address, which also means they have other ways to reach you if in case something goes wrong.


Contact numbers are your telephone, fax and voice numbers. You can also put in your professional license digits along with the date established if available. This is important if in case the receiver is interested in your proposal or offer, they can contact you right away for business transaction or further discussion of the details.


Organizing Your Design: Important Tips

After identifying the basic info of your letterhead, you will need to brainstorm on the design and template to ensure that the elements are arranged properly.


A nice letterhead needs an attractive design, and this is another critical element that you must remember. Below is a simple guide and important tips that you should know when designing your letterhead template.


Designing Guide   

  • Choose the right typography – the overall look of your work depends on what you select for your letterhead’s typography. Choose carefully to match the brand of your company. The task may be a bit daunting since you have so many options to choose from. But you can always seek help from an experienced and skilled graphics designer.


  • Keep it simple – if there’s too much going on in your letterhead, you might lose its effectiveness. Keep the design simple and clean. The main point is to deliver the message successfully to your receiver and not to distract them with too many designs. Your layout should be controlled for your marketing purposes.


  • Make a suitable hierarchy – this is a noteworthy principle in any type of design; this is the arrangement of sections in your design so that importance may be shown. A good hierarchy will help your audience identify the piece of info that is most crucial for them and guide them what part they should be reading first. The maker of your letterhead will arrange all the data where they are most noticeable. And all the other lesser vital elements can be placed in areas that won’t distract your audience.


Choose Alibaba Printing

We provide excellent and high-quality printing services for your business and marketing needs. We have an experienced and skilled team to handle the intricate demands of your designs. We offer cheap rates that won’t hurt your marketing budget. Ask us today and let us help you find the perfect printing service that fits your requirements.


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What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead?

What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead? Helpful Info That You Can Use


Find out more about letterhead printing

Read on:

What Does A Letterhead Look Like?

What Needs to Be on A Letterhead?


Is your business or company still a fresh start in the industry? If yes, then you should know that every business should have their very own official company or business letterhead. Its purpose is more than just for your marketing needs. Let’s find out more and why.


It’s must-have printing collateral for a business. It’s more than just a way of communication, it physically represents your company too. It can tell a huge deal about the image of your brand. It is also an essential part of your business’ means of communication in the sales and marketing department. Letterheads that are well-designed also shows the credibility and professionalism of companies.


Importance of Business Letterhead in Singapore: 5 Vital Reasons 

Writing and sending letters is still a core part of business communication. As they say, first impressions last. Many are now designing and using letterheads for both personal and business use. A letterhead carries the name of your company, contact details, logo, and address.


So, what is the purpose of this printing collateral and why is it very important? Let’s find out the 5 vital reasons below:


  1. Encourages graphic curiosity – a letterhead’s main purpose is to send a message to your receiver. But the first thing you need to watch out is the elements that you put in your letterhead. You put something that encourages the recipient to read on and that stirs curiosity at the same time. Don’t put too many designs and unnecessary details that will only make the reader confused.
  2. It’s your company’s identification – your company has an identity and one way to let the people know who you are is through the use of a letterhead. With this, you make something that is recognizable. Once the people see your logo, they instantly know who you are. You create an identity that is easy to remember and avoid designs that are too complicated.
  3. To show your contact details – every letterhead indicates the contact details of a business. This includes the name of your business, address, contact numbers, email, website, and social media accounts if you have. The fonts should be just the right size that your readers can see them clearly – not too big or too small.
  4. A way of communication – letterhead was originally called a letter paper and has always been a way of written communication. The letterhead has become smaller and lighter as time passed. Corporate logos are a popular element included in the design that started in the mid-1900s.
  5. It proves that your company is real – it also shows your recipient that you are serious with your intention and that they can trust your business. It’s all about showing them your authentic identity and leaving a good impression to your target client.


Why Do You Need it For Your Company and Brand Identity?

Here are other reasons why you need a letterhead for your business and why it’s an absolute must-have:


  1. It helps in making a good first impression – the first thing that your receiver sees is the topmost part of your letter which is the letterhead. The elements that you combine and place in the document such as the text, font, and colors attract the receiver. It’s like a way of dressing up the company. If your company letterhead is dull and not interesting to the recipient, no matter how well-written it is, you’re surely going to lose your client’s curiosity. If you want a good impression, put effort into designing your letterhead that helps them focus their attention on your letter.
  2. It helps in making you look more professional – all types of written communication should be done using a good-quality paper with a letterhead that’s well-designed. The documents and information in a letterhead make them genuine and credible.
  3. It can reinforce the image of your business – letterheads can build up your business’ image by means of an effective message. Whether you’re using the letterhead in communicating your products or services or whatever purpose you have, a letterhead of good quality boosts your company’s image.
  4. An excellent part of your marketing strategy – it helps your readers remember you if your letterhead has a good design. In marketing strategy, a good graphic design has a huge impact. You can effectively communicate with your audience using the letterhead. To achieve the perfect design for your business, let a professional or expert graphics designer help you, especially in the color combination, and the use of the right elements. Your ideas plus the designer’s creativity will produce the right type of letterhead.


Design Rules in Printing to Achieve Marketing Success     

A letterhead is a crucial piece of marketing for your business, whether you send it via snail mail or electronically. There are simple and basic rules that you just have to remember to create a successful letterhead layout.


  1. Make sure that it looks professional – you don’t want a business that looks like a “joke” to others. The design of your letterhead should reflect a serious business to give it more integrity and clout. It should create an effect on the reader, they should take it seriously and they feel that the business cares.
  2. Don’t overdo it! Simplicity is key – the main point is for you to communicate to your prospect or customers effectively. With this, make sure the design is simple and not overpowering the written message that will distract them from reading your letter.
  3. Background’s opacity should not be too strong – if you want to put a background image on the whole page of your letterhead, make sure that’s it’s faded enough that any word you put on top of it can be read by your audience. Too dark background images can be very distracting.
  4. Basic Info of your business is a must – aside from the name of your business and logo, never forget to include the contact numbers, mailing address, fax number, email, website, social media accounts. You can add the company slogan or the board members’ names but the previous vital info should be your top priority and should be easy to find in your letterhead.
  5. Keep the balance – ¼ inch margin should be set aside around the outer edges of your letterhead not unless you’ll be using a bleed as part of your design. It will look unprofessional and unbalanced if you type too close to the edges. Your written message should be at the center of your letterhead with even and proper margins.
  6. Legible fonts should be used – use clear and simple fonts that are easy to read. Cursive fonts can be difficult to read.


Letterhead Printing Service That You Can Trust!

Are you looking for a printing company to help you design and print the letterhead of your business or organization for a package price that you can afford? Choose Alibaba Printing. We are one of the cheapest printing company in Singapore that offers package printing deals that’s affordable and high-quality services for your marketing materials such as letterheads, brochures, flyers, etc.


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What Does A Letterhead Look Like?

What Does A Letterhead Look Like? Your Business Letterhead Guide           


Find out more about letterhead printing

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What is Non Woven Bags Made Of?

What is the purpose of a letterhead?


A letterhead is a crucial marketing material of a company and it is usually used to communicate with customers, business associates as well as the media. And since a letterhead gives you the opportunity to be exposed, creating a design that’s appropriate for your business can help you establish your brand.


The heading part of a paper is the letterhead, usually located at the top which includes your company logo, business name, contact information, and address. It serves as a company pad, making your letter papers look professional and formal.


What is a Business Letterhead?

A business letterhead is considered as the company’s official paper used when printing letters and other documents.


Even though anyone can send letters through e-mails easily, but this is so common that your e-mail might be filtered to SPAM messages or even deleted directly. A letterhead can help you grab your receiver’s attention even at first glance, this is one of the reasons why it’s a must-have in every business!


The Basic Components of a Letterhead

To give you an idea of what a letterhead looks like, you can picture in your mind the following components that can be seen printed on a paper. Below are the details.


Brand Image

This part can help identify your business’ brand. A letterhead would usually contain one image printed on the paper which is the logo and placed on the top part of the paper, either located on one side or across the top. It’s best to have this printed by a professional printing company to ensure that the image is not hard to see and decipher. The high-quality image on your computer translates a high-quality image on your letterhead when printed using good equipment at the same time.


Contact Information

One of the most vital parts is the contact details and you’ll also see this on the letterhead. This will define the company’s identity further. When your receiver needs to contact you right away, he or she can find your address or contact numbers instantly along with the business name, physical address, website address, email, and social media accounts. Depending on the layout you choose, this info can be found on the bottom or top part of the letterhead.


Should You Have a Slogan in Your Letterhead?        

This part can be optional. It’s the company’s catchphrase or short slogan that can sometimes be seen on a letterhead. It can help a business stand out which can establish a connection between the company and the slogan. It’s usually just a short sentence because a long saying can take up too much space and may detract from the contact info. When you make a letterhead, simplicity is key along with the vital details. The recipients will be able to see what they must see, establish a positive connection, and they won’t be overwhelmed upon first glance.        



The kind of paper that will be used when printing the components also has an impact on the overall look and design of your business’ official stationery. An off-white or plain white paper color usually is the choice for a more professional and clean letterhead. Thin and lightweight paper is easy to tear. A thicker and heavyweight paper is recommended. Use the right type of paper to achieve a positive impression from the receiver.


Where Can a Business Letterhead Be Used?  

Some people believe that only huge corporations should be using a letterhead. The truth is, whether a business is big or small, letterheads should be used when sending letters to clients and other businesses or even for company meetings. It can also be used for different purposes such as the following:

  • Minute meeting or notices – it will make it legal documentation of what was discussed during the duration of the whole meeting.
  • Writing of invoices – it makes it official to avoid unnecessary input of details especially financial matters.
  • Handing out business-related info of other parties – any business matters written on a letterhead makes a document more official. It establishes credibility, developing trust to the receiver.
  • Tendering inter-departmental reports and legal company announcements – this is important since this can assure that the reports and any other announcements are officially coming from the company itself. It makes the letter more trustworthy and final. An important document that needs to be stored in a proper manner.


Letterheads are not just used within the workplace today, some use it for personal purposes too.


What Are Its Major Role in Your Business?                

Let’s see how letterheads can boost your business, below are the details:


  1. It’s your most straightforward introduction – a letterhead is significant printing collateral of a business which is why it’s considered as one of the most valuable documents in a business wherein the logo and contact details are clearly visible.


Usually, the recipients or potential clients can identify a brand through the logo on the letterhead. With this, the importance of using such should not be underrated. Careful placement of the logo and other details can positively contribute to the image of a brand.


  1. It can serve as a legal document – a letterhead is mostly used in official correspondences since it is regarded as a legal document. Specifically speaking, a set of letterheads of a company represents the whole firm through its significance, usage priority, and meaning.
  2. It implies professionalism – customers or receivers are pleased if they are considered formally all thanks to the sense of professionalism boosted by the right placement of the letterhead.


A letterhead can measure a company’s competence and without it, a bare business letter will give the receiver a reason to question the ability of a company. With this, businesses of all sizes strive hard to engrave their professionalism with their recipient through the use of a letterhead. As such, the firm brand, the sense of significance, and what it signifies are established effectively, while the feeling of a letterhead being a personal letter is reduced.


  1. It can become your salesperson – aside from a letterhead representing your business, it also helps in promoting your company. Readers are usually caught on the design of the letterhead first before they read the content, and this is understandable.


Another vital reason is that if a letterhead is combined with the right design, template, and other elements, it can build a good impression on the professionalism of a company to the recipient. If it pleases the eyes of the reader, the brand can be advertised successfully.


  1. It can persuade your customer – we all know that the first impression is crucial. What they see at first glance can either persuade or deject the recipient from reading on. With this, the letterhead can help get their attention first.


People would choose to read letters that have well-represented letterheads because it gives them a feeling of safety. Aside from that, the information provided will intensify the sense of reliability, honesty, and it provides a clear impression of a firm’s vision.


In addition, a letterhead helps in building authority to a firm’s branding and makes it look more competent. Business letterheads also show that the letters officially came from a working and real firm, not a fake or fraud.


  1. Marketing means – readers are provided with correct details of contact information so that they can reach the firm quickly. It’s a useful means to attract potential customers and increase sales at the same time.


Things to Consider When Designing It             


There are a few things that you should consider when designing a letterhead. Here is a list of what they are to help you create a powerful letterhead for your business:


  1. The size of the letterhead – you don’t only adjust this measurement according to your liking, but do this in a way where everyone else also likes what they see. Use measurements that are web-friendly. The preferred size is 900px by 100px.
  2. The template of your letterhead – there are different types of templates that you can use but the most popular option is the layout that’s easily-centered.
  3. The resolution of your letterhead – you don’t want to make something that’s too sharp or too blurry. It’s best if your letterhead has at least a 300 dpi resolution.


Others things you need to keep in mind:


When using colors in designing the letterhead, use 2-3 bright contrasting colors, it’s a graphic design trend that you can try. You can add your chosen colors to the header, border and body text.


Don’t forget to put the logo near the top part. Once again, we want to establish that your brand can easily be recognized. You can also use the color of the logo all throughout your template to combine them all together perfectly.


A colorful border is also a must-try! But just make sure that it does not overpower all the other elements in your business letterhead, making it distractive to the eyes.


Create a striking header in a geometrical, asymmetrical or slanted position. This way, you can make sure your letterhead stands out among all the others.


Alibaba Printing Company Can Help!   

It’s not easy to create a business letterhead that works and not all of us are gifted with graphical skills. With this, if you need to create one from scratch, it’s highly recommended to contact the professionals. Alibaba Printing can help you achieve the following:

  • A letterhead with excellent design.
  • Print professional-looking letter paper for your business using high-quality equipment.
  • Print in bulks for cheaper printing packages that you can surely afford.


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What is Non Woven Bags Made Of?

What is Non Woven Bags Made Of? The Use of Polypropylene in Bags




Find out more about non woven bag printing

Read on:

what is non woven bag?


The use of non woven bags these days have become really popular because of the many benefits it can provide not just for the company but also for the environment. Polypropylene bags are known because they are reusable, eco friendly and a great choice in marketing your business.


Let’s get to know more about this type of bag and the materials used to make it. Is it worth investing in it for your business?


Getting to Know Bags That Are NonWoven

There’s a difference between nonwoven and woven bags, so let’s try to compare them to clear up the confusion.


Woven bags are made using a woven fabric for durability. The fabric used is known to be flexible, the shape can retain well, it’s strong wherein it allows you to use it multiple times; it can be placed in your washing machines and can design the bags in a matte or laminated finish.


Nonwovens bags, uses fibers to make fabrics and producing the bags thermally, chemically or mechanically. The fabrics used makes it are more versatile if compared to woven bags, the application has a wider range, it’s less expensive, and a better replacement option to ditch plastic bags.


Nonwoven is considered to be a new generation of material that’s eco-friendly, has moisture, it’s flexible, breathable, non-combustion, light, non-toxic, non-irritating, easy to break down, can apply rich colors, reusable, recyclable and the benefits goes on!


Nonwoven cloth’s tailoring and sewing are very convenient because it’s light and easy to shape. The composition of its fabric include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, etc. dissimilar ingredients will have very different nonwoven styles.



Non Woven Polypropylene Bags

NON-WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE is a thermoplastic polymer, it means that it can be melted, recycled and turned into other kinds of items. The NWPP is made to look like it’s ‘woven’ by making a cross-thatched pattern that it is being pressed on the material.


The bags are made by spinning polypropylene polymers through the use of heat and air turning them into long fluffy threads and pressing them in the middle of hot rollers to achieve a solid yet flexible kind of fabric that has a weave-like texture comparable to a canvass. The texture makes the fabric breathable, which looks and feels generally pleasant at the same time. Colors and texture last for many years too.


Do’s and Don’ts

Since Polypropylene bags are made up of synthetic plastic polymer polypropylene, they are known to be flexible, strong and are reusable, and are offering a lot of options in terms of uses for both customers and businesses. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you’ll need to remember about this type of bag.


Do: Print Area Should Be Raised

Are you thinking about printing on your nonwoven Polypropylene Bags? If yes then keep in mind that when doing so, you need to make a flat and even surface for printing your design when using heat. The thick seams, strings, buttons, zippers, and straps should not be near the printing area. You can use an interchangeable platen when utilizing a heat press, or you can also raise the print space with your print perfect pad or mousepad for an even, flat and firm surface.


Don’t: Placing Non Woven Polypropylene Bags in High Temperature

Using heat press should be used correctly to avoid getting your bags damaged. The press setting should be at a low temperature. The heat transfer with a low heat press application should be chosen. These types of bags should never be pressed in a heat that’s higher than 275 degrees to avoid experience some melting in your bag’s fabric. There are heat transfers at 300 degrees but some bags may encounter minor melting. 


Do: Decorate It

You don’t have to worry about beautifying it because Polypropylene Bags can be decorated as long as you keep the temperature low to avoid a melted and messy design. Others think it’s scary and intimidating, this is a normal reaction for first-timers. There are professional printing companies that can help you with this.


Don’t: Choosing NOT Environmentally Friendly Materials 

The good thing about this kind of bag is that it’s environmentally friendly and efficient. It does have an impact on the environment but it is among the least of any material, traditional and synthetic.


Although it’s considered as “plastic,” not all are equal in this regard. Here are the advantages of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE), and the reasons why the environment benefit from them:

· Fewer natural resources are taken to produce them.

· Lesser waste products are generated in production and disposal.

· Widely recycled.

· Biodegradable or can be broken down into hydrogen and carbon.

· Whenever they are burnt, toxic gases are not generated such as chlorine from PVC plastics.


About half a century ago, Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) became two new members in the family of polyolefin. Polyolefins are made from the natural polyolefin resins. Its electrical properties are good; its chemical resistance to solvents, alkalis, acids is good; durability and environmental stress resistance are also good. These two types of plastic can also do all traditional applications that are being used in paper, PVC glass or metal. You can also print on them, die-cut for presentations and packaging purposes, foil embossed and even satisfy all of the traditional uses for binders and other kinds of information packaging. They have increased durability and has more wear resistance compared to paper.


Types of Promotional Bags You Can Use

There are different ways that you can think of when using a non-woven Polypropylene and eco-friendly bag. You can make the bags as part of your marketing efforts in promoting your business or company. It can be perfect for any kind of reusable bags such as the following:

· Heavy-duty shopper and supermarket bags

· Tote bags

· Drawstring backpacks

· Foldable bags

· Carry bags for wine, coffee, and bottles

· Metallic bags

· Messenger bags

· Cake bags


Extra Design Features for Nonwoven Bags   

Once you’ve made your mind on the type of bag that you want to use as part of your promotional strategy, you can add eye-catching features in your bag’s design such as the following:

· Metal eyelets

· Rope handles

· Popper fastener

· Name cardholders

· Zips

· Velcro tabs

· Pockets

· Hard bases


Other beneficial features of using nonwoven PP ecofriendly bag include:

· It is 100% recyclable.

· It is 100% reusable.

· It is anti-bacterial and water-resistant.

· It can be Pantone matched.

· It has different kinds of thickness that you can choose from 80gms, 100gms, and 120gms.

· Lamination is available: matte or gloss.


The extreme versatility of nonwoven bags allows you to create a reusable bag that can last for a very long time styled, shaped and designed according to your liking or need. This is why you must plan carefully if you want this as a marketing item in your company. It’s also very cost-effective, a perfect economical choice especially if your marketing budget is limited.


Recommended Print Techniques for Polypropylene Items

Nonwoven polypropylene bags is an excellent fabric to print on. The coverage is 100% and design output is of high quality, which allows you to send your marketing messages. If the artwork is intricate, you can use a silkscreen in any subtle color gradients or single block color. But if you choose to work with photographic CMYK artwork, you should choose OPP lamination, this is recommended.


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What is Non Woven Bag?

What is Non Woven Bag? Is It an Excellent Option for Your Business?    



Find out more about non woven bag printing

Read on:

what is a corporate folder?


Do you have a retail business and are looking for excellent material that’s affordable and eco friendly? If yes, then you might want to consider a nonwoven bag.


Nonwoven bags are becoming a popular kind of reusable bag for any retail business. This popularity is driven by positive reasons and benefits.


This kind of bag is usually made with NWPP or non-woven polypropylene. Polypropylene fabric is known to be extremely durable, the texture and color could last for years too. With this, your customers can use the bags again for countless times. You can put your brand on a nonwoven bag and your clients can use them for a long time. We’re talking about years of advertisement here. You can think of the customized bags as your brand ambassadors being sent out carrying your brand name while people are using them at the same time.



Non Woven Bags – Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Although you may have different options on the kind of retail bag that you can use for your business, below are the reasons why you should choose non-woven polypropylene bags.

  1. The material feels like a canvas but actually, it’s a kind of plastic.
  2. It’s recyclable, clean, and machine washable too!
  3. You can have them easily customized to show your brand and message.
  4. Polypropylene is known to be one of the most flexible kinds of plastic.
  5. It is stiff and can stand on its own when loading and unloading.
  6. It’s flexible, strong, and it’s not toxic.
  7. It is specially designed for reuses, allowing your customers to help the environment as well.


How Are Polypropylene or Non Woven Bags Made?         

Nonwoven bags are made using unwoven materials, which can be produced chemically, thermally or mechanically. The fabric of nonwoven bags is made from fibers that are entangled together through a certain process that is applied to them, contrasting to having them woven together.


It is made by taking polypropylene polymers, rotating them into long and fluffy threads, and then the threads are pressed together to achieve a flexible fabric that has a weave-like texture. This texture makes the fabric washable and breathable.


Woven bags, on the other hand, are manufactured using a fabric that’s been woven together to give it strength. The weaving process involves individual threads that are joined together to make a single portion of material. Applying the same process many times produces one-piece or huge cloth. This cloth is then used to make tote bags in different styles and shapes.



Polypropylene Bags: Recycling Nonwovens   

Nonwoven bags are manufactured using polypropylene sheets that are made by fibers of polypropylene being bonded together with the use of mechanical, chemical or thermal processes. This type of fiber has been considered as the most convenient for home and shopping use.


Most retailers would choose nonwoven bags for the following reasons:

  • Ecological concerns.
  • It’s practical because it’s light, strong, inexpensive and durable.
  • It reduces the resources that are wasted in shipping due to its space efficiency and lightweight nature.
  • It’s soft, comfortable and flexible to carry which is one of the reasons why it is utilized in making medical equipment in surgical wards.
  • A good option to replace plastic paper gowns that are weak and easily torn.
  • Its porosity makes it a preferred storage option for fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • It can lessen plastic wastes that are disposed of in the seas, drainages, and rivers.
  • It promotes a society and economy that’s eco-friendly.
  • Manufacturing nonwoven bags reduces more plastic disposal.
  • It’s eco-friendly because the process involved in manufacturing is more energy efficient compared to paper bags and cotton bags.


Non-woven bag manufacturers today recycle the waste plastic that can harm the environment to produce durable and good quality bags from waste.


Customized Non Woven Bags

You can make a brand statement effectively using customized nonwoven bags. Reflective shopping bags have become a trend these days because of the added safety features of their reflective trims.


Below are the positive details of using customized nonwoven bags for your business:

  • The bags can be used in a broader range of applications.
  • It’s less expensive.
  • It allows you to choose many customization and printing options.
  • It can be made even with or without lamination, which means that your designs may be silk screen printed to produce the customized bags.


Use It as Promotional Material 

One way to establish a long period of advertising is through the use of nonwoven bags. Why a long period? This is because the bags are designed to last long, allowing your customers to reuse your customized bags.


It’s also a great way to send the message to your clients. It’s a must-have promotional material for businesses, especially in the retail industry. It’s cheaper too compared to woven cloth, perfect for marketing managers.


They’re Environment-Friendly Too!      


It’s a great replacement for bags that are eco-disastrous and couldn’t even handle a customer’s shopping needs without deforming, reaping or tearing.


Nonwoven bags versus plastic bags:

  • Nonwoven bags are more durable than plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags are less durable and environment hazard since this type of material is hard to decompose.


Nonwoven bags do not just help the company, but it also positively contributes to the environment by encouraging reuse and recycle to customers. And the efficient use of energy in producing them is also a great help for Mother Nature.


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What is a Corporate Folder?

What is a Corporate Folder? The Advantages Using Presentation Folders for Your Company or Business



Find out more about corporate folder

where can i distribute flyers In Year 2020?



Are you looking for ways to boost your professional image? Presentation folders are great for such need. Let’s get to know more what a corporate folder is all about.


What is it?


It is sometimes called as a pocket folder, a sturdy corporate presentation folder that is used to organize and store documents like the ones that are distributed in important meetings and other demonstration.


You can also print creatively and use the corporate folder to present and promote your business or corporation to new customers and boost your image at the same time with your existing clienteles.


One of its important uses is that it holds your documents safely and neatly in one place. Presentation folders are ideal whether your purpose is to deliver significant documents to clients or hand out marketing materials for exhibitions and trade shows.


There are certain key items that your presentation folder should have:


  • Booklets and brochures – you should have product info using booklets and brochures on what your products and/or services are all about since a client will be encouraged to know more of your business and will want to contact you later.
  • Business cards are a must – this is a crucial feature in your presentation folder so that your clients will have contact details on hand.
  • Pen and paper or notebook – you can work with it in different ways. You may be having your documents with you, but you’ll never know if you need to write down something important. With regards to handing the presentation folders out to clients, it’s also a great idea to provide them with pen and paper too.
  • CD or DVD presentation – if you have videos or digital marketing means about your business; your corporate folder could be designed to make an area where a DVD or CD can be held in place.


Uses and Types


Corporate or presentation folders can be made in different designs or styles to meet whatever purpose you have. It is mostly used to help the company in their marketing efforts for their products, services or both, but they also have other functions. One good example is when a business produces a new product and would like to show their customers the benefits of their product in an orderly manner. It can also be used to organize sheets and documents for distribution at a conference for the delegates.


Here are the different types that you will want to know:


  • Standard 9″ x 12″ two-pocket
  • Tri-fold or Tri-panel
  • Tabbed (in hanging files or filing cabinets)
  • Capacity (typically with a 1/4″+ spine to carry more)
  • Green or Eco-friendly
  • Mini or small


The Advantages for Your Business


Imagine your business being a machine that’s made up with different parts but are all working to achieve the same goal. The corporate folders represent the motor oil that is keeping the parts (divisions in your company) functioning smoothly and proficiently. Your presentation folders can be so much more than just something you use to keep your files together especially if you take time on how you can implement and use them in different divisions of your company.


Here are advantages of using corporate folders that should know:


1. You Stay Efficient and Organized Using the Folders      


From the lower to higher departments, corporate presentation folders will help your company keep running on the right track. You use these folders for inter-company communication to make sure your employees are constantly updated especially with the new practices and policies that you would like to implement.


Furthermore, you can keep your client’s info in one place so that you can easily find it when the need arises.


2. Create Memorable Impressions and Show off Your Products


The folder can help in cultivating a corporate and professional look which creates an impact when you present your business or yourself as an expert in the industry that you are in. When clients notice your presentation folder, you’d be surprised yourself that they will be impressed with your commitment to the details. And when you hand out the business folder after any meeting, you are assured that the info you’ve provided will be retained, still keeping the impression at the end.


Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, you can use the corporate presentation folders by putting excellent quality photos on its front and center part, including taglines and testimonials from your clients. Before your potential customers open the folder, they should have an idea on what you offer and the reasons why they need it.


3. Help You Build Your Brand and Market Your Company


You can have your corporate folder customized by adding your company logo and help you get the word out, but there’s actually more to branding than just that. It’s also about your product and/or service, your style, employees and a few more others that make up the identity of your brand. You can combine colors and other special features to portray the goal and values of your business accurately.


Many actually forget the powerful use of customized presentation folders. Instead of using postcards or flyers, you can utilize the folder to send out information or as part of your marketing tool. You can even add a CD or a flash drive holder in it so that your promotional videos may be included. Think about the possibilities.


4. Close and Sign Deals


Seal the deal using a legal-sized  folder when signing a contract with another company or client. A professional looking folder helps in making them sign the contract, and you are also sure that your signed documents will not be lost.


Constructions Basics


The most economical option is the 9”x12” size presentation folder since it can hold sales literature, brochures, contracts and other important documents, that’s measuring exactly or smaller than 8.5” x 11″.


The standard design that most would choose is a folder with two interior pockets that has horizontal flaps. You may also choose from other pocket configurations.


It is made from a heavy cardstock to ensure long lasting sturdiness. It has a clear protective finish like an aqueous or UV coating or even a plastic laminate in some cases.


Do You Need Printed Marketing Materials?


Are you looking for marketing tools provider that’s quick, excellent quality and affordable? If you are, then you will only want an experienced printing company to help you for your business’ needs. You can rely on Alibaba Printing, probably the cheapest printing company that you will find in Singapore that provides high quality and affordable services.


Corporate presentation folder printing is just one of the many other services that we provide. We can also help you with your brochure, flyer and other marketing materials that you can use for your promotional agendas.  We have price packages that won’t hurt your budget, feel free to ask us anytime, and we can discuss the details more.


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What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2020?

What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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what is flyer distribution In Year 2020?



The use of flyers is an awesome way to grab your potential customers’ attention in a very busy location effectively for a minimal cost.  But the question is, how can you make your flyer stand out and catch someone’s attention? Here are some tips from professional designers that you can take note:


Techniques to Make Your Flyer Standout


  1. Headline or Title – make sure that this part right here in your flyer should be snappy! Create something that’s memorable, provocative and unusual by using little powerful words and including some of these in your title: The secrets to, easy, finally, unlock, how to, free, discover, proven, etc.


  1. Product or service benefits – focus on sending the information about what your business can offer, and it should be precise, short and straight to the point. Avoid writing a long article in your flyer. You should be able to answer your potential client’s question: “What’s in it for me?” When you create this part, right from their perspective by using the “your” and “you” words and avoid I, our, we and us. You can add these enticing words: save, free, love, guarantee, new, results, etc. Don’t use long paragraphs, make use of bullet points by putting them in a text box.


  1. Graphics – use striking colors but not too overpowering. One large image is already good rather than using many small graphics all stuffed in your flyer. Put a stunning photo or illustration and it should show the focal point of your business offers; it should grab attention, supports the story that you created and sets the overall mood. There are cheap images online that you can buy. However, if you think you don’t have an eye for graphics, a professional designer can always help you out.


  1. Organize your elements – this includes the boxes, contrasting colors, borders and font size. You don’t actually have to fill your flyer with lots of text and graphics. Leave some white space so that some elements can stand out to make it readable.


  1. Testimonials – put a compelling and striking testimonial from a happy customer, demonstrating their emotions after experiencing the results of using your products or availing your services. Don’t forget to put the first and last name, company name and place of the individual giving the testimony or endorsement.


  1. Highlighting – titles and subtitles are in bold format and are highlighted at the same time. Refrain from using ALL CAPS letters since they are actually harder to read.


  1. Avoid complication – align terms to a grid and make it simple using two typefaces.


  1. Proofread! – ask someone else to proofread your output. Double check important info such as contact details, URLs, email address, etc., and check for typo errors.


  1. Limited-time offers – you can design a coupon at the bottom quarter part of the flyer. Don’t forget to state the deadline or the limited-time offer date.


  1. Tight budget? – you can try to use cheaper paper if you are doing it by yourself. It is still recommended to ask for help from printing companies to ensure a great and professional-looking


What Is Flyer Distribution In Year 2020?

What Is Flyer Distribution In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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is it against the law to pass out flyers In Year 2020?

what makes a great flyer In Year 2020?



Flyer distribution is known to be one of the oldest marketing techniques, and many companies have been using it for a long time and are still doing it until today.


Even in the midst of technological advancements, flyer distribution still has worked and won’t be out just yet.


Experts say that advertising using flyers it still very effective and distributing the flyers to homeowners is considered to be the best strategy in offline advertising. Careful planning on productive and efficient ways on flyer distribution with proper monitoring on keeping a track on the response of the overall campaign will surely lead to success.


One of the best opportunities that flyer printing gives to companies applying this marketing strategy is you can advertise and promote your products and services within your limited marketing budget, which is sure to give you real results after doing so.


You just have to establish and figure out the places where your target market is usually found. Make sure to design the flyers in a way that it’s providing reasons, and it’s creating a desire to the potential customer to pay for your products or services.


Reasons Why Flyer Distribution Still Works Effectively Even Until Today


Let me tell you the top reasons why this method still works like wonders in marketing.


  1. You can advertise for a low cost – it won’t require you to prepare a hefty amount of marketing budget to promote your business.


  1. Increase lead generation quickly – distributing flyers won’t take much of your time, especially if you are doing it at the right place and time and as a result, you’ll get your leads in no time.



  1. You get an instant response, especially if reach your target market directly – one good thing about flyer distribution is that you won’t need to sit and wait for a long time to get a response from your potential customers since the reply is almost instant. This method is simpler than other advertising mediums; you just need to set up your campaign and distribute near your target clients.


  1. It allows you to be creative – the limitation is very few in flyer distribution, and it gives you the freedom to try whatever you want.


  1. Old-school way is still cool! – it’s undeniable that flyer advertising is still appealing to clients. It strikes some kind of curiosity unlike e-mails; people usually don’t open them and are often sent to trash.


If you want to advertise, using flyers is an affordable way of sending information to your potential customers about the goods and services that you provide. And for flyer printing and flyer distribution, it’s crucial to choose the right printing company that can provide this type of service for you since they will play a huge part in promoting your company via their flyer distribution campaign service.


Doing this method is still an attractive way to get new clients and having a terrific design allows you to showcase what your business is all about.

Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2020?

Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

Read on:

is flyer distribution legal In Year 2020?

what is flyer distribution In Year 2020?


Flyers, one of the most effective marketing methods in traditional promotions and advertising. A lot of companies are still applying this cost-efficient technique, even if they are also advertising online. If you are a startup business, or you have a limited budget, flyer distribution is your best option, and it works! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


Flyer distribution is not against the law in Singapore but there are instances when it becomes illegal. With this, before you start passing out flyers, you’d better know what the laws or the rules and regulations are to avoid getting in trouble.


Factors You Need to Remember


Passing out flyers in Singapore is legal, but you need to remember the following:


  • It depends on the location.
  • The content of your flyer is a huge factor. Some contents are not allowed especially if it contains political details.
  • You are not trespassing any private property.
  • You are not causing disturbance or obstruction.
  • You need permit or approval from upper management if you want to distribute flyers within the malls or other similar establishments, especially if you are not a tenant.
  • You are not allowed to pass out flyers near the top up counters of stations.
  • You may do it door to door by leaving the flyer in their designated flyer box.
  • You may put the flyer on a car but remember to ask permission to the manager or owner of the property where it’s parked before doing so.
  • You are dressed appropriately.
  • If you are requested to stop handing out flyers, you have to adhere without asking questions.


Why Choose the Flyer Distribution Method?


This is one of the most direct advertising methods and its cheaper too compared to other traditional marketing approaches. It has a lot of opportunities, and you can increase your market presence in no time especially if it’s done right. Here are tips that you need to do before launching your flyer distribution campaign:


  • Plan ahead.
  • Know who your target market is.
  • Know the location of your target market. Among all the public and private places in Singapore, where do you usually see them pass by or hang out? Doing this will help you seek your permit if needed. You will also have time to learn about the rules that they have in that area with regards to flyer distribution.
  • You should have a budget and avail the quick service and cheap flyer distribution package of a printing company.
  • A professional graphics designer can help you produce a well-designed flyer combined with the right use and placement of elements to attract your potential customers.


How Cheap is Flyer Printing and Distribution?


This technique is less costly as what we have mentioned earlier. With regards to the price, it will depend on the number of copies you are planning to print, and if you want to avail the flyer and flyer printing distribution package. Other factors that can affect the price of a flyer are the size, the colors and the type of paper that you want to use.




Is Flyer Distribution Legal In Year 2020?

Is Flyer Distribution Legal In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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is flyer distribution effective In Year 2020?

is it against the law to pass out flyers In Year 2020?


Flyer distribution is one of the most effective traditional advertising methods to help a company gain more market presence, entice or inform customers about their products/services and boost sales. It has still been used today even with all the technological advancements that we have.


Generally, doing so is known to be a legal advertising method. However, if it’s done incorrectly or inappropriately, that’s the time we can say that it’s illegal.


Is it Legal in Singapore?


Yes, it is but not in all places or locations, and it will also depend on the content of the flyer. So long as you are not breaking any Singapore laws, then you are safe.


Just remember not to include in your flyer any political content. Do not distribute your flyer by trespassing any private property or causing any types of obstruction and disturbances.


The Most Effective Locations


As what we have previously mentioned, you can’t just distribute your flyers anywhere in Singapore due to some legal factors. With this, choosing the right place is a huge aspect to make your marketing efforts work and to reach your potential market effectively.


One of the best strategies is the door-to-door distribution; this can help you ensure that your target clients will really receive the flyers and potentially turn it into sales. Is this allowed? Yes, but don’t forget that if it’s a private establishment or property, you could become a trespasser if you are not careful. There are already flyer boxes for each household, so problem solved for this. Just place the flyers in their respective bins, and you’re good to go.

Your printed flyers can be handed out directly to your potential clients and may be included in the shopping bags, print ads or newspapers. Another great alternative is to tuck them in the windshields of cars.


When Does It Become Illegal?


Here are the important things that you need to take note to avoid illegal acts or circumstances during flyer distribution:


  • Entering a private establishment or property is big no-no!
  • Political content. You will need a permit to print and distribute flyers that have this type of content.
  • Flyer distribution should have a commercial purpose, aiming at advertising and promoting goods and services.
  • You can distribute at public places like streets, parks, etc.
  • Don’t distribute your flyers in SMRT or shopping malls not unless you have the permit to do so.
  • Public property begins in the smoking area of SMRT, and this is where you can start flyer distribution.
  • You are not allowed to give out flyers near the top-up counters or sheltered places since it is still part of the station.
  • The ones that are mostly allowed for flyer distribution in the malls are their tenants, but certain arrangements for non-tenants may be made for those who would like to give out flyers within the mall premises.


Just remember these points and you’ll be safe with your advertising and promotion strategy. Now you know that flyer distribution is legal in Singapore.












Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2020?

Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

Read on:

how to distribute flyers effectively In Year 2020?

is flyer distribution legal In Year 2020?


Marketing is a crucial part of every business. It has different methods to help the business grow, gain popularity and increase sales at the same time. One of the most common advertising techniques is flyer printing and distribution. It has been implemented by many small and big companies before. However, even until today, we can still see flyer distributors around us passing out more graphical and fun flyers wearing decent attired or costumes amidst the technological advancements that we have.


So why is it that this method continues to live on? Is flyer distribution really effective? Let’s try to dig in a little deeper to get a satisfying answer.


Interesting Statistics:

According to a study done, here are interesting statistics showing the effectiveness of flyer printing and distribution:


  • About 78% for door drops and 79% for direct mail are consumers who glance at the flyers. About 23% and 32% would proceed in reading them thoroughly.
  • About 33% of receivers would keep the flyers that have discounts or coupons and other special promos.
  • About 71% of customers who received free samples, offers and coupons during the purchase period said that the info helped them shorten their list of options. The same reactions were gathered from 66% of customers who received their offers from supermarkets and about 47% who received new flyers and 62% who got money-off coupons.
  • And about 48% of flyer receivers went to see the advertised business or company personally, and they requested for more information or made a purchase of the promoted products or services.


Make sure to plan your strategy first.


Flyers distribution services are results-oriented strategies that are cost-effective to help you promote your products and services. Your flyers aid in communicating with your target market in a relaxed and undemanding manner. They can just take the info easily and refer to the flyer whenever they need it.


However, there is always a downside to any marketing efforts and with regards to flyer distribution, its low-cost nature has a high risk of being wasteful, but this can be prevented by carefully planning your distribution strategy. You should take note of the following:


  • Spend time in understanding your target audience to create the appropriate design for them before printing your flyer. The graphics should match and be appealing to your audience by using the right combination of images, colors and words that they can actually relate.
  • Choose the right location or areas for your flyer distribution. Make sure that most of your target audience is in that certain place.

Don’t just plan for the first campaign but also plan for the next schedule since flyer distribution works best if it has a follow-up action. Flyer distribution is not just a one-time thing. To answer the question if flyer distribution is effective or not, yes it is if it’s done correctly.


Are you thinking about using this traditional method? Look only for the most experienced printing company in Singapore to help you and avail the lowest price at a high-quality service.